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Katie Cobb…

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Hey Y’all,


Quick story time tonight. Before 9-11, I was the pilot scheduler for my Squadron in Charleston, West Virginia. Before anyone confuses me with a good, competent scheduler please know that I really didn’t like the job and I wasn’t very good at keeping up with all the daily changes that occurred in the process of putting out a daily flying schedule. I was really a train wreck as a scheduler and thankfully I got promoted to a different office about a year after I was given the scheduling job. In the military, when you get “promoted” what that really means is that you have been fired. I was never so happy to have been fired form a job when I was relieved of that duty.


I was sitting in my office and it was late in the week, when we got an add on flight for that Saturday. That was like a swift kick in the backside because no one wanted to fly on a weekend, especially if it was a local flight that didn’t end up in a good location. The general rule was about three hours of planning for every hour of flight. This meant that the poor saps that got stuck with this flight would see a good portion of their day off eaten up by this flight.


I was in the current operations section when I was told of the added flight. I started asking questions in my sarcastic, unappreciative tone of voice. The guy that added it on told me that it the order came from the Adjutant General’s office. This means that the General ordered the flight and it was going to go. Me and the other crew positions were all upset until we learned about the mission. It was a Make A Wish flight. There was a sick kid named Daniel who lived somewhere along one of our low-level routes. Every Tuesday and Thursday, we flew two C-130s over his house at a very low altitude. We flew these routes routinely and like clockwork we were over his house in the early afternoon twice a week.


He had some form of life threatening disease and his wish was to go flying with us. The people at Make A Wish contacted the Air Guard and the flight because a reality for him. Once we had this information, I put myself on the schedule as the Aircraft Commander and I recruited one of my buddies to be the Co-Pilot. I spoke to the other crew positions and made sure they put on a crew member who would do two things. The first was to treat Daniel like a King and the second was someone I could trust not to tell on me because I was going to give this kid the ride of a lifetime.


Me and the Co-Pilot, I think it was Mikey O, but I may be wrong about that. Filled out a flight plan and planned several different low-level routes around the state. We had no idea where Daniel lived so we wanted to be flexible. We planned to change our call-sign from the normal name of Anvil to Danil 01, in his honor.  We were going to let him talk on the radios and we were going to let him sit in the seat while we were at altitude. If there was anything he wanted to do, we were going to let him do it. No questions and no regrets.


Late afternoon on Friday, we were called and told the flight was canceled. Once again, I was upset except now we actually wanted to do the flight. We called the General’s office to find out why it was canceled. It was very simple and straight forward. Daniel was too sick to fly. I found out a week later that he passed away. One of my few regrets was that I never found out his full name or where he lived. Those of us that were going to do his Make A Wish flight, and several others would have all gone to his funeral. We felt a connection to him.



photo from “Our Courageous Katie”


I tell that story to tell you this. Heaven has a new occupant as of Tuesday morning. Our good friends, Chad and Sarah Cobb have a thirteen-year-old daughter, Katie, who got the cancer about a year ago. They were on their Make A Wish trip to Hawaii last week when she got sick. They came back home early and went to the Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati to see her medical staff. There was nothing more they could do except make her comfortable. She passed away at breakfast time on Tuesday morning.



I haven’t been able to read the full post they wrote on their website documenting Katie’s illness. There may be a lot of details that I am leaving out about their trip. It is a little much for me to think about right now. I highly recommend you taking the time to read their words and to back and see how to deal with a tragic event with honor and class. The Cobb Family has more of it in their little finger than I will ever have.



photo from “Our Courageous Katie”


Until next time, keep on rockin.


More Good News…Bad News

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English is a great thing. All you have to do is change a single word and there is a new beginning. photo form yahoo


Hey Y’all,



I usually start with bad news first so I can end on a positive note. photo from yahoo


Lets get to the good news first this week. The genius that said the world was going to end Saturday was wrong. Obviously, since I’m writing these words and you are reading them.



That concludes all of the good news so strap yourselves in for some non-stop, steady stream of bad news.

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I hate when the doctor says we need to talk. photo from yahoo

Jackleg failed prognosticator of invisible planets impacting Earth now says that his formula was wrong and the new date is 21 Oct. So you have been warned. My son has the same problem with math as that knucklehead pseudo-mathematician. My son’s 5th grade teacher is so tough that she actually expects him to do math AND get the right digits in the right order up to and including decimal points. It is outrageous what teachers expect these days. My son said we should cut the false-prophet of doom some slack because math is really hard. Okay, so I wont bring up Mr. “I’m looking for attention by saying the end is near” again.


