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Looking California but feeling Minnesota…

Chris Cornell wrote the lyrics “Looking California..Feeling Minnesota for the song ‘Outshined’ photo from yahoo.


Hey Y’all,


Slight departure from what I had planned today but sometimes off course maneuvering towards real life is appropriate.  On Wednesday, look for a promotional article about our good friend of this site, Jacqui Murry as she has written a new book…

The rock world lost a really talented artist on Thursday. Chris Cornell, was the lead singer of two different groups; Soundgarden and Audioslave. Being very honest, I was not a fan of either group, but I was familiar with both groups. That isn’t a slight to the guys in Soundgarden, it is just that they were on the leading edge of the grunge movement in the early 90s. That was the wave that replaced the hard rock music that I grew up on in the 80s more commonly known as Hair Metal.


Metal dudes dont smile, laugh or be happy. They are angry,all the time especially when they are feeding your soul to the devil. This is grunge and I rejected it. photo from yahoo.


Those who know me the best, know that I am a person that can hold a grudge for a long time and since Soundgarden was in the same genera as Pearl Jam and Nirvana, then by default I would never be a fan. That was the music of the next generation and I moved on looking for other forms of entertainment. Yes, I did fall into Nu Metal in the later 90s. Limp Bizkit was an infatuation because I did like to break stuff. Slipknot scared me but not enough to keep me from listening the first time, twenty years later they are still on my must listen playlist on YouTube and Pandora.


Thirty one years later, I still haven’t resolved my issue with these two guys. Don’t go off and buy me a flannel shirt. photo from yahoo.


I was talking to a close friend last Thursday afternoon. He told me about another close friend who is having some health issues, again. Since I don’t officially know, I am going to be very vague but here is a short summary. Five years ago, our friend got the cancer. It a was very serious form of cancer and required a very high amount of radiation and chemo to fight down. There were points along the way where the doctors were not hopeful for a positive outcome. He survived and even came back to work. Hardly a year later, he was on the other side of the world when his doctor called and told him to come home.

My friend said that he would be back in ten days. The doctor said be in my office in two days; it is that serious. Two days after he got back, he was in surgery having his kidney removed. The cancer had returned to a different part of the body. Now, he has another tumor, they don’t know what it is yet but I feel pretty safe in saying that Cancer sucks.

Last Wednesday, my family went over to another friend’s house to watch three of their youngest kids. Their oldest kid was at football conditioning after school, he is a big strapping kid so he doesn’t need anyone like me watching him. Their number two kid, Katie is in the children’s hospital in Cincinnati fighting a serious case of the cancer. I refuse to give cancer the dignity of a name because cancer sucks. If you would like to know more about this incredible family, check them out here or on Facebook.



This is the family before cancer. They are more beautiful today than they are in this picture. I wish I had faith like them. photo from


Saturday afternoon I was thinking about my friend’s new health issue, my other friend’s little fourteen-year-old daughter wasting away in a hospital with tubes of toxic medications flowing through her body and the untimely passing of Chris Cornell. Then I read this from one of the few religious blogs that I follow. I don’t read anything from anyone who writes that “good old time gospel of pie in the sky mixed with the you’re going to burn in hell if you don’t repent” style of preaching. If that is your thing, good for you. Not trying to make anyone mad, I just prefer to hear/read different viewpoints.

Anyway, now that I ticked everyone off.

Reading Jason Micheli’s article really hit home for me. I can’t say that I believe everything that Jason had to say. I’m really not even sure that I am smart enough to understand what he is saying. I know that I don’t have the faith to really believe what he said, which is more about me and not him. If you choose to read it, here it is a copy of his sermon that he conducted for a funeral of a young man who committed suicide.


Jason Micheli. I am not sure if this is pre or post cancer. photo from


This is a book that Jason wrote about cancer. photo from


I don’t know if he put it up because of Chris Cornell or it just worked out like that. But I spend a large part of Saturday afternoon watching Soundgarden videos and coming to appreciate how musically gifted Mr. Cornell and the other guys in Soundgarden are. I realized that I was wrong about them. They not grunge. They are metal.

Another of the groups that I really like is called Machine Head. Started in the early 1990s, I thought they were anti-grunge and I followed them off and on until I heard their album ‘Unto the Locust’ in 2011. Wow, what a great anti-establishment album. If you ever see me on an airplane, sitting in an airport, writing in a Starbucks or walking the streets of your fair town on a layover, you will see me with headphones in. There is a 50% chance that ‘Unto the Locus’ will be rattling around between my ears.

