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Rehash of 2018 and whats next

January 7, 2019
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There really isn’t a logo for the J-Dudes (My term not theirs) so I found this online. photo from yahoo


Hey Ya’ll,


There is no doubt that I feel hard off the social media train. I lost my blog dog status and turned into “That Guy.” Very sorry about that, I totally understand that all of you needed to move on with life. No one likes to be in a one-sided relationship. Of course, I will not make any promises about the future, but the good news is that I can’t give you less than zero. It is all uphill from here.


Image result for one sided relationship quotes

Oh Waaaahhhh! Cry me a river, its not like any of you called to check on me. photo from yahoo.



This past year I was involved in a fairly intensive leadership class that focused on turning men into better leaders within the family, the church and their world. There was a group of seven of us with two group leaders and we were required to read twelve books and do a special project each month. In November 2017, on a Sunday morning while the preacher was talking, I was thinking that had fallen into a rut in life and was thinking about a challenge to take me to the next level in life. After services, one of the group leaders, Matt Y, asked if he could call me and talk about this leadership group called Joshua’s Men. Before he could finish telling me about the upcoming year, I said yes. He laughed and told me that this was serious and that I probably should talk with my wife about it. I told him just to put me on the list.


I knew two of the guys in the group fairly well and two others vaguely. The other three were new names and faces. The first month was a weekend retreat which was pretty intense. Not physically or even mentally but emotionally. Our group formed quickly and we were off. During the year, the toughest challenge for me was a three day fast but there never was an easy challenge. We had to do a fifteen-minute speech, a couple of interviews with our spouses or with people we had never met, we kept a budget for a month, develop a vision for life, write encouragement letters and a couple more that I have repressed. Ha ha.


I am in a much better place today than I was this time last year. Being in a relatively intense study with other highly motivated men was invigorating and I highly suggest everyone seek out a group like this to join.


It was directly because of this group that I started iOverflight with two other friends. My goals for iOverflight are different than my business partners and while I am not ready to talk about them right now. I promise that my goals are stupid big and will surely fail if I am not blessed by God. Because it is God’s will not mine that I go down the road. I only know one way and that is at max forward speed, recklessly flying into the unknown. ROCK ON!



Gratuitous product placement. Check them out at photo from iOverflight.



On the writing front, I totally ditched “The Book of Lot” because it sucked. It was easy, select all…delete.

I started writing “The Book of Judas” in January, getting in sporadic hours during the year.  Right now, I think I have a solid story line and about 80,000 words. I am going to get a good edit and run through and maybe there will be something there. If nothing else, I love the title. So at least that is something.


This past Spring, my daughter played high school softball. It was fun for me. I don’t think she liked it and there is a real chance that she has retired from volleyball and softball. She changed schools this fall and is doing amazing. She is so much like I was in high school except that she is nice, mostly listens in class, never skips, hasn’t gone to see the Principal and she has all A’s. She really is blowing up right now and I couldn’t be prouder.


I think this is more of a tackle than a hug. I like the form, head up and wrapped up. photo from rob akers

My son started playing Middle School sports this Fall starting with soccer and now basketball. It is tough to compete as a 6th grader when your playing 8th graders but he is holding his own. He is nothing like me except that he gets in trouble with the teachers and the Principal, he doesn’t like to listen in class, his grades leave lots of room for improvement, and if he could skip class he would in a heartbeat and not feel an ounce of guilt. Unlike me, he is a great kid and like his sister, he is blowing up and I couldn’t be prouder. Of course, it is my Mom’s fault because she wished that I would have a son just like me.


All things being equal, I have never been more blessed. I lay in bed every night and wonder what I did to get a fantastic life. But my heart breaks when I think of what Haitian Rob would have been like living in a world where there was no hope. We got to fix that.


Image result for sad haitian

I can’t fix this. But God can. Time to get to work. photo from yahoo


Until next time, keep on rockin!


This isnt all the books. I am missing two but you get the idea.



Great Book. Written with a loving heart. photo from rob akers



Easy to read with simple explanations. Why do we make money so complicated? Of course, the things that are important should be easy to understand and hard to do. Good read. photo from rob akers



I have a tough time being constantly reminded how good a leader the author is and that I should be like him without concrete examples of what makes him a better leader then I am. Maybe one thing is that he actually has written a book. photo from rob akers



Another book written with a loving heart. Good book but I think I remember it being tough to read. photo from rob akers



Not a leadership book but it taught me more about leadership than Maxwell and Scroggins combined. Hard to read because it is so intellectually deep (consider the reader here) but it is still very impactful to me. Yes! photo from rob akers


As I read this book, I couldnt get past Bill Hybels constantly bringing up how he was approaching women to share the Gospel with them. I kept thinking about where is his wife was and what my wife would think if I “witnessed” only to women. Probably on the not cool side of the equation. I mentioned this to one of the guys in the group when he asked what I thought of the book. He asked if I knew about Bill and his issues. I dont have a clue because Im not the guy that is connected like that. Apparently Bill has been accused of inappropriate conduct around women. After reading the book, I am not surprised at all. photo from rob akers


Image result for ted talks book

The others didnt care for this book, and it had its issues. But overall, if you want to learn how to speak in public. It is a good place to go. photo from yahoo



Most motivational book I read all year. But I would debate that it was more God and less Andy. photo from yahoo 


Image result for John Maxwell Books

First book I read this year. That is the best thing I have to say about it. If you read it and got 20% good stuff out of it. Then you are a better person than me. photo from yahoo

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