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How do you live?

January 16, 2015
Sarah Elizabeth Copley was a great mom and grandmother that will be missed by everyone.

Sarah Elizabeth Copley was a great mom and grandmother that will be missed by everyone.

Hey Y’all,

I know I have been irregular posting articles lately and I really have no excuses other than just busy with life. Today, I am going to go slightly religious on you so if you continue reading it isn’t my fault. You have been warned.

My family is a part of a weekly Bible study on Sunday evenings. It was good timing this week as I was slightly frustrated with the early NFL football game and the creative way that my Dallas Cowboys found to lose a playoff game. During the course of the Bible study, it was humorous to the other people in our study that my phone kept beeping from a constant stream of texts about the game. I hardly ever get a text except when Arkansas State plays in a nationally televised game or Dallas finds a new way to lose. My phone’s constant ringing gave everyone a good laugh at my expense.

There was a question asked in the Bible study that perplexed me and I will bring it to you. The subject verse is from Matthew 6:31-34. I would summarize it like this: “Don’t worry because God will take care of you.” This might be a good time to go to the source document and read the entire thing because there is more to it. I can wait…Wow that was fast, you are a quick reader.

So here is the question. How would you show a neighbor with examples from your life that you are not a worrier and that you trust God to provide for you? To be honest, I am kind of at a loss of how to honestly answer that. I could say that I don’t sweat out every penny and that I try to give back to the community. But the reality is that I am over paid and underworked. I don’t give back enough and it is easy to be relaxed when there is enough in the emergency savings to cover a couple of missed paychecks.

I might say that I am happy and at peace with the world. But the reality is that I watch too much Fox News and internally I fume at the actions of the Government (Both Parties). It really ticks me off when a couple of two bit want-to-be criminals shot up Paris. That isn’t the life of someone who lives without worry.

The verses that I referenced don’t say to trust in your 401K and Glock. It doesn’t mention Smith and Wesson, not does it say anything about being a good Republican or a good Democrat. It says to not worry about tomorrow and be focused on today. It says that God will take care of us and that we should live like it.

This past weekend, I saw a first-hand example of what a Godly life should look like. My mother-in-law passed away last Thursday. Her death, while very sad was not tragic nor was it totally unexpected. She had been in a nursing home for a couple of years and honestly her quality of life was very poor. Her funeral was Saturday and my wife expected a small gathering of people to attend the ceremony because in the last several years of life, mom’s health prevented her from being out in the world actively living. She couldn’t attend Church, go to the Marshall football games or even go to the store on a regular basis. When you’re entire existence is within a house or a nursing home, your opportunities to be a social being are severely limited.

The funeral was Saturday afternoon to accommodate the family members that live out of town or that work during the week. Since I am considered family, I had to give up my packed Saturday afternoon schedule of picking my nose and scratching my butt. In addition to family, my wife expected that her lifelong friends would be there too.  I guess the rule is that if you know someone for over half their life, you are required to attend the funeral as well. That pushed the number higher to almost thirty people that would be attending and she anticipated that there might be another five or so people that knew Mom from way back so we guess-a-mated a final total of forty people to be in attendance.

When my son and I pulled up, the parking area was filled with cars. So many that I thought that there was another funeral going on at the same time. Walking into the foyer, there were faces of people that have a less formal connection to my wife. Most of them never met her Mom; they didn’t know her Sister or her extended family. They were there just to show their love for my wife. Some folks came from our Church, not because they were required too but because they know how instrumental my wife is in the mission of reaching out to others. Some folks from our old Church came because they know how vital my wife was to ministering to others during that time of life. My wife’s mentality is that just because we change a Church, it never means that we still can’t be friends.

Five co-workers came from her part time job because they know how she throws herself into the work and never leaves without completing her tasks.  That is kind of crazy to think that five people you see once or twice a month would take the time out of their Saturday afternoon just to support a part-time employee. Several mothers from my kid’s school came out as well along with one of the teachers. I never expected that. But they were there because my wife treats ever kid in the school as her own always going out of her way to make sure all the kids are safe and healthy, she has an active role on the PTO and is always ready to help . Other close friends and neighbors were there as well and they were all untied in a single purpose. They all were there to support my wife during this tough time.

