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Got some more awards to brag over…

March 11, 2013



Hey Y’all,

It has been a busy month of vacations, strolls down memory lane, writing and trying to remember how to fly. Dang, I hate when work gets in the way of life. I am honored to receive two more awards from a couple of friends.


versatile blogger


The first is the Versatile Blogger Award (First Oak Leaf Cluster) by CD Myers. CD is working on his first novel called “South Pole Vendetta.” Army Captain Orey Meeker must find a way to block the prospect of World War III after North Korea steals oil from the South Pole. The year is 2025 and North Korea has discovered a way to fuel their growing missile inventory with oil available at the South Pole, by invading Palmer Station, Antarctica. Can a simple army captain avert World War Three while helping a troubled young teenage boy come to terms with his estranged father’s death? The answer is found in the vendetta which begins at the South Pole and spirals around the world in this geopolitical-thriller.

He is also working on six other major works while maintaining a strong marriage, being a dad to four sons, owning a small business, teaching part time at a Christian school among his other endeavors. I thought I had a busy life of holding down the couch for several hours a day. Check him out and let him know I said hi.


lebister award


I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by David Fernandez. David is also working on his first novel and he maintains a blog for sports fans like myself. David lives in the Miami area with his wife and kids. David says this about the Liebster Award.

“The Liebster award is designed for bloggers with less than 200 followers, and at present I’ve got a grand total of 63 followers. The fact that people beyond my blood relations read my work is humbling.”

I fully agree with his second sentence. I am humbled that anyone takes the time to read what I write. I am also flattered that David and CD think that I deserve these awards.

The rules of the Liebster Award is that I have to state eleven facts about myself. CD says that I have to tell seven facts about myself. Is that eighteen or can I combine them? We will see how I do and decide later.

1. My earliest memory is driving with my Dad and we stopped for gas. The gas station was closed and I said we needed to “Beat the hell out of them.” When he looked at me, I knew I was in trouble, I said that it wasn’t hell but “hail, you know like the ice that falls out of the sky.” I should have been beaten, but he was probably laughing too hard to be mad.
2. My first car was my Grandmother’s 1979 sky blue Buick Regal. She sold it to me for one dollar.
3. In High School, I was voted “Wittiest and Most School Spirit.”
4. I went to Arkansas State because several friends from High School went there. There were eleven of us from my high school class that went there. Of the eleven only two of us graduated.
5. I roomed with my buddy, Bert. The first semester I had an impressive 1.3 GPA. He had a .9, but he was rushing a Fraternity. I wasn’t, so I had more time to study.
6. We both came back for the second semester, I made my grades, Bert didn’t. He joined the Army. He has done well, he is a decorated Vet and a Police Officer in Georgia.
7. During the summer, I worked on a dock loading and unloading frozen food trucks. I also went to summer school at Memphis State.
8. I took college algebra three times before I passed it with a “C.”
9. In experiential psychology lab, I trained a mouse to eat when it heard a certain song. It would not eat when it heard anything other music.
10. That song was by Ratt “Lay it Down.”
11. I saw Ratt, three times in concert. The best time was the first when they opened for Billy Squier in 1984.

This is hard but I will try to get seven more to make CD happy.

1. I have a narrowing of the C3 and C4 vertebrae. I think the cause of this is from wearing the NVGs and flight helmet for hours on end. My neck hurts constantly but the pain is masked by my left shoulder, my lower back and right hip. It is no fun to be old. My neck hurts right now, that is why I thought to mention it.
2. As far as the FAA knows, I have no medical issues. Please don’t tell them about fact number one.
3. I have never broken a bone but I did have a fractured wrist when I was about 12. I got into a fight with my friend Bert (Yes the same Bert that was my college roommate). He pushed me and I tripped over a rope that was anchoring a sapling tree. It was the beginning of the summer and I couldn’t swim.
4. I started rooting for the Dallas Cowboys when I was 7 years old. My friend Kevin also liked them and convinced me to root for them over the Pittsburg Steelers. At the time it seemed like a great idea. Today, I am not so sure.
5. I love to participate in fantasy sports. I have never won a league that I have been in. I finished second a couple of times, Last year in baseball I finished 11 out of 12. This year I am dedicated to doing much better. But I don’t think I can do much worse.
6. I really don’t like talking about myself. I prefer to sit in the corner and observe the room. When I get a chance, I make a sarcastic or provocative comment and then watch everyone react.
7. I was a registered Republican until September 2003. I got a new driver’s license and changed my party to Democrat. I have a theory about politics. The Democrats want to mess up our country, while the Republicans want to mess up other people’s countries. I haven’t found any evidence to disprove that statement. By the way, I changed parties because I was tired of messing up other people’s countries.

