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February 28, 2019


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“What Rob is on Facebook!? photo from yahoo



Hey Y’all,


Some of you might know and others wont until you read this but last Thursday, I created a major tremor in my little side of the world when I suddenly joined Facebook.  My phone started blowing up with texts telling me that I had been hacked. When I told them it was intentional, several of my friends were very worried that there was a sudden change of relationship status or another life-altering event.


The purpose of this article will be to begin to set the record straight and to answer the many questions that have been flowing in since Thursday.


QUESTION #1. Is there a relationship problem between me and my wife?

Answer. Nope. We are as right as rain. Donetta is my bestest friend ever and we are as solid as a rock.


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She actually said “If you embarrass me, then I will slap you so hard that Google will never find you.” photo from yahoo


QUESTION #2. Have you been reported to Facebook yet? Does Facebook know about what kind of commentator you are? Are you worried that you are going to Facebook jail?

Answer. Nope. Why would I be afraid of a all intrusive, all knowing, corrupted mega-corporation that has demonstrated the ability to hack into ever facet of my life?  What could possibly go wrong?


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“Yes Janet. Ms serious if your nasty.” photo from yahoo


QUESTION #3. Where have you been the last 30 years?

Answer. I replied to this friend saying “Sending smoke signals.” So, I guess that smoke signals aren’t exactly the best way to communicate anymore. It worked in 1718, I thought it would still work in 2018. That’s on me.


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QUESTION #4. You have lived your life on the philosophy of not mixing your worlds. Facebook is the ultimate blender. Your worlds will never be separate again. How are you going to handle this?

Answer. I don’t know. If I am honest, it is slightly uncomfortable but I need to shake it up a little. I really have tried my entire life to be the same person in every group. This leads to me being slightly lame in some audiences and slightly inappropriate in other groups. Depending on which side of the world you fall into, get ready for more.


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QUESTION #5. Why did I sign up now and not ten years ago when all the cool kids were doing Facebook?

Answer. I can’t give the exact reason of why because I am learning about how to operate Facebook so I can use it for some other projects I have concurrently ongoing. I didn’t want to experiment on those sites so I am using my personal site to learn how to do things on Facebook. That partly explains why I’m doing this post on the blog. I want to figure out how to link all this together.



I was the coolest kid in high school. photo from yahoo

I have always thought that I was better off mentally by limiting my exposure to social media. I still believe that and while I am going to be relatively active on Facebook for a while, I will have personal limits on how active I check in with Facebook. I guess I am saying that if you hit me up on Facebook, I will reply just maybe not immediately.


QUESTION #6. This will be the last question. What is going on that is making me sign up on Facebook?

Answer. I’m not saying yet. But will announce it in the next few weeks. Kind of cool. Or at least I hope it will be.


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So there you go. I would like to invite anyone who has been with me on the blog to reach out to me on Facebook. It is very possible that we are already friends on Facebook though. Every time, I log onto Facebook, they have at least a hundred people that I know out there in the world. Ironically, I don’t recognize their faces but Facebook says I know them. I don’t want to be rude, so I have asked to be their friend. As of right now, I have 147,926 friends on Facebook. That’s only after four days. If I would have known that I was a real social monster, I would have done this years ago.


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Im looking to pack the funeral home. How else will we put the fun in funeral? photo form yahoo


Until next time, keep on rockin!



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  1. I’m so confused! Facebook told me that I could not have more than 5000 friends. But… what could go wrong? Go wrong? Go wrong?

    • Its it easy to understand. If you are a mere mortal or hold a PhD. Then you are limited to 5,000 friends. But if you like me, special because your going to live forever, then you get an unlimited number.
      Sorry about your luck, maybe in the next life you will get it figured out…ha ha.

      But I tried to link this to my Facebook page. Total and complete failure. That is the true story of my life. I fail the first time I try to anything.

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