More Bad news to share. Well most of it is news but it ends poorly so start preparing yourselves now. If you have a heart issue or are easily disturbed by graphic images, feel free to stop reading now.

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The legal department is happy now because you have been warned. photo from yahoo

This weekend was my 30th high school reunion. Because life is busy, I chose to only make the Friday night kick-off event of the reunion. It was a fun night catching up with all the old people. Honest disclosure, I haven’t changed a bit in the last thirty years. Yea, I know I am only about sixty pounds heavier than I was when I graduated and my hair has a tint of gray and my back hurts constantly and I walk with a limp and blah, blah, blah.


But I think I am the same person that I was thirty years ago except I have a couple of nickles to rub together now. Anyway, everyone else was old. I told my kids on Sunday that they need to take care of themselves, like I have, so they don’t look old at their reunion. Anyway, so we had a great time and it was fun. Some of those folks are now reading these words so please make sure you make them feel welcome because we don’t discriminate against anyone here. Especially old people.


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Glad I didn’t make this mistake. It was embarrassing not to remember some of the people there. Even with name tags, I was a lost ball in high weeds. photo from yahoo


I flew back home Saturday morning and should have been at home by 6:00 AM but there was fog at Huntington-Tri-State airport. So the flight crew took me to Columbus Ohio to wait for the fog to burn off. I rolled into the house at about 11:30 AM and I was one tired puppy because I had been awake for just over thirty-one hours straight. But that is what I was willing to endure to see my old school peeps.



These guys are brave. photo from yahoo


You are probably asking what can keep a grown man awake and motivated to get home after that long without sleep? Normally, I would say the loving arms of my wife and smiles of the wonderful kids. But they were already gone about their busy day doing what they do. I was coming home to a devil dog and my newest best friend, Louie.


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Louie, my best and most expensive buddy ever. photo from yahoo


If you remember Louie from the last article. I found him wasting away in a museum. Using my friend, Billy’s social security number, I took out a small loan of about fourteen million dollars to free Louie from that gilded cage and give him new life as a loved member of the family.


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Louie in his old home. photo from yahoo


Now the shockingly bad news. Louie is dead.


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Louie after meeting Penelope. Maybe we can glue him back together. photo from yahoo


He was mauled to death by my wife’s vicious dog, Penelope.



Who me? photo from rob akers


I assigned the cat, Fluffy the job of watching Penelope from now on because she can’t be trusted. photo from rob akers


Sorry Billy, I tried to stop payment on the wire transfer and send Louie back in a box. I said that he was damaged in shipping. The museum sent in a brown truck. Guess they should have chosen purple.


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It took me a while to make the box look this bad. photo from yahoo


Until next time, keep on rockin!

Good News…Bad News…

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Its the end of the world and we know it…words by REM and photo from yahoo



Hey Y’all,


Just a quick little post to say my final salutes. I want to thank everyone for being so kind and wonderful during the last five years of blogging. I didn’t realize it was that long ago until I went back through the archives. If I have learned anything as a writer, it is to always take the bad news first so you can end on a positive note.



I love being lucky…photo from yahoo


Most of you were not here when I started writing but I am so glad that you all are here now. Together we were united in our collective goal of making the world a better place and having a couple of laughs along the way. But it seems that we have come to the end of the line. I read this news story today and I wish I have more inspiring words to say than this. It has been fun.

Christian Numerologist Says World Will End On Sept. 23


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Hard to argue with the facts. The solar eclipse did happen. I saw it, live. I hope it isn’t cloudy on Saturday.  photo from yahoo


In December 2012, I wrote about the end of the world and I documented all of the things that I had done to make myself ready. You can read about it here:


Of course the world didn’t end and I wrote about the day after here:


I am not making the same mistake this time. No longer am I trusting myself to drive a sports car but the good news is that I paid it off last month. I got money in my pocket again! Here is what I bought!


The World's 10 Most Expensive Teddy Bears

This is Louie. He is one cool dude. And he dresses so well. I am learning a lot about how to carry myself with style and class. Louie is one sharp bear. photo form yahoo.