The lead singer is named Robb Flynn. I have never met Mr. Flynn but he is an example of what America is about. He is the driving force behind the Machine Head brand. While they are not commercially popular like Metallica, Megadeth, Slipknot or even Soundgarden, he has managed to make a comfortable living doing what he loves while remaining married and raising a family. It is fun for me to follow Mr. Flynn via a mass email list. There he writes about what is going on with Machine Head and himself in general. He is not doing the straight promotion of the group, but he writes very detailed and long emails about the things that he cares about.


Robb Flynn doing his thing. I bet he is President of his kid’s school parent/teacher organization. photo from yahoo


As you can tell, I like to know what real, honest people think no matter what if I agree with it or not. I feel like it helps keep me grounded, relevant, and current. Anyway, Mr. Flynn sent this out Thursday evening with a follow up Sunday. Mr. Flynn’s words are not for the weak or easily offended. He is real, honest, direct, blunt and lets you know how he felt about Chris Cornell. Read it at your own risk. This is the link to their Facebook page. I hope it works.

He added another article on Sunday about talking to his oldest son about suicide. I bet my wife and I had a similar conversation with our kids about Katie and her cancer. Cancer Sucks and Suicide Does Too.

According to the media, if you can believe them. Chris Cornell was taking an anti-anxiety medication named Ativan. I’m not a doctor and I just go what I am told. But two of the side-effects of that medication is depression and thoughts about harming yourself. My wife had a family member commit suicide several years ago. Lynn, was a man’s man. Big, tough, hard but fun to be around. He was an engineer on the trains. He had worked around trains all his life and he was well respected by the hard dudes on the train lines.

He got hurt on the job and after several surgeries he still had nerve pain in his elbow. The doctor put him on something to help with the pain but the two side-effects were that you don’t sleep and you get depressed. Sometime after starting the medications, he was gone.

The following are the words of Robb Flynn. I totally agree with him. If you are in a bad place and you have nowhere to turn. Give me a call. Trust me, if you are down to my number then you are officially in a bad place. Please talk to someone if you are thinking about hurting yourself or someone else.

Seriously, call me and we will figure something out other than hurting yourself.


Robb Flynn said this in his Sunday message:

“Talking about it on our group-text helped a lot, talking about it with my guys at practice helped a lot.  Writing the journal helped a lot, reading you’re replies helped a lot.


And so I’m sharing your replies to hopefully help anyone else struggling with this.


It needs to be discussed.


His suicide, depression, mental health, whatever we want to call needs to be addressed.


We need to get over our uber-macho, alpha-male-society, and be able to talk about these things.  For ourselves, for our kids, for our future.


My oldest son had heard Genevra and I talking about Cornell.


Driving him to school 2 days ago, he asked me how he died.  I told him. He didn’t understand why someone would do that.


It was tough conversation.  And my first thought was to not tell him what it meant, but then my larger fear went to “what if he feels this way already?”  And before you go, “oh kids don’t feel that way, kids are just happy all the time”, I have 2 friends who are going though it with their tween/teenagers.  So we spoke about it, and I told him “I hoped that him and Wyatt never felt that way because THAT scared me even more.”


It was heavy…


How any parent lives through that I’ll never know.”



Lyrics to Outshined. Power stuff. photo from yahoo.

Some Chris Cornell videos.

This dude turned a sugary Michael Jackson pop song into a masterpiece. Way cool.


He was so cool that he got to do a James Bond theme song.


He did about a thousand covers. Everything from Prince to Whitney Houston. He does an amazing combination of U2’s song ONE and Metallica’s song ONE. It is crazy and it makes my brain hurt because it is so cool. I have no idea how he could do that. I hate that I have learned about him like this. Life is good, don’t throw it away.


Until next time, keep on rockin!

Happy Baby Mama Day

Just another Mother’s Day. photo from yahoo.


Hey Y’all,


I have an update from the last post. I want you walk to outside your house right this second and look at your roof. If you do not see the tail of an airplane poking out of the chimney; then you can rest assured that you survived the threat of me flying overhead and that is what we call in the aviation community as Good News.



That is what happens when the instructor goes to the back for a minute. Opps. photo from rob akers

Now the Bad News. The FAA has determined that I am qualified and I will be regularly flying over your house without adult supervision from now on. Actually, it is worse, I am the adult supervision. Good luck to us all!


