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Politics as unusual…

May 11, 2016
politics 1

Is saving the environment a good thing after all? photo from yahoo.




Hey Ya’ll,


Hanging out in Indiana tonight watching reruns of the cable network news election results. Today, yesterday if you slept, was the primary for my home plate of West Virginia. Being a good citizen and wanting to be as far away as possible from the polling sites on election day, I voted last week. After school on Thursday, my wife and I took the kids to the court house to cast our ballets. Thinking about it in retrospect, I don’t think I have voted on an election day in over twenty years and I couldn’t tell you where my local polling location is at. I guess it would be an understatement to say that I love early voting.


My wife is a Republican and I am a Democrat. In all honesty, I am probably more DINO (Democrat In Name Only) than card carrying, true believer. In 2003, spending most of the year hanging out in Iraq, my good friend Paul summarized the difference between Democrats and Republicans. Paul explained it like this. “A Democrat wants to mess up our country while a Republican wants to mess up someone else’s country.” Looking back at American history, I really have a difficult time disproving his theory. In September 2003, I had to get a new driver’s license because my wife had sold her house and moved into my house. Along with the new license, I changed my political party to Democrat because I was tired of messing up other people’s countries.


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Dancing in the streets. photo from yahoo.



Of course over the years being a Democrat has given me so many opportunities to mess with people because they just expect that I should be a good card carrying member of the Republican party. It is really fun to get the sideways look when I tell people that I am a Democrat. Even better is the awkward silence and confused look that comes from my confession. Of course the worse part of being a Democrat is when those people try to convert me into being what they expect me to be. Occasionally, I come across someone who really wants to engage in a rational discourse on the merits of the political parties and even better when the person I am talking too really doesn’t care who I vote for. They are the best and they are rare.


poltics 2

I have no idea what party Al Capone was a part of but I am sure they loved him. photo from yahoo.




I wouldn’t describe myself as a political junkie but I would say that I am well informed of where the candidates stand on the respective issues. And a couple of thoughts have crept into my mind about this political season and the candidates’ motivations for becoming President. I would like to talk about Bernie Sanders first. If he were taken in a vacuum, I think he is an old school throwback to the days of Ben Franklin and Alexander Hamilton. He is to be exactly what we all want in a candidate; I really think he is honest when he speaks about his political views. I really think that he is a kind hearted man and he tried to walk the talk. On the other side of the coin, when he says that he is a Socialist he really means that he ascribes to the Socialist agenda. I voted for him in spite of the fact that I believe that he cannot win the general election and in spite of the fact that I find that I agree with very little that he says. But in the world of politics, honesty, humanity, and decency mean more to me than lower taxes or gun control.


politics 4

Bernie Sanders. photo from yahoo.



I have spent a lot of time thinking about Hillary Clinton and I do believe that she will beat Sen. Sanders’ campaign in a few weeks. But I also think that she is unelectable in the general election. I have to believe that the Democrat leadership is coming around to the idea that she cannot win. They are in a tough place because without the super-delegates, she would have a difficult time gaining the nomination. I think that this e-mail controversy is real and that by the time the Democratic Convention, it will be the millstone that sinks her candidacy. In politics, perception is everything and it will be apparent that her polling numbers will be falling behind Donald Trump’s.


poltics 5

Hillary Clinton. photo from yahoo.



Speaking of those missing e-mails of Hillary. How embarrassing will it be for the United States when we can’t retrieve them from the servers, but the Russians or Chinese hand over about 20,000 emails they hacked off her supposedly secured private server. I promise you that they would love to embarrass the United States. I don’t think there is any way that President Obama will allow his last days as American President to be embarrassed by an October surprise by the Russians just before the election. There is no way he will jeopardize his legacy by trusting the Russians, the Chinese, the North Koreans, the Iranians, the Mexicans or the Saudis to not leak their hacked information. The United States has a lot of enemies in the world and President Obama personally has make so many nations upset that someone will try to embarrass his during his final days in office. Therefore, I predict that the Democratic Convention will be in chaos for the first three days and on the fourth day, Vice President Joe Biden will be drafted to become the party’s candidate. He will select Bernie as his Vice President and together they will be the chosen ones to defeat the “dark side” of the Republicans.


poltics 7

Joe Biden. photo from yahoo.



I have been wondering why Donald Trump wants to be President. He doesn’t need the money and he doesn’t need the fame. He doesn’t need the headache and he doesn’t need hassle. Why would he need to be President? That question has been rattling around in my head for a while until the other night I realized what he actually gains. It is the one thing that money can’t buy and no matter what else he accomplishes in this life: he can’t get unless he is President. That one thing is a Presidential Library. The man has hotels, buildings, golf courses, resorts, casinos, and real estate all over the world. He started a university and has a fleet of jets, helicopters, cars and yachts. The only difference between Air Force One and Trump One is that there isn’t a gold faucet on Air Force One. I think he is in this because the only way to have his name live on until the end of time is to have a Presidential Library. I have a good friend who makes it his mission in life to visit every Presidential Library. Morgan is a true blue Democrat but he didn’t blink an eye when he took his family to visit the Bush Presidential Library. It is a big deal to have a Presidential Library and it is the one thing that money can’t buy.


politcs 6

Donald Trump. photo from yahoo.



Until next time, keep on rockin.


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  1. Rob, I want a Presidential Library! Actually… it’s not about the money, it’s about the absolute power. Once you have everything, what more is there? Even playing monopoly gets boring after awhile. Especially when you have a ll the properties and are just collecting money. So, I think it is all about the control, the power, and the ego. This will be an interesting election! By the way.. I would vote for Joe Biden!

    • Karlene,

      I think it would be great to have a library as well. I think I would charge admission to my library, I might make 2.00 dollars a year when my mom comes to visit.

      I thought about the ultimate power trip angle and dismissed it because the President isn’t the most powerful person in the world, he is the most controlled and handled person in the world. They have no freedom and no real power to do what they want. They have to ask Congress for money and if they get out of line they can be indicted and the Supreme Court is always going to rule on their programs. It just isn’t worth the hassle when you are already as powerful as Trump. That is why I think it is the Library angle and going down as one of a handful of people who have been President.

      I’m not sure about Biden getting my vote. 90% of the time, he is solid but that other 10% of the time he is a wacko. Kind of reminds me of me and that scares me. Ha ha.

  2. Donetta permalink

    I like your stuff

  3. If your predictions pan out, you could buy a head wrap, re-name yourself “Mama Robina” and make a fortune telling futures with a 1-900 line.

    You forgot a theory: the current prez will cite some disaster, put martial law into effect (or if the disaster is alien invasion, martiaN law) and call off the elections.

    Crazy stuff happens…if this does, a bunch of my friends with nutty conspiracy theories will say “I told you so.” Having to concede they’re right would be almost as annoying as country-wide curfew…

    • Casey,

      Actually, I still feel like that is option number one and truthfully it might be the best option. Trump is a wild card and cannot be trusted, Hillary is a disaster and should be in jail. Biden is great about 90% of the time, but that 10% can get some nukes launched.

      Maybe the answer is that we keep what we got. I am still amazed that out of 350 million people, this is what we chose to be our leaders. It is sad.

      • I’m still flabbergasted that there’s not ONE good person out there the people can believe in. But then again, anyone with that much integrity is too savvy to get involved in politics…

    • I have heard that theory more than once too. We must have the same tin foil wearing friends.

      But they say so many crazy things that one day they will accidently be right and it will prove to them that they are clairvoyant. The rest of us will know they are just crazy.

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