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Ain’t no one ever called me smart…

April 27, 2016
smart 3

Sit back and let me impress you with my knowledge. photo from yahoo.


Hey Y’all,


I know it has been a long time since I put anything out for your consumption. Just want to let you all know that everything is right as rain on my side of the internet, just been busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest. Today I would like to share a short story, correlate it to something I did since the last time we spoke and to point out something that might be really important to all of us.


smart 5

No one said the one legged man has to win the contest. photo from yahoo.


When I went to pilot training in 1995, I made a promise to myself that I would be all in, 100 percent. I would not take all the shortcuts that I had during my life up to that point. I would be diligent in my studies and focus entirely on the task at hand. I would not waste my opportunity to live my dream. To that end, I gave pilot training my full attention from Sunday afternoon until the completion of the day on Friday. The weekend belonged to me and I used them to release all the pressure that built up during the week. During the week, I focused on the flying, the academics and devoted myself to learning everything there was to learn about being an Air Force pilot.

At the end of the first phase, we got our flight commander rankings. When I was called into the commander’s office, I felt really good about my class rank. It didn’t matter how I finished because I was slotted to go to the Air National Guard in West Virginia to fly C-130s so technically all I had to do was finish. But I really wanted to finish high enough to be fighter qualified. It was a pride thing.

The commander started off with the daily flying scores, I was 5th in my class of 39. I sat a little higher in my seat. On the check rides, I was 15th, on the weekly quizzes I was around 20th. He got to academic scores and he read off my average. It was 94.9%. I could hardly contain my pride because I had never done that good academically in my life. At the time, I had both a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s Degree. But I had never done anything as difficult academically as Undergraduate Pilot Training. It really kicked my butt and I was so proud of myself for doing so well. My commander burst my bubble just as quickly as he inflated it. I finished 39th out of 39th. I had to ask him to clarify because I wasn’t sure if I heard him right. He repeated it differently for me. I was dead last in the class.


smart 6

Single handedly, I brought the class average down. Never underestimate my powers. photo from yahoo.


I walked out confused and a little hurt because my very best was good enough to be last academically. In the years since, I kind of take a little pride in the fact that I missed only about 30 questions and I walked out of a highly challenging program with a 94.9% average. But sometimes I have to remind myself that my very best is only good enough to be last when I am surrounded by really smart people.

Case in point, I play in a fantasy baseball league with some really smart guys that breath and live sports. The guys that don’t work in the sports world are lawyers or doctors and the other few guys are highly successful in their world. Last year, I had a great draft and managed to finish just out of the money in 4th place. I went into this year’s draft expecting to put together a team that could win the league. Overconfidence is my sin, and even though I was more prepared than last year. Even though I had done the work and knew all about every potential sleeper middle infielder to draft in the 23rd round; I had a horrible draft. A few hours after the draft, I looked at my team and I thought that maybe I could finish in the top 6 but I didn’t have the players to win the league. Well, it is worse than I thought. A month into the season and I am solidly in last place. The other 11 teams are running away from my faster than I could have ever imagined. Last place sucks and it looks like there is nothing to turn it around until football starts in August. It is going to be a long summer.


smart 4

I didn’t draft a single Cardinal. Maybe that is my problem. photo from yahoo.


Now onto important things. Like I said earlier, I am not the sharpest tool in the shed and my very best really isn’t that good when compared to real live smart people. But there is something going on in the political world that isn’t being reported at all. In case you missed it, the US Congress has been considering releasing 28 pages of classified document that provide some new to the public information on the role of the Saudi Arabian Government in the 9-11 attacks.


smart 9

Please be my friend. photo from yahoo.


The Saudi government threw out a little statement about pulling out of the bond market as a little threat to stall the information from being published.


smart 8

Please be my friend. photo from yahoo


Finally, we see that a bi-partisan group of US Senators and Congressmen are working to keep the 28-page document classified.


smart 10

Please be my friend. photo from yahoo.


smart 11

Please be my friend. photo from yahoo.


Anytime I see bi-partisan group of politicians working together, it makes me nervous. There is more going on behind the curtain than we can imagine.  This report came out today that the administration is considering releasing some of the 9-11 report. I am not going to hold my breath for the real truth.


smart 12

Please be my friend. photo from yahoo.


smart 13

Please be my friend. photo from yahoo.


I have a good friend who is Egyptian by birth. He has lived in the United States for the vast majority of his life and I would put his patriotism and love for the United States against anyone that I have ever met. Emir told me a few months ago about the danger the Saudis were to our lives. He went as far as to describe the Washington political players as puppets for the Saudi Royal family.


smart 14

Please be my friend. photo from yahoo.


Like I said earlier, I am not very smart so I asked him to explain how someone rich guy from Saudi Arabia could buy a United States President or other high ranking public official. He said there are two really easy ways to buy anyone and another way to buy a President. The first way is they pay them for their outright for a speech. They invite them over to Riyadh and pay them a crazy amount of money to give a five-minute speech to a handful of people. Then they treat them like royalty at one of the palaces for a week or so before sending them back to Washington. It is all off record because the money is never directly given to the person but to a charity they control or deposited in an off shore account like the one in Panama that was recently exposed.


smart 15

please be my friend. photo from yahoo.


smart 16

Please be my friend. photo from yahoo.