When I ask the question of how would you show to someone else that you trust God to take care of you. I can’t give a great answer for myself but my wife can because of the way that she lives her life, the way that she loves everyone in her world and how her positive, forceful spirit is infectious to the world around her.  Of course, you all know that she will down play the significance of her wonderful personality and loving spirit. She will say that she likes helping others but the truth is that she does everything because she is serving a higher power. She is amazing and I am blessed to have her in my life. I love you, baby.


Until next time, keep on rockin

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  1. Karlene permalink

    Ah Rob, this makes me want to cry. You are both very lucky. You mother in law is in a better place now. We faced the same thing with my mother in law a few months ago. The best to you and your family.
    And now, I have to say… that your pain in football is over early….as you know what will (would have) happened on Super Bowl Sunday? I do. 🙂 Go Hawks.

    • Karlene,

      You are the best and thank you for all the wonderful words. I am very sorry for the loss your family had a few months ago. Even though it is expected and in some cases it might even be welcome. It is still very difficult.

      Talking about difficult, I think GB has a real chance of winning this week. In fact, I would have picked your Hawks if the non-catch had been ruled properly. But I see GB as a very dangerous team, with a top tier QB, and great offense and their defense is much better than they are given credit for. Everyone is picking your Hawks to win and that should make you very nervous. Here is a prediction: GB 31 SEA 27. As a bonus pick IND 17 NE 45.

      • Karlene permalink

        Which non-catch… ours…. two years ago? or the GB Dallas game?
        Actually… Hawks need to play bad to lose. We have a much better defense. Not nervous. Turns out I’m on reserve on Super Bowl Sunday. So… if Hawks win, I’m going flying as the entire base calls in sick. And… if they don’t win, I might get to stay home and watch the game. GB 10 SEA 27. And IND 38 NE 31. Game(s) on!

      • Your non catch was a non catch. I saw it with my own eyes and MD Jennings (the GB Safety from Arkansas State) was involved with the play so I really had no issue with it. The rule that made the Dallas non catch and non catch was written for 90% of the receivers, not the freaks of nature like Bryant. The regular NFL receiver would have just rolled onto the back and hit the ground and it would have been a catch. But Bryant is so amazing that he made two extra steps and lunged for the goal line. Any other time, that lunge would have not been ruled a fumble because the ground cant cause a fumble (another stupid rule). But since it was all apart of a single play, it wasn’t a recovered fumble, it wasn’t down by contact, it was a non-catch.

        By the way, the GB Coach Mike McCarthy almost didn’t challenge the play and the only reason he did was because it was a last chance to win the game. He didn’t believe he would win the challenge. And earlier in the game, replay clearly showed a catch by a GB receiver where the ball was touching the ground but was not over-turned by the same referee that made the Bryant catch a no catch.

        Anyway, water under the bridge because your Hawks would have beaten Dallas if the referee ruled that Bryant had made a football move or more accurately two football moves. We will know in 24 hours who makes better predictions. And for the record, I will be pulling for your Hawks tomorrow even though if I were putting money on the game I would pick GB.

  2. Randy Tucker permalink

    Great tribute. We’re so sorry we didn’t know n weren’t there for you. Keeping ur family n our prayers. 

    Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S™ III, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

    • Randy,

      Thank you for the kind words and constant stream of prayers. I know why you were not there and the blame falls squarely to me. Like I told you last week, I should have been better about getting the word out to everyone. You have your Dad to worry about, a son over there keeping me safe, two grandbabies to watch, and insurance to sale. You are a busy man.

      Besides I don’t want to use your time for something like a funeral. I need you for times like when the faucet doesn’t work, I cant figure out how to use a cordless drill or a dinosaur television needs to be moved.

      Love you.

  3. This was the sweetest thing! Your wife sounds like, and is, a very amazing women! I’m sorry for your loss and her’s, but I’m so glad she has so many people to support her. Just awesome!

    • Abby,

      Thank you for your very kind words. Some people might say that my wife has only made one mistake in her life and that was marrying me. But I always point out that she dumped me three times so technically she has made four mistakes. She is far from perfect.

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