1) Steiff & Louis Vuitton bear

In 2000, Steiff teamed up with the luxury brand Louis Vuitton to create the world’s most expensive bear. Wearing a designer coat and hat, and accompanied by a miniature Louis Vuitton suit case, the bear sold at a Monaco charity auction in 2000 for an amazing $2.1 million. The buyer was renowned Korean collector Jessie Kim, and the bear now resides at the Teddy Bear Museum in Jeju, Korea.

This fact is no longer true. This wonderful toy now lives in Scott Depot, West Virginia. I can’t disclose the price due to the purchase agreement. But it was way more than 2.1 million.


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It is funny how things are not for sale until you flash the cold, hard, cash. photo from yahoo


Well…okay. You got it out of me, 14.3 million U.S. dollars. I sold some stock and then used Grimy Bill’s address and social security number to co-sign on the loan so don’t tell him. Who cares because the world is going to end Saturday and I get to snuggle with the one thing I have wanted since I was a kid. Me and my bear and going to ride it out with style. Life is good.


So there you have it. It was fun and I will say hi on the other side. Until then, keep on rockin!

Katrina from Uzbekistan…

Hey Y’all,


I know long time between articles. There are lots of balls in the air right now so please forgive me, I am trying to keep this a once per week event but we are creeping towards the unacceptable once a month level. That isn’t cool and I promise I will feel more guilt next time I let so much time pass between posts.


By the way, I am in one of my moods today. When I started writing this article, I was listening to Five Finger Death Punch but I my mood wasn’t into easy listening music. So I went to Slipknot and I found that it was still to pleasant so I went to Lamb of god. Still not quite right but it is inching towards matching my mood. Be afraid…be very afraid!



Five Finger Death Punch is too soft for me right now. photo from yahoo



Slipknot is too fluffy for me right now. photo from yahoo.



Lamb of god is just right. photo from yahoo.


Unbelievably, we have some new friends among us, welcome to all of you on my little corner of the internet and I hope that you look past my mood and hang around for a different day. As always this is a open ride across the synapses of my brain. Most people say it is a short ride and they are probably right. Anyway, I have been taking a peek back into the past documenting my experiences in the combines wars of Iraq and Afghanistan. These peeks are not to make myself seem like a war hero but they will serve as a bridge so that one day when my kids are old enough to understand, they will have a better idea of who their Dad was before they were born. Until then, I hope you enjoy the ride back to the future.


In August of 2005, we were deployed to Karshi-Khanabad (K2), Uzbekistan flying missions down range into Afghanistan. Picking back up where we last left off, my co-pilot was Steve (Shy Dog), Anita J. was the navigator, Richie L. was the Flight Engineer and the Loadmasters were Carl D. (CDS) and Patrick M. This was late into the rotation and we were all ready to head back home. But until we left, we were still flying twenty hour days followed by twenty-four off and another twenty-hour day. It was a grueling lifestyle. We never slept right or ate right but it was the job.


Sometime in the middle of the night on August 30th 2005, we showed up to head out on another air medal mission. It was a mission where we carried K2 air to Bagram, Afghanistan. We left that air and picked up their air and carried it to Kandahar. We took their air somewhere else and continued the process for twenty hours. One of the best things about living in K2 was there there was a actual television with real connectivity back to the world. It was on CNN until the football season started.



Our idea was so simple and easy. We would be the hero of the skies. We were small minded. photo from yahoo.


At 2AM on that morning, we walked into the operations trailer and CNN was on. We went through the normal process of getting the intelligence and tactics briefings, checking out our weapons and night vision goggles and we hurried back to the television. We stood around the television watching the images of the people standing on the interstate begging for help.


On the other side of the world, we were totally helpless. We talked about how easy it would be to load up a Herc and throw out some water and food to those people. We were airdropping food and water to some Army dudes on a regular basis. The United States Air Force had totally perfected the technology to quickly and easily deliver much needed water and food to any place on the planet. Dropping it on a interstate in Louisiana would be easy. Putting it on Super-dome parking lot would be even easier.


Image result for hurricane katrina cnn people on the interstate

photo from yahoo.


Three hours later when we landed in Bagram, we had it all figured out. More than just being the right thing to do, it would have given us hope that we were more than invaders and occupiers. The drops never happened and we came home a few weeks later.