That is eighteen facts, I am beat now. On to the questions from David.




The questions I am required to answer.

1.Who are you and why are you here? I am Rob and I have a problem…oh wait wrong meeting.
2.What literary character would you like to be? I like being me, I am real.
3.If you could scourge the Earth of one man-made creation, what would it be? Why? Reality TV.
4.Where do your literary tastes lie? Hot and Spicy.
5.Where do your musical tastes lie? Angry and bitter.
6.What as-of-yet unmade novel/film adaptation would you make? SOG, The Book of Lot.
7.If you could have dinner with one historical figure, who would it be? Where would you eat? Muhammad, Interstate Barbeque in Memphis TN. I think he would be a cheap date.
8.Speaking of eating, what is your favorite blogging snack? Crackers, cheese and a Coke.
9.If you could have a new day-job (assuming you currently have one), what would it be? Why? (You can’t choose writer!) Independently wealthy world traveler.
10.Which of your non-writing related hobbies helps your writing the most? Who has time for hobbies. I am writing too much.
11.What is your blogging process? Roll the ball out and see what happens. I try to blog once every three days. Usually I don’t know what I am going to write about and it is always fun to see what flows out of my mind.


I guess I have to come up with eleven questions now. This is really hard. I always say there are no dumb questions, just dumb people that ask questions. Answer at your own risks, my friends.


1. Why should I read anything you write?
2. How do you develop your characters?
3. What is the single most important skill you think a writer must have?
4. What writing book has been the most helpful to you?
5. Where do you get your inspiration?
6. Are your characters based on real people?
7. How many words a day do you write?
8. Do you have an editor and how did you find them?
9. If you could add one tool to your writing toolbox, what would it be?
10. How do you plan your novels?
11. Do you expect to make a living as a writer?




Now I need to list eleven folks for this award. In no particular order, get to work. by Abby Jones by CD Myers by Steve Truelove by Jae Dansie by Joseph Schwartz by Julie Luek by Erica Eastick by Mike Swift by Kristene Elise by Demetria Foster Gray by Harrison Jones

Please check out these wonderful writers. They are all fantastic authors and even better people. Thanks again to CD and David. I appreciate the opportunity to be highlighted. I hope that I am able to live up to the awards.

Until then, keep on rocking!

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  1. Erica permalink

    For someone who seldom blogs about writing, you pose some very writerly questions. I reckon I’ll struggle to get past #1. Thanks for the nod, and for the links to yet more talent.

  2. worldsbeforethedoor permalink

    Ignore the question on my blog based on your comment. It helps to read! Thanks so much! Give me a few days to respond! 🙂 You’re cutting into my writing time! 😉

  3. Congratulations on your awards– well earned. You are gathering quite a trophy room. So glad others recognize your genius ( I claim recognizing it from back in the WD days). 🙂 Thank you for the recognition as well, Rob. You are a faithful reader and supporter.

  4. Rob, Congratulations!!! This was wonderful. Now I know so much more about you, and smiled as I read your post. Very awesome!!! (I’m all about cheese and crackers and diet coke.)

  5. You told me about this ages ago, but at the time, things were hectic and I couldn’t get to it. I’m putting together an awards page and thought I’d come by and snag it now. Thank you so much for thinking of me.

    You’re so interesting, Rob. But guess what? A fracture is a broken arm, so yes, you have broken a bone. Were you trying to go for new Messiah status? 🙂

    Thanks again.

    • So many inspiring people…and you deserve all the awards you can get! Thanks for the interesting blogs to check out!

    • Well excuse me for not being a Doctor. I assumed that a fracture was a crack and a break was a break. Ha ha.

      I am glad that you are back up and running. I have been missing my Swifty fix.

  6. Thanks Karlene, They are all wonderful people with great sites.

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