I’m not sure how they can tell it is a boy. But It sure is cute. photo from yahoo.


Yesterday was Mother’s Day. The kids and I had a great plan for my baby mama, but like always she threw a big old monkey wrench into it.  Our plan was very simple. We, (the kids and I) were going to sleep until noon:30. Then we would pull ourselves out of bed for an exotically complicated meal that our baby mama cooked for us. After we filled our little bellies, I wanted to lay on the couch and watch the NASCAR race while my daughter would put her ear buds in and watch YouTube videos. My son was going to ride his bike up and down the road with the dog in trail barking like she was rabid. After baby mama finished the dishes, doing the laundry and cleaning the house; she was welcome to start working on dinner. What a great day the kids and I planned out.



I think my kids spent more time on the tires than anything else. photo from rob akers

We almost pulled it off exactly like we had planned. Except for a couple of minor changes. We got up early and went to church. We ate pizza for lunch (her choice by the way). She took a nap on the deck while the kids and I washed her van. She and the kids had a water balloon fight in the back yard. Our neighbor brought over their dog to play in the back yard while I finished up vacation plans. I think it worked out okay for our favorite baby mama.



This is a lesson for all the future baby mama’s who want a boy. My son helped to wash the entire van. He played in the soapy water. He used the soapy sponge and brush. And he played in the water…photo from rob akers



He still had dirt on his  hands. Don’t be surprised when you discover this fact for yourself. photo from rob akers

Hope all the baby mama’s out there had a great day! Until next time, keep on rockin.



My son and I went to the movie Saturday night and someone found my truck and rolled us. Looks like the work of a Baby Mama and her mini-me. photo from rob akers

Take Cover This Week…


The hotel guy said that this was the Addams Family house in the movie. I don’t know about that, but it is a cool building. photo from rob akers


Hey Y’all,


Almost finished training with just one little thing left. I have to actually be able to safely operate a aircraft. What that means to you is that this week, there is a good chance that I will be over your head and you are just a heartbeat away from me being solo in a transport category aircraft. That heartbeat would belong to my instructor. So, for public safety’s sake if you live between Syracuse New York and Memphis Tennessee, you have been warned. Later this week, if you live between Memphis and Great Falls Montana, again you are now warned.



I guess they put the sign here just in case you thought you were in Buffalo. Right behind this is a memorial to thirty five students who were killed in Pan Am Flight 103 that blew up over Lockerbie Scotland.  photo from rob akers


However, I took advantage of the warm weather in Syracuse and walked the wonderful campus of Syracuse University. My initial thoughts are that I think it is a beautiful campus. I was expecting the regimented and sanitary campus motif that most college campus’ have today. They all have the same red brick or tan brick or stone buildings like Notre Dame, Tennessee, South Carolina or Arizona State. But thankfully, the leadership of Syracuse has embraced diversity. Their buildings range from the Gothic to the 1960s modern to the clean style of today. I never found the building for the galactically stupid so I assume that I couldn’t qualify to attend here. But I will encourage my kids to apply here if they want to walk the extremely large campus in the blowing snow. All things being equal, I would choose a school in Florida. I guess that is why the Syracuse football team isn’t so good.




Ernie Davis statue in front of the Carrier Dome. I love the idea of a on campus stadium. photo by rob akers


I donned my blue tee shirt, faded olive shorts and blue shoes and took a thirty-minute walk to the campus. Once there, I switched into invisible mode and walked everywhere without a single glance from the college kids. I could have had a one hundred bill taped to my forehead and not one single person would have noticed. It is tough being an old, fat guy. But I got some good pictures. Hope you enjoy.



The Carrier Dome. I went inside to get some pictures but my invisible cloak failed and a middle aged security guard asked who I was. I told him I worked for FedEx, my name was Bill Grimes and I live in New York City. He took all the information and escorted me out of the building. photo from rob akers.



