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You can’t get home from here…

July 17, 2017

I think I am going to get a trailer. photo from rob akers.


Hey Y’all,


If you have been hanging around for a while, you probably picked up that I love to walk college campuses. My all time favorite campus was walking Harvard several years ago. Not because as I walked around, I felt smart. But because of what I did there.


If you ever watched the movie “Good Will Hunting.” I tried to re-create a scene from the movie. No, I didn’t ask if anyone liked apples. I found the mathematics (anywhere else, it is the math) building and I went looking for the chalk board where Will solved the math problem. I changed a number into a letter and swapped a couple of numbers around. I walked around laughing at my joke until I read this…


Sorry Doc, I wish I would have been there a couple years earlier. You know he looks just like Ice Man. Photo from yahoo.


Anyone want to get oiled up and play volleyball because that is what fighter pilots do. photo from yahoo.


Yes, I am taking full credit for that one.


A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to walk around my favorite university. Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Hope you enjoy the walk around the campus. Fair disclosure to Billy. I wouldn’t suggest you travel to the campus for a couple of years. The Campus Security has a shoot on sight order out for you. Sorry about that.



This is Interstate I-55 in West Memphis, Arkansas. They started working on this project in the 1950s. From 1987-1991 it was totally jacked up. In 2017, it is better but they are still working on it. Nothing like government efficiency. photo form rob akers.



That used to be my dorm, Delta Hall. I will have to check this building out later. Maybe they have a marker indicating where I used to live. photo from rob akers.



This used to be the Twin Towers dorm buildings. That is a sweet looking building. photo from rob akers.



They expanded the Student Center. I have got to walk around. photo from rob akers.



These are the stairs where my roommate, Bert got jumped by a gang of engineers. They beat the snot out of him. According to him, he didn’t do anything wrong. photo by rob akers


Good, someone washed up the blood and took away the ice cream cone that Bert was holding. The last time I checked, Bert was a cop in Georgia. photo from rob akers.


They have a medical school now. This used to be the English building. They taught me everything I know about writing. photo from rob akers



This is where I spent most of my class time, well when I went to class. I saw my academic advisor in the building. photo from rob akers

“Dr. Jones. Im Rob Akers. One of your former students.”

“I dont recognize you. Sorry.”

“I’m the guy that taught the rat to turn on the light when I played Metallica music and to poop when I played Vanilla Ice music.”

“No, sorry. Still dont remember you.”

“Do you remember when you filled out that intent to graduate form and I stopped you when I said that I had no intentions on graduating?”

“What did you say your name was?”

“Bill Grimes.”

“Were you the guy that had five restraining orders put on you by co-eds in the Education Department?”

“Yea, that’s me!”

“Get out of here loser. I’m calling the police.”


This is the physical education building. Seven days a week I could be found here playing basketball. photo from rob akers.


This was the court where I was playing in a 3 on 3 tournament. I got there late and when I got into the game. I hit 6 three pointers in a row. Best game I ever played. One the opposite side, I got my shot blocked so hard that it hit 20 feet up the wall and it was still going up. photo from rob akers



This is the library.  When Bert would bring his girls to the room after the guy was closed, I came here to give him privacy. photo from rob akers




This is inside the building where my dorm used to be. My room was approximately windows above the basketball goal. photo form rob akers



They put a rock climbing wall where my friend Reggie lived. Very cool. photo form rob akers.

This building was the student activities center. It was very cool. In the lobby, there was a student working the admissions desk. She asked what I was doing.

“I used to go to school here.”

“Oh really, what years?”

“1987 to 1991.”

“Wow, my mom was here during that time too.”

“What was her name?”

“Shannon White (This is a false name to protect the not so innocent).”

“I know her. Does she still make chipmunk noises when she gets really excited?”

“What is your name?”

“Bill Grimes.”

“I’m calling the cops.”



I thought it was a good time to check out the football stadium. photo from rob akers.


It is a very cool stadium. Instead of building up. Using the natural terrain, they built down, into the ground. It holds 35,000 people photo from rob akers


This is the coaches spot. It was empty, so I parked up front. photo from rob akers.

But it wasn’t long before the coach showed up.

“Do you know who I am?”

“Yes, Sir. You are Blake Anderson. Head Coach of the Red Wolves.”

“Thats right. You’re in my parking spot.”

“Do you know who I am?”

“No clue.”

“I’m Bill Grimes. I am a 777 pilot.”

“Congratulations. I am calling the cops.”



photo from rob akers


Hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane. Until next time, keep on rockin.




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  1. Donetta Akers permalink

    What an imagination!

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