After our time off, our unit was flying humanitarian missions to New Orleans. I signed up for one. I would have done more, but they were already filled. Everyone wanted to be on the side of helping instead of hurting. When I went down there in late September or early October, I was shocked at the devastation. Several weeks after Katrina, it was still a war zone. It was absolutely total destruction, Biloxi was literally gone. We flew up the coast towards New Orleans. The mud stained coast looked just like Afghanistan. It was completely brown, not the green vegetation it should have been.


Image result for Hurricane Katrina Damage

Pictures don’t tell how wide spread the damage was. photo from yahoo.


Working our way into the New Orleans airport reminded me of Baghdad in April 2003. There was no radar and we were de-conflicting from the other traffic by calling reporting points, speeds and altitudes. There was a couple of guys in the tower clearing airplanes to land on a single runway.  The helicopters were using a taxi-way to take-off and land from. They airport was just as busy as Atlanta but the only controllers were in the tower. Everyone else worked it out and sequenced ourselves. It was fantastically fun as a pilot. We dropped off our supplies and carried out some people. Leaving, we flew over the same interstate that I had seen on CNN a month earlier. I have to be honest when I say that my blood boiled from the lack of support that was demonstrated during early hours of the relief effort. But I was proud to see the support roll in as the weeks went on.


Image result for hurricane katrina damage before and after

photo from yahoo.


A few years later, I was flying with a guy at my commercial job. I don’t have his permission to tell this story so we should just call him D-Ray and not his given name. D-Ray was in a C-130 squadron in Biloxi. A veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, we knew several of the same people and shared many of the same experiences over there. As we spoke, I finally got around to asking about Katrina and what happened. I was primed to express my displeasure about what I perceived as their non-support.


D-Ray is a great dude and I totally believe him when he told me this story. I didn’t have to drag this out of him either. He started talking almost as soon as I mentioned Katrina. His squadron flew out their eight airplanes and two crews each to the Dallas Air National Guard base a day or so before Katrina hit. When they landed, D-Ray was one of the tactics officers and he went to the tactics shop to say hi and to ask for some help. The Major in charge of the shop met him and took him back into the planning section.


Image result for uzbekistan k2

Hard to see, but that is a couple of airplanes from the Dallas unit in K2. Date unknown. photo from yahoo.


The Texas Major already had a planned out multiple DZs within New Orleans and the surrounding towns. But since he wasn’t from the area, he wanted some local knowledge. A couple hours later, they planned out an entire formation of air drops. They called their two commanders and briefed them on the contingency plans just as Katrina was making landfall. Both commanders approved the plan and they authorized a sixteen ship formation with eight C-130s from Biloxi and another eight from the Dallas ANG. The next morning, the base in Dallas was a flurry of activity preparing the water and food to be airdropped from the airplanes. They loaded the airplanes and the crews showed up ready to fly.


Image result for c-130 mass formation airdrop

D-Ray had a better idea. photo from yahoo.


At some point during this process, the word of the airdrop was on the street. People were calling from Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennessee, and Arkansas Air Guard units looking to get into the action. The C-130 is a relatively small community and during the wars we all lived and worked together in the butt cracks of the world. People knew people and once something cool started, everyone wanted in. Had this progressed beyond the planning stages, it would have been a modern day Berlin Airlift.


Image result for berlin airlift

That would have been cool to be a part of. photo from yahoo.


But with the word on the street, it drew attention from the Pentagon and upper echelon of the military leadership. As the levy’s broke and the city of New Orleans flooded, the people sought higher ground and the overpass on the interstate was high enough to keep the people from drowning but it put them on display for the helicopters of CNN. Those were the people that we all saw on television, those were the people that needed immediate help and those were the people that D-Ray had prayed would not need supplies. But they were on the interstate and the world thought they needed a miracle.


Image result for hurricane katrina cnn people on the interstate

photo from yahoo.


Miracles were not in the plan. This was a basic airdrop mission. D-Ray and the Dallas folks had planned a very simple and easily executable mission that would throw out one hundred ninety two pallets of water to a few thousand people who were thirsty. It wasn’t a fly by night, rag tag group of men and women doing the job. It was steely eyed, combat hardened veterans of the wars who were expertly trained and razor sharp in this mission.  There were only two differences between what these folks did in combat and what they were begging to do on 30 August. There were no mountains to hit in New Orleans and there was no one trying to shoot down a airplane.


Anyway, the Generals in Washington decided that the risk was too great and they canceled the mission. The explanation was that it would make for bad television if someone tried to catch a pallet in the air and they ended up getting crushed to death. If me crew was upset on the other side of the world, you can imagine how the decision of a risk adverse General or President made a community of aircrews feel. D-Ray never heard how far up the chain the mission went but he was told that the decision came from the highest levels of the military.