This is the music building on the corner of “The Quad.” Actually I have no idea what the name of it is. But the violin band was playing. That was cool. photo from rob akers


Just a little Monday afternoon concert. photo from rob akers


More buildings. Note they they are all different styles. photo from rob akers


The Library. That guy in the picture was going to trample me but I stopped to let him pass. photo from rob akers


How about that. It does have a name. photo from rob akers


The chemistry building. I bet it is cool when the ivy fills in during the summer. photo from rob akers





I tried to find the chalk board with the math equation so I could solve it. But another middle aged security guard tried to question me. Asked him if he knew who I was. He said Bill Grimes, then he kicked me out of the building. photo from rob akers


By this time on my little walk, there was a campus police car following me. photo from rob akers


That guy in the blue shirt was looking at me because of the police escort. photo from rob akers

Until next time, keep on rockin!


They escorted me to the end of the campus and told me to never come back. By the way, my hotel is at the very end of this street. They didn’t offer me a ride. photo by rob akers

Is it safe to come out…?

They say it is safe to come out now, but I am not so sure. photo from yahoo.



Barry came out yesterday too. It is so hard to keep a secret so I am happy for him. But was I the only one that didn’t see it coming? photo from yahoo.


Hey Y’all,


I have been out of pocket for almost two months. Here is a quick update, training went relatively well. I still have a couple more events but have completed all of the big stuff and I am waiting on flying to be scheduled. Way back in February, when I met my sim partner we had a very brief discussion about what it would be like. Chris is a really good dude who worked his tail off during training. But he is a single seat, zipper suited, sun god whose vast experience mostly included dropping bombs on the sand people. At the time; I don’t think he believed me I told him that it would be one of the most painful and humiliating experiences in his professional life but if he agreed not to judge me, I promised not to judge him. Today, I promise you he is a believer.


The Sand People thought it was safe to come out since Chris is in training?” photo from yahoo.


Chris translated Luke’s words for me. “You dumb old bastard, your going to get me in trouble.” photo from yahoo.


I was asked by a friend to describe why training is so hard. The closest thing I could come up with is to think of your family doctor. I am sure they are wonderful, competent and a highly skilled general physician with many years of experience. Send that same person back to medical school in China. It is the same human body with the same organs but totally different language and procedures.  After thirteen years of working with my company, and twenty-six years of flying, I still found this training cycle to be a real kick in the pants.


I wanted to come out of hiding to help people. Maury said that was a lie too. photo from yahoo.


I have been thinking about buying a sports car after I finished training. I was thinking that I had earned it and that I was probably responsible enough to safely and legally operate it. All that changed this past Monday night. I was driving the second fastest production car in existence on a round trip finishing up a short three-day training cycle. You might be wondering what the second fastest production car is so let me break it down. It is the economy class rental car from Enterprise. By the way, the fastest production car in existence is your friend’s economy class rental car. Crossing the state line into West Virginia, I was pulled over for going 82 in a 65. The officer told me that the speed limit dropped when I crossed over from Kentucky but that he would have still pulled me over for 82 in a 70. I didn’t tell him that I knew the speed limit would drop and I had just slowed down five miles an hour. Yes, it is a fact that I am not mature enough for a Corvette.


The only reason a cop gets out of his car. Maury said this was the truth. photo from yahoo.


Which leads me to today which is my birthday. I have been racking my brain in the few free moments on suggestions for presents from my wife and kids. Last week they settled on the gift that keeps giving. Yard treatment from a local yard care company. My wife decided that I finally needed to have the best-looking yard in the neighborhood. To say that I was psyched would be an understatement. Thick, luscious, green grass that is free of weeds and needs to be mowed every three days is exactly what I have been dreaming of since I was twelve. My Dad had that kind of yard and when he made me mow it, I did my best to make it look bad so he would fire me from that chore.  The good news is that she had not signed the contract so when I told her I got a speeding ticket, she said that she was canceling the yard treatment and I would be paying the ticket as my birthday present. I want to thank Officer Kennedy, the City of Kenova and the State of West Virginia for getting me out of that. Happy Birthday to me!


Finally, tonight I have to head back to training and tempt fate. The last time I was in airplane on my birthday was April 6, 2003 in Iraq. On that birthday, I used up three of my nine lives on one flight and I promised myself that I would never fly on my birthday again as my present to myself. Well, I have to climb on board that airplane but since I am ridding in the back, I am going to use pilot reasoning to trick myself that I am not breaking my promise to myself. I am going to include the links to the set of stories about that night. I wrote them in mid-April 2013, so they are new reading for many of our newer friends. I hope you enjoy.  By the way, my heart still starts racing when I think of what happened that night.



I am going to spend the rest of the day watching the crab grass grow and thanking my lucky stars that Officer Kennedy gave me that ticket.


