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October 29, 2017

Hey Y’all,


Important announcement to follow. Please pay close attention to this message as it could impact the entire free world. At approximately 13:52 EST today, my site was hacked by the most dangerous, nefarious criminal mastermind know to humanity. After being notified of the possible release of your personal information, the IT department at has taken the upmost precautions and has instituted all protocols pertaining to this attempt to sabotage the efforts of the bold and mighty.


We now can release the identity of the hackers. We know their motivations and what information they attempted to access without approval from the management here at


Before we identify the hackers, we assure you that we exhausted no expense in tracking down this gang or outlaws. We interviewed multiple people who may or may not have had a role in the release of your information and we now will publicly proclaim their guilt or innocence.


Image result for putin

Innocent of this crime. Guilty of asking if we really wanted to talk to him. photo from yahoo



Image result for kim jong un

Innocent of this crime. Guilty of a bad hair cut. photo from yahoo


Image result for donald trump

Innocent of this crime. Guilty of telling me I could kiss another body part. photo from yahoo.


Image result for harvey weinstein

Innocent of this crime. Guilty of thinking that super hot women were attracted to him for his looks. photo from yahoo


Image result for hillary clinton

Innocent of this crime. Guilty of being happy that people still know who she is. photo from yahoo.


Image result for nfl taking a knee

Innocent of this crime. Guilty of putting me to sleep every Sunday afternoon. photo from yahoo


Image result for houston texans owner bob mcnair

Innocent of this crime. Guilty of being out of touch. photo from yahoo



Image result for nfl commissioner

Innocent of this crime. Guilty of losing the public relations battle. photo from yahoo


Image result for julian assange

Innocent of this crime. Guilty of knowing everything else. photo from yahoo.



These are the individuals responsible for the hacking. Criminal number one in the white shirt approved the operation. Criminal number two in pig tails used her cell phone to contact criminal number three, who is still in these pajamas, so that they could play a game on the I-pad.  They accessed the I-pad’s contact list from the email given to Apple and the heist of the century was started. photo from rob akers


Very sorry for the mass emailing from my email and thank you to the multiple folks who reached out to me across the entire spectrum letting me know that I might have a issue. This has been a great learning experience for all of us on this end. But I promise the link that was sent to you is a real game and the kids love playing it. I think if you click on it, then you will be in the game with them. Just remember to deny access to your contact list.


Until next time, keep on rockin!


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  1. Oh… this is the best thing I have read all day. Tell your little hackers they are too cute, completely forgiven, and my ability to delete 11 emails without reading them saved me a great deal of time in my day, today.

    • You can tell that to them every time you delete another email. Good thing that they are cute because they wouldn’t have lasted this long in life.

  2. Haha. Lessons learned the hard way are often the most remembered. Hopefully they at least had fun.

    • It really hasn’t been a bad lesson for me. Good folks like yourself are learning the hard lesson of being a friend of me. Hope you are having as much fun as the kids.

  3. Donetta Akers permalink


  4. Oh my goodness! Look at those little cutie pies. I got about 20 invitations to get that game. Ha…I’m delighted to learn that it was kids having fun and not a real hacker. You made a great post out of it. Hope your week gets off to a great start tomorrow!

    • They are real hackers. Don’t sale them short just because they don’t look like common criminals. Life is good and I hope you have a great week too!

  5. Excellent. Next time I too make this mistake, I have an apology template to use!

    • You bet. I love stealing other people’s ideas. I mean why invent the wheel when your neighbor already has one that isnt chained down.

      Maybe that is where my kids have learned their bad behavior?

      Naw. I will keep telling myself that I am a great dad teaching them life lessons. Ha ha.

      How are things going with your novel?

  6. Moi permalink

    Cute kids, scary technology

    • I think it is better said. Cute technology, scary kids. Ha ha

      Thanks for the comment

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