Image result for rumsfeld and bush

Uhh…yea. photo from yahoo.


Twelve years later, it doesn’t seem like much has changed. The folks in Houston had to be rescued by their neighbors and if you are in South Florida today. Don’t expect to see the skies filled with Air Force cargo planes dropping you water and food after Hurricane Irma is done with you. Good luck!


Image result for cajun navy water rescue

Hope Y’all can make it to South Florida. photo from yahoo.




Until next time, keep on rockin!


The kids have taken control of the house…

Al knows more than what the weather in Iowa is. photo from yahoo.



Hey Y’all,


Shorter article tonight because I think it is very possible that I have lost control of my family. Of course, I am operating on the assumption that I had any control at all.


Last weekend, my wife was working and I was left in charge. Well, it went just about as well as you might expect. I was sitting on the couch, trying to watch television but I was constantly distracted by my daughter and her boyfriend. They were on the opposite couch, sitting just a little too close for comfort for this baby daddy.


My sweet, little innocent baby girl really is a fantastic little woman but she really doesn’t make the best decisions when it comes to boys. The current boyfriend, is rough around the edges. He refuses to listen. He is not happy unless he is playing in the dirt. He can’t hold is bladder and he hates baths. He will act right until you turn your back on him then he is pushing the boundaries.  If he was my son, I would be so proud because he is just like his old man. But my daughter, is my precious sweetie and I wasn’t taking my eyes of this boy for a second.


To make things worse, his parents went out of town for a couple of days and they didn’t trust him to be alone in the house. Being the loving woman, that my wife is, she agreed that he could stay with us while they were gone. I didn’t approve but I was overruled. Then she made the mistake of thinking she could actually go to work and leave me in charge.


photo from yahoo.


I know you can see how this is not going well. My other kids were strangely silent so I went to investigate. I looked all over for them and when I went into the basement, they jumped out of the shadows to scare me! My son had some glow in the dark silly putty and they made scary faces. We joked about it for a while and then I remembered my cute teen was upstairs with that good for nothing, one tracked mind boy.



Nothing says fun like a dark basement, glow in the dark silly putty and a chicken for a Dad. photo from rob akers


I bounded up the stairs and get what I caught them doing? Apparently, that disrespectful boy was acting in an inappropriate manner towards my baby. She is like her Mama and she doesn’t take any gruff from a insolent guy. Penelope put Rocco back in his place.



My son says that “Penelope is savage.” Rocco found that out first hand. photo form rob akers


That’s my girl!


Satisfied that Penelope had everything under control, I went back to the office and got the babies out of the crib. This is the first time I am showing pictures of the twins. Oh, maybe I forgot to announce that we had twins. Well to be honest, my wife gave me a whole thirty seconds of “You can probably do it!”

Then she left me to deal a slow death of eleven years of hard labor. And now that they are in the world, I have discovered they are going to need a lot of effort to grow them into productive citizens of the family.


I wish I had known this back then. I would have just kept on watching television. photo from yahoo.


All I need to do is pay for these things. photo from yahoo.




First look at the twins. The one on the left ‘The Book of Lot.’ The one of  the right is ‘The Book of John.’ photo from rob akers



I had a friend edit it for me. Olivia teaches English to 6th graders. She gave me a D- on grammar. But she loves the concept. I am very good with her comments. Clocking in at 92,828 words, I am going through line by line incorporating her changes. photo by rob akers



The baby brother, is currently 130,149 words. He is a big boy and is out to a couple of beta readers. It feels good to be moving closer to world domination. photo by rob akers




I told you that Rocco can’t be trusted. He just looks guilty. But that sweet Penelope just wants to nap. photo by rob akers



Keep smiling! photo by rob akers



Until next time, keep on rockin!



Don’t look for me here…

Still Waiting Boss. photo from yahoo


Hey Y’all,


The other day, a friend of mine asked me if I was going to see President Trump when he comes to Huntington, WV tonight. I chuckled and told him that of all the places in the world that I wouldn’t want to be caught dead at, that might be at the top of the list. We had a good laugh about it and no my friend isn’t going either.


My friend said he was going to mow the yard. photo from yahoo.


This morning, I got a text from a co-worker who lives out of state asking if I was going to the rally?