Both Chris, Maury and my neighbors agree. I need to come out and work on the yard. photo from yahoo.


Until next time, keep on rockin!

Becoming Another Brick In The Wall…Again…

Time to take off the creative cap and put on the mindless student cap so I can be another brick in the wall…photo from yahoo


Hey Y’all,


I am going to be taking a temporary break from writing for a few months as I am going to school/training for the spring. This has been planned for almost a year now and I am looking forward to being completed with the school. In the grand scheme, it is a great time to be in training.


I will be missing some quality time with my wife, but being apart is something we know how to deal with and it is for a small season in a lifetime.



Two weeks ago at Stonewall Jackson Hotel. She makes me look good. Photo from rob akers


My kids are still young and while I will miss some little league baseball and middle school softball games. I will be able to make more of the events as they grow into their teens. But it isnt my fault that I am missing the ski season though, it is February the 17th and it is going to be in the 60s this weekend. I promise that Global Warming isn’t my fault.


My daughter and I at Winterplace Ski Slopes. It wasnt snowing that day. photo from rob akers



But they were making snow. photo from rob akers



My son just before I shot him out of the cannon. He wasn’t as into the skiing this year. Probably because he already mastered it. photo from rob akers


I am going to miss a big part of the NCAA Basketball tournament and the opening of baseball season. But they will have more games next year.



Hopefully, my last preflight walk-around ever. And I am not going to miss wearing the “Don’t run me over vest of shame”. photo from rob akers


I am scheduled to finish school in early May but I fully expect it to be extended a couple of weeks which again isn’t a big deal. I am still hopeful to be complete by June and making all of the summer vacation plans.



Hopefully, these are not the last pork chops ever. photo from rob akers


So off to school I go. I hope to drop in from time to time but I cant even attempt to promise when that will be right now.


But before I ride over the horizon for a while, I want to leave you with a new site that I found recently. Sean Patrick Hughes is a former military guy who has some really interesting views on the current political climate. I always try to give you guys a different perspective on what is going on in the world, but this guy takes different perspectives to a whole new level. He is so good that I am encouraging anyone who likes President Trump to read this site and he is so good that I am encouraging anyone who hates President Trump to read this site. I promise that you will not get Sean’s level of analysis anywhere else.


Until next time, keep on rockin!

photo from yahoo



When Crazy Ain’t Cool…



Hey Y’all,


You probably have noticed that I haven’t been writing much in the last few weeks. There has been so much rich material like the Super Bowl or President Trump or the Grammys or personal things like going snow skiing for the second time ever or Bar-B-Que. But I am going to training for work in a couple of weeks so I have been focusing on the pre-training and tying up some loose ends before school starts.


The Adventure Continues

Flight For Sanity book cover from the Flight To Success website.


Our good friend, Karlene has written a new book. It is her fifth overall and fourth in the series starring Darby Bradshaw who continues her quest to make the commercial airways safer. Karlene is an airline pilot with over 30 years of flight experience, she has been at eight airlines, she has seven type ratings, she has two Master’s degrees and is completing her PhD in aviation safety. It the axiom is true about writing about what you know, they you can bet she knows the commercial aviation system.


Karlene Petitt from her website.


The newest adventure deals with pilots and mental health. Now before you go off and think that all pilots are stable, rational humans like I am; consider that there are at least two documented cases of pilots attempting to kill themselves by crashing an airliner.


photo from yahoo


In 1994 a FedEx pilot, Aubrey Callaway was jump seating on a MD-10 and tried to hijack it with a couple of hammers and a fishing spear gun. He attacked the crew as the airplane climbed to altitude and left all three pilots severely injured. They were able to subdue him and land the airplane.


These are the three pilots who were attacked by Callaway. They didn’t heal from their wounds sufficiently so that they could return to flying status. photo from yahoo.


In 2015, Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz was able to successfully commit suicide by crashing the Airbus airliner he was flying into a mountain in the French Alps. He was being treated for suicidal tendencies and was ordered not to fly by his doctor. He hid this from his aviation doctor and was able to continue to work.


This is Captain Patrick Sondenheimer. He was locked out of the flight deck while Lubitz crashed the airplane. The voice recorded picked up the sounds of Sondenheimer trying to break into the flight deck right up to impact. photo from yahoo.


