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Just when I thought I was out…

January 4, 2018
Image result for the godfather just when i thought

Tell me about it, MIke. photo from yahoo

Hey Y’all,

Many of you made some very wise comments about not getting ahead of myself over the last article. You are so smart and I am not so much…


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It isnt much fun when they chase you back. photo from yahoo


About ten seconds after I published the last post, my boss called me and asked me to walk his dog on the beach. Of course the dog got off the leash and went into the surf and I followed it into the water. Right there I broke three of the promises to myself. I got the dog back to the house and gave it a bath and in the process, I got one too. Two more promises gone. Then my wife called and told me to go to the store, I had to cook for people coming over that night. Three more down. My wife went with me to the store and I dropped her off to get her nails done. It was buy one pedicure and get a second free, so my toe nails got cut an while I was waiting for her to get her finger nails finished, the barber shop was open so I got a hair cut. Two more down.


Image result for dumb and dumber toenail scene

Nothing like a good pedicure to make you feel good about yourself. photo from yahoo


At the store, the cell phone booth was open and my wife asked me to pay the bill and since the new tax law is about to kick in, she had me mail in the 2018 taxes. Two more down. Standing in line, there was a book about how to become twice the man you are today in one year. I bought it. Walking out of the store, a garbage truck splashed garbage juice on my truck so I had to wash it too. When we got home, I had to make the bed and help my some move his free weights out of the living room. My wife asked me to cook a cabbage-celery dish for her friends so I had to pull out a cook book and learn about cooking it. That night we dined on cabbage, celery and carrots so my diet was back on. I thought at least I could sleep in so I took a sleeping pill and washed it down with a 5 hour energy.Β  I woke up before the sun can up. I perfectly broke every promise I made to myself all in a twelve hour period.


Image result for promise broken funny

Aint that the truth. photo from yahoo


I am not very good at New Year’s resolutions but I am going to make one and this time I am going to follow through. This time next year, I am resolved to be twice the man I am today on 3 Jan 2018. Therefore, I am not going to exercise and I am going to eat all unhealthy foods so that in 2019, I will be twice the size I am now.


Image result for skinny man to fat man

Today. photo from yahoo


Image result for  fat man funny

Another success story in 2019. photo from yahoo


I hope all your New Year’s resolutions work out for you too. Until next time, keep on rockin!



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  1. Donetta Akers permalink

    Your messed up!

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