I replied. “What rally?”

“Trump in Huntington.” He said.

“Ha ha. No, but if you are coming up I will make you a sign.” I replied.

He isn’t coming up by the way.


I went to school with my co-worker. I know him well. photo form yahoo


So we are eight months into the first term of President Trump and it really looks bad.

  • He keeps firing his staff. Of course, if you expected anything different then you must have thought is reality television show was all fabricated.
  • Obama Care is still the law of the land. Of course, if you expected anything different then you don’t understand the power of the insurance/banking industry.
  • All the media wants to talk about is the past election where their candidate lost and the Russians are the scapegoat. Of course, if you expected anything different then you don’t understand politics.
  • North Korea is tossing rockets on a daily basis at Japan. Of course, if you expected anything different then you don’t understand poker.
  • China is still building pseudo-islands in the pacific. Of course, if you expected anything different then you don’t understand that they believe in their manifest destiny.
  • Afghanistan is still a complete failure. Of course, if you expected anything different then you don’t understand history.
  • Iraq/Syria/Yemen/Iran/Saudi Arabia/Qatar/Turkey and the rest of the Middle East is still engaging in a semi-warm war. Of course, if you expected anything else then you don’t understand what happens when you give trillions of dollars to a couple of tribes who have always hated each other and are less advanced than the Beverly Hillbillies.
  • The stock market is still going up. Of course, if you expected anything else then you don’t understand the power of the Federal Reserve pumping a billion dollars a week into the market.
  • The EU/Establishment/Democrats/Republicans/Liberals/Conservatives/Rich/Poor/White/Black/Latino/Asian/Canadians and everyone who might read these words still hate President Trump. Of course, if you expected anything else then you don’t understand the power of group think.


Full disclosure, I did vote for President Trump. The majority of the people in my state voted for President Trump. I can’t speak for them on a individual basis but the overwhelming reasons were because the only chance to bring jobs and employment back to this state is via the coal industry. It was a absolute certainty that President Clinton would have killed that industry.


As bad as things are, I am so glad I dont have to wake up to this face on my tv on a daily basis. photo from yahoo.


Eight months after President Trump, the coal industry is not showing any real signs of being re-ignited. Maybe President Trump will address that tonight; no I want to retract that…I am certain that President Trump will make some huge splashy announcement about bringing coal back and Makin Merica Great Again!

Here is the deal about West Virginians. As an outsider, it took me a long time to understand this about the residents of this state. They don’t respect outsiders who swoop in and shout words. They only respect outsiders who earn the right to be respected, and our Governor still hasn’t earned that right although I am sure he will be standing next to the President tonight. They don’t trust outsiders and are not dumb. They are the walking epitome of that line in a movie goes…”Show Me The Money!”


So true. photo from yahoo.


This state has a long history of being exploited by outsiders. Following the Civil War, Northerners came here about bought up all the mineral rights. They also stripped the land holding rights of those who sided with the Confederacy. It is estimated that West Virginia has the equivalent in natural resources that Alaska has. The difference is that the state of Alaska holds all those mineral rights and pays a healthy yearly refund back to its residents because the energy companies have to pay to access those reserves.


In West Virginia, all the mineral rights are owned by single families or occasional corporations. Very rarely do I hear of a local WV family that gets paid because there was a natural gas well on their property or coal was found. The vast majority of the mineral right payments go out of state to the descendants of the Hunt, DuPont, Rockefeller, Carnegie or old money families. It never stays in the state.


Therefore when a coal company exploits the resources of a vein of coal. They are free to close up the mine. The day after the mine is closed they declare bankruptcy so they don’t own the workers any benefits, retro-pay, or retirement. The suits are gone into the wind back to their palaces in the Caribbean and the local men and women who risked life and limb carving out the coal are left to pick up the pieces of their lives. The state is left to clean up the environmental disaster and pay unemployment to the workers.


We may not have any jobs…but we got moon shine. photo from yahoo


This state is in a bad economic place right now. So bad, that this is the devil that this states remembers, that is the devil that this state wants back, that is why this writer voted against Hillary Clinton and that is why most of the people in this state will be clipping their toe nails when President Trump speaks tonight.


Okay, I can wait a few more weeks before I get started on them. photo from yahoo


Until next time, keep on rockin!

You can’t get home from here…


I think I am going to get a trailer. photo from rob akers.


