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Dude..where have you been…

June 27, 2017











Hey Y’all,

I would like to apologize for this unexplained absence. Well…huh…let’s see…you know how it is… To be honest… I ran out of gas. I… I had a flat tire. I didn’t have enough money for cab fare. My tux didn’t come back from the cleaners. An old friend came in from out of town. Someone stole my car. There was an earthquake. A terrible flood. Locusts!



Actually, I have been doing quite a bit of working this past month.




No, not that. This…



The only reason I am here tonight is that I ran out of smokes. But I still have coffee and doughnuts. Life is good.


Seriously, I have been on a writing tear since the last post. I am going to give you my estimated word count this month. Before you have a heart attack please know that most of this was already written several years ago. So it is probably considered heavy editing rather than pure writing. Since I finished training and started finishing book number two until right this second, I am at 72,874 words.


That is a lot for experienced writers. For someone like me who is able to crank out 500 words an hour, it is exciting and frighting all at the same time. I am really close to having book two finished. My plan is to go back and hit book one hard with the edits and suggestions that my friends have made. The it will be time to start thinking about pouring money into this thing. Wow, this is getting serious.


This weekend I took a break from writing to go to the Knoxville Fanboy/Comic Con. I was there working and I thought I would share some of the photos and observations. I hope you enjoy and that life is good!



Before you ask, yes I did dress up. I went as a short, fat middle aged dude named Bill Grimes. No one asked me for my picture. photo by rob akers.


Love that costume, her purse pulls it all together. Not sure who the tall guy dressed in all black is though. photo from rob akers.


In case you can’t tell that is Lou Ferrigno. I read today that someone in line was having a seizure while they were waiting to get his picture. He rendered first aid to them until the EMS arrived. He is still a cool dude and yes I was scared (too cheap to pay) to meet him. photo from rob akers.

Lou back in the day. photo from yahoo





This is the guy that I was dying to meet. Bob Flick from the super folk group Brothers Four. What a great guy. I have no idea who the blond behind him is but Bob is so cool that he charged a bunch of people pay him 20 dollars just to talk to her. He didn’t care, he just put the money in his pocket. I think I will start charging people to talk to my wife. photo from rob akers.

There Bob is with that blond woman. Twenty bucks for a picture too. What a dude! photo from yahoo.


I think they were the Star Trek people. Photo from rob akers.


Now this is a guy that I know. I love me some Colonel. photo from rob akers.


I felt like I was looking in the mirror. This kid will be never be President. He is way too cool. photo from rob akers.


The real reason, I went to the Comic Con was that I wanted to find some writers and see what they have going on. Here are the three that I was most impressed with.



I spoke to J.P. for about thirty minutes. He is a thinker. For fun, he like to build worlds. He has been doing that since his youth. A couple years ago, he decided to try to write a novel. Instead of using one of the five worlds that he has already created, he just made a new one. Check out his website. photo from rob akers


Kenyon is a regular dude who had an idea for a novel. His idea was based on the Bible and what he would do if he had a spiritual gift. One thing led to another and here he is. I spoke to him for about thirty minutes as well. Open, honest and very straight forward, Kenyon is a guy that real about everything. Please check him out.


A.J. has it going on. First of all, he doesn’t write under name or pen name. He said that is what suckers do. ( my words not his actually), But he chooses to write under the Fiction Factory INC business name. He said that he chose this because it frees him up to write multiple genres without being type cast into a certain mold. He has about eight books,most of them are different genres or for different target audiences. I asked him who he stole the idea from. He said he made it up on his own. I think it is brilliant and I told him that I would probably steal the idea from him. He didn’t seemed threatened. Go check out his site. He is 100% about business. I really like what he has going on there.



I’m putting this picture last. Please if anyone knows what characters they are rockin, please let me know. photo from rob akers.

Until next time, keep on rockin!





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  1. Glad you enjoyed your Con experience!!

    • JR

      Thanks, I was really inspiring to be surrounded by so many super creative people. Definitely, going to do it again. Next time, I hope that I am on the other side of the table and I am talking about my books.


  2. Glad you enjoyed your Con experience!

  3. Oh… I need a little Con experience! But you know, I am experiencing a Con of another kind. Congrats on your writing achievement!!! Way to go. Just one word at a time. You will get there!

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