I am sure there are more cases of death by pilot suicide and I am also sure that the missing Malaysian jet was one of those cases but since they haven’t found the jet yet, we will just have to speculate. But here is the deal with pilots and mental health. We are just like everyone else. Everyone has life events and everyone needs time to deal with those things. Pilots are no more fortunate or able to cope than the rest of the population. But unlike the rest of the population, if a pilot seeks professional help for their life issue, they could be in jeopardy of getting at least a year off work.


Maybe it would be justified like it was in the case of Mr. Lubitz and maybe it is too much. If a pilot takes medication to help them deal with a life issue, then they get a year off automatically before they have to prove to the FAA that they are healed. What kinds of life events am I talking about? You know the kind that happen every day. Marital issues, divorce, kids with health issues, death of a family member, debt, bankruptcy, criminal proceedings, substance abuse problems, and addiction problems just to name a few.


It isn’t uncommon to work with a 62-year-old pilot who is on spouse number four. Wife number one divorced him several years earlier and their three kids are all train wrecks with purple hair and nose rings because daddy was off in China every Christmas. Now he works a full month, sales back his vacation, goes on overtime trips to China and is pulling in 450,000 a year. But after taxes he really brings in 275,000 a year. That is great money until wife number one takes her 100,000 in alimony and child support. Wife number two gets 75,000, wife three also gets 75,000 a year. Now the gold digging, thirty-three-year-old baby mama to kid number ten thinks she is going to live on easy street with this guy. What is she going to do when she figures out every dime he makes goes to another woman? What is she going to do when she figures out that he doesn’t have any retirement and he is in debt up to his eyeballs? Do you think that guy has any stress in his life? He is a walking black cloud because of his life choices.


Better check for a green card before you leave your wife and kids. photo from yahoo.


How else can you explain why a pilot would be in a normal, regularly scheduled bi-annual simulator when they snap. They take off their shoe and pull off a sock. They put the sweaty sock on their hand and start talking to it like it is a puppet.

“What should we do now?” The pilot asked the sock puppet.

“How about the one engine inoperative approach checklist?” The puppet said.

“That is a great idea, Mr. Puppet. First Officer, will you run the one engine inoperative approach checklist?” The pilot said.

As that conversation was taking place, the real First Officer and the real Instructor Pilot are watching this. It was the end of the simulator. That pilot is flying over your house at 35,000 feet today after winning a hearing to return to work with back pay because of being fired by their company because they got a really good lawyer.


Not a suitable First Officer. Photo from yahoo.


But there are two sides to the mental health issue. What happens when the company decides to fire a pilot because they dared to bring up a safety violation to the FAA? What happens when the company gets a quack doctor to intensely interview/interrogate that pilot for two days like the CIA would do to a member of the Taliban? What happens when that quack, who is on the payroll of the company declares that the pilot is unfit to continue to fly because they have been too successful in life? They have too many advanced degrees, they have too many well-adjusted children, they have only one happy marriage, they are a follower of a God that died and was raised from the dead, and they still believe that the world can be a happy place. That pilot is obviously crazy and should never be allowed to get close to an airplane again so the company is justified to fire that pilot because they dared to speak up. This pilot is currently grounded because they chose to act with honor and integrity as opposed to the pilot in the above case because they immediately lawyered up.


That is what Karlene is writing about and the sad thing is that the truth is stranger than fiction because everything I just wrote about is as real as a heart attack and it all really happened. I can’t wait for my training to be over so I can find how Darby solves the mental health problem.


Until next time, keep on rockin.

Smile America…

Hey Y’all,


I know I haven’t posted anything in quite a few days. Sorry, but I have been busy with life. Yesterday, was the first day in many that I had the opportunity to sit down and relax. My wife and I spent a couple of hours watching President Trump’s inauguration. No matter what you think about President Obama or President Trump, it is nice to know that in the United States we can still have a peaceful transition of power without bloodshed.


Watching the television coverage, my wife asked what Hillary was doing? I made some sarcastic comments and then we had our answer. She was there. No matter what you think of her, that is a classy move. At least that is what we both thought at the time. However, this clip casts a shadow of doubt on that theory. Maybe, President Clinton still can’t be trusted.





According to media outlets. Melania and Hillary’s outfits were both designed by Ralph Lauren. Maybe he was just comparing and contrasting the dresses.



Maybe this scream wasn’t about Trump after all. Maybe she was just projecting what Hillary was thinking.


Until next time, keep on rockin.


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