Another way to line the pockets of the political elite is to buy their books. Anytime a high ranking political figure releases a new book, who do you think reads it? According to the NY Times Bestseller list, almost all of us. I might know one person who buys books written by political leaders. Yes, Morgan I am talking about you but Big M only buys books written by Democrats. He doesn’t buy anything written by a Republican. Obviously someone buys their books too. That someone is the Saudi royal family. They buy literally hundreds of thousands of copies of books written by anyone who can be in a position to help them one day. It is a really cool scam by the way and perfectly legal. Politician Jackleg, goes to a book publisher and says they want to write a book. Book publisher gives them a huge advance and a ghost writer. Six months later the book is on the shelves at every brick and mortar store in the USA. On the day of the release, a Saudi Prince buys six million copies and has them shipped to Mecca. Everyone wins easy, peasy.  


smart 19

Please be my friend. photo from yahoo.



The last way that the Saudi’s help themselves is they donate a large sum of money to help build a Presidential Library. Maybe they buy the land and lease it back to the library for a dollar a year of maybe they donate all the concrete to be used in the project. Whatever and however it happens, it is just one more way to help those who help the Kingdom.


smart 17

Please be my friend. photo from yahoo.



Watch this story because it will tell you more than you could ever dream about the real way politics works in the home of the free and it might help you decide who to vote for in the November elections.


smart 18

Please be my friend. photo from yahoo.




Maybe things like this just happen. Or maybe my friend, Emir has a point. Either way, I got tired of looking of pictures of American Presidents so I stopped my research with President Eisenhower. But there is a clear record of American Presidents trying real hard to be friends with the Saudi King. By the way, I could only find a picture of Hillary Clinton with the Saudi King. Nothing for Trump, Sanders, Cruz or Kasich. I am willing to give Mrs. Clinton the benefit of the doubt that her photo was based on her role as the Secretary of State. I’m going to put my tin foil hat away now. 


smart 7

photo from yahoo.



Until next time, keep on rockin.





  1. So that’s how I can make it onto the best seller list — too bad the Saudis I met would never speak directly to me. The only part of your article I doubt is them potentially donating cement since they have to import sand to make concrete (Saudi sand is too fine). 🙂

    • Anne,

      That is so funny because I was thinking the same thing. As Emir was telling me how this works, all I could think about is how cool it would be to sale 6 million copies of my 3rd grade dribble.

      I should clarify the concrete thing. They don’t ship it over from Saudi, they either buy the American company and do the job for free or they purchase a hundred thousand yards of concrete from a local company and donate that to the library.

      I wish I had documentation to verify Emir’s claims, but I do not. So share this at your own discretion.

      Today, I ran across an article stating that the Kingdom is manipulated by the United States as a part of our proxy war with Russia and Iran. It goes on to say that this might be the point where the American political system betrays the House of Saud. One interesting comment is that the article acknowledges the behind the scenes funding of American politicians.

      I really need to get back to my fantasy baseball team and try to climb up to next to last place. Ha ha.

      Thanks for your comments.

  2. This is fascinating stuff! I wish you had the documents too. Maybe one day.
    On another note… don’t ever underestimate the underlying power of your overconfidence to over-compenstate for under ability and knowledge that will greatly be impacted by overconfidence in many areas. 🙂

    • Karlene,

      Thanks for the kind words, even if I don’t understand your point. While I may not have as much confident as others are in my intelligence; I have no doubts in my willingness and ability to positively prepare and produce prodigious pints of perspiration in pursuit of primetime performance.

  3. As always, fascinating. When did this start to go down? Remember the Target Bathroom Fiasco (which didn’t really get that big)…when that happened, I told Hubby there must be something shady happening with the government. Seems like whenever they want to pass something without notice, there’s a hullabaloo about rights or something. Almost like it was planned…

    I never considered it might be planned by Saudi royalty…

    • Casey,

      Sir Isaac Newton believed in cause and effect. I wonder why a knucklehead like me tries to find a reason to discount it.

      Case in point, last week the lead story was the long waiting lines to get past the TSA security. Then a few days later, and Egyptian airliner blows up and now there are no more stories on how the TSA sucks.

      Only you can take your self down the “Nut Job” road. It isn’t my fault and it isn’t your husbands fault. When you see the cause and effect happen over and over then you either choose to be one of us wearing tinfoil hats or you watch the Kardashians.

      Choose wisely!

      • One word for you: Chemtrails.

        😉 (I’m not making fun of it anymore…too much weird stuff has splattered off the fan recently to discount EVERY theory…)

      • Being in the airline industry, I don’t have as much faith in the contrail theory. The company always skimps us on gas and I cant see them wasting the weight on a government conspiracy.

        But I do believe in weather manipulation and I know that we have sprayed some really bad stuff in the atmosphere just to see what happens.

      • Yeah, I heard about goop falling from the sky in some northwest town. True? (If this is a “if I tell you, I have to off you” sort of thing, then…never mind.)

        I forgot…you’re a pilot, right? My grandfather flew for PanAm. So, basically, you’re family. 🙂

    • Add to the list the long TSA lines and two days later the Egyptian flight disappeared. It is tough to believe in sheer happenstance.

      • Yeah, I agree. And they’re talking about how to shorten the times. I say, let’s all be late, but alive. Just my personal opinion.

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