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It’s been a long time…

March 7, 2020

No Doubt! Photo from yahoo


Hey Y’all,


I know its been a long time since I threw out any content. Probably because I haven’t been writing any new content, well that is just a working theory. Lots going on in the world and in our personal worlds but still that isnt an excuse, it is just a reason that I use to justify not throwing out new content.


No new content tonight , just a re-post of a story about where I was seventeen years ago right this second. Hard to believe that seventeen years has gone bye since Iraq kicked off and harder to believe that we are nineteen years into Afghanistan. Unbelievable that we forgot how to win a war and even worse that “We The People” have allowed our elected leadership to facilitate the endless war.


Anyway, I am embracing who I am today and celebrating the men and women that deployed in 2003 to fight Iraq. There are literally millions of us and like the veterans from all wars, none of us came back the same people that we were when we left. I also celebrate all those who signed up in the years since. You signed on to go fight in an active war. I don’t care what anyone says, that takes stones.


Hope you enjoy the trip down the rabbit trail. I will be around. I promise.



photo from rob akers


Until next time, keep on rockin!


  1. Rob I know how you feel. I haven’t posted much in a while either. I’m Trying to get going again.

    • Hey JB!

      Nice to hear from you, thanks for saying hi. I did so much for so long but when life got in the way I had to take a break and focus on some other things. It is hard to get the wheel rolling again. I hope you are well

  2. Hello Rob! It has been a while since seeing any content from you. Also been a while since I have written anything. The Spirit didn’t seem to send me any inspiration to share. Good to hear from you. Been wondering . . . Did you complete a manuscript? And is it available as an ebook? Been looking for a good read. Take care, and Have Faith! Wendy S.

    • Hey Wendy, Super happy that you said hi. Sorry that you haven’t been moved to write but maybe the current state of the world will re-kindle some inspiration. As for me, nothing published or really even close. I re-worked effort #1 again (third time) and I think it is just too much to make right so I switched my focus to effort #2. I have a friend willing to read it for me but I need to clean it up a little before I send it to her. I also started a completely new project and am about 20K words into it. Wish I had a good read for you..I have a lot of jumbled words but calling it a read is quite the stretch…ha ha Stay well and healthy! rob

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