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Living life on the edge…

August 28, 2019
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No, I haven’t lost my mind. It is with my car keys somewhere in the house. photo from yahoo



Hey Y’all,


Another story time from way back when. This one is long but it gets much shorter if you skip the first half..

I’m sitting in my local Panera this morning thinking about all the insanely aggressive things I have done in transport category aircraft and I just chuckle at myself. I wasn’t out of control, but I was way out there on the edge.



You are about to take a look behind the curtain and get a healthy dose of what is really in my mind. Skip to the article if you are sensitive, fragile, timid, and/or politically delicate.


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I wear clothes, therefore I am not insane. photo form yahoo



There was a Facebook post on a private group that I belong to asking if anyone feels guilty about what they did when they were deployed in a war. I think the poster was a Vietnam Veteran. He got a lot of comments, like a couple hundred or more. About a 3rd were along the lines of “I dropped bombs on people and I would do it again” implying that the guy who asked the question was less than a man, not at all helpful.

A second 3rd were the standard “Give it all to Jesus” without any love, compassion or details of how to begin to release the burden. Again, not helpful because they were avoiding the entirety of the question.

The other 3rd were super deep insights into where those guys are in their lives fifty years later. Wow, those guys have my ultimate respect. I have thought a lot about that question and who I am going to be thirty years after Iraq and Afghanistan.

I think my guilt is probably covered up by the anger and hatred that I still have. My anger is not towards the Iraqi, Afghani or Talibani. I don’t love them but I am not filled with a deep anger for them like some of my friends. My hatred is directed towards the Americans who actively promoted the need to invade both countries. I believe that the Neoconservative Political Right and Left abused their political power to do more harm to the United States than all other real enemies of our nation combined.If I could go back to anytime in history, I would go to the summer of 2000 and move to Florida so I could vote for Al Gore and help elect him President. This would have ended the ability of someone like President Trump to come into the political arena. Win-Win!

I am not trying to do a call for help or anything like that. But just being honest. I probably should go talk to a professional about it but then I would have to figure out how to live without the fire that fuels the engine.




Until next time, keep on rockin

Yes, even if it meant that there would never be a Slipknot, Five Finger Death Punch, Trivium, Amon Amarth, Parkway Drive, Lamb of God, or any other death metal group. She would probably ban Lady Gaga too. Probably an equal trade. photo from yahoo

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  1. I still like Lieberman.

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