Hey Y’all,


If you have been hanging around for a while, you probably picked up that I love to walk college campuses. My all time favorite campus was walking Harvard several years ago. Not because as I walked around, I felt smart. But because of what I did there.


If you ever watched the movie “Good Will Hunting.” I tried to re-create a scene from the movie. No, I didn’t ask if anyone liked apples. I found the mathematics (anywhere else, it is the math) building and I went looking for the chalk board where Will solved the math problem. I changed a number into a letter and swapped a couple of numbers around. I walked around laughing at my joke until I read this…


Sorry Doc, I wish I would have been there a couple years earlier. You know he looks just like Ice Man. Photo from yahoo.


Anyone want to get oiled up and play volleyball because that is what fighter pilots do. photo from yahoo.


Yes, I am taking full credit for that one.


A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to walk around my favorite university. Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Hope you enjoy the walk around the campus. Fair disclosure to Billy. I wouldn’t suggest you travel to the campus for a couple of years. The Campus Security has a shoot on sight order out for you. Sorry about that.



This is Interstate I-55 in West Memphis, Arkansas. They started working on this project in the 1950s. From 1987-1991 it was totally jacked up. In 2017, it is better but they are still working on it. Nothing like government efficiency. photo form rob akers.



That used to be my dorm, Delta Hall. I will have to check this building out later. Maybe they have a marker indicating where I used to live. photo from rob akers.



This used to be the Twin Towers dorm buildings. That is a sweet looking building. photo from rob akers.



They expanded the Student Center. I have got to walk around. photo from rob akers.



These are the stairs where my roommate, Bert got jumped by a gang of engineers. They beat the snot out of him. According to him, he didn’t do anything wrong. photo by rob akers


Good, someone washed up the blood and took away the ice cream cone that Bert was holding. The last time I checked, Bert was a cop in Georgia. photo from rob akers.


They have a medical school now. This used to be the English building. They taught me everything I know about writing. photo from rob akers



This is where I spent most of my class time, well when I went to class. I saw my academic advisor in the building. photo from rob akers

“Dr. Jones. Im Rob Akers. One of your former students.”

“I dont recognize you. Sorry.”

“I’m the guy that taught the rat to turn on the light when I played Metallica music and to poop when I played Vanilla Ice music.”

“No, sorry. Still dont remember you.”

“Do you remember when you filled out that intent to graduate form and I stopped you when I said that I had no intentions on graduating?”

“What did you say your name was?”

“Bill Grimes.”

“Were you the guy that had five restraining orders put on you by co-eds in the Education Department?”

“Yea, that’s me!”

“Get out of here loser. I’m calling the police.”


This is the physical education building. Seven days a week I could be found here playing basketball. photo from rob akers.


This was the court where I was playing in a 3 on 3 tournament. I got there late and when I got into the game. I hit 6 three pointers in a row. Best game I ever played. One the opposite side, I got my shot blocked so hard that it hit 20 feet up the wall and it was still going up. photo from rob akers



This is the library.  When Bert would bring his girls to the room after the guy was closed, I came here to give him privacy. photo from rob akers




This is inside the building where my dorm used to be. My room was approximately windows above the basketball goal. photo form rob akers



They put a rock climbing wall where my friend Reggie lived. Very cool. photo form rob akers.

This building was the student activities center. It was very cool. In the lobby, there was a student working the admissions desk. She asked what I was doing.

“I used to go to school here.”

“Oh really, what years?”

“1987 to 1991.”

“Wow, my mom was here during that time too.”

“What was her name?”

“Shannon White (This is a false name to protect the not so innocent).”

“I know her. Does she still make chipmunk noises when she gets really excited?”

“What is your name?”

“Bill Grimes.”

“I’m calling the cops.”



I thought it was a good time to check out the football stadium. photo from rob akers.


It is a very cool stadium. Instead of building up. Using the natural terrain, they built down, into the ground. It holds 35,000 people photo from rob akers


This is the coaches spot. It was empty, so I parked up front. photo from rob akers.

But it wasn’t long before the coach showed up.

“Do you know who I am?”

“Yes, Sir. You are Blake Anderson. Head Coach of the Red Wolves.”

“Thats right. You’re in my parking spot.”

“Do you know who I am?”

“No clue.”

“I’m Bill Grimes. I am a 777 pilot.”

“Congratulations. I am calling the cops.”



photo from rob akers


Hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane. Until next time, keep on rockin.




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