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Happy Baby Mama Day

May 15, 2017

Just another Mother’s Day. photo from yahoo.


Hey Y’all,


I have an update from the last post. I want you walk to outside your house right this second and look at your roof. If you do not see the tail of an airplane poking out of the chimney; then you can rest assured that you survived the threat of me flying overhead and that is what we call in the aviation community as Good News.



That is what happens when the instructor goes to the back for a minute. Opps. photo from rob akers

Now the Bad News. The FAA has determined that I am qualified and I will be regularly flying over your house without adult supervision from now on. Actually, it is worse, I am the adult supervision. Good luck to us all!


I’m not sure how they can tell it is a boy. But It sure is cute. photo from yahoo.


Yesterday was Mother’s Day. The kids and I had a great plan for my baby mama, but like always she threw a big old monkey wrench into it.  Our plan was very simple. We, (the kids and I) were going to sleep until noon:30. Then we would pull ourselves out of bed for an exotically complicated meal that our baby mama cooked for us. After we filled our little bellies, I wanted to lay on the couch and watch the NASCAR race while my daughter would put her ear buds in and watch YouTube videos. My son was going to ride his bike up and down the road with the dog in trail barking like she was rabid. After baby mama finished the dishes, doing the laundry and cleaning the house; she was welcome to start working on dinner. What a great day the kids and I planned out.



I think my kids spent more time on the tires than anything else. photo from rob akers

We almost pulled it off exactly like we had planned. Except for a couple of minor changes. We got up early and went to church. We ate pizza for lunch (her choice by the way). She took a nap on the deck while the kids and I washed her van. She and the kids had a water balloon fight in the back yard. Our neighbor brought over their dog to play in the back yard while I finished up vacation plans. I think it worked out okay for our favorite baby mama.



This is a lesson for all the future baby mama’s who want a boy. My son helped to wash the entire van. He played in the soapy water. He used the soapy sponge and brush. And he played in the water…photo from rob akers



He still had dirt on his  hands. Don’t be surprised when you discover this fact for yourself. photo from rob akers

Hope all the baby mama’s out there had a great day! Until next time, keep on rockin.



My son and I went to the movie Saturday night and someone found my truck and rolled us. Looks like the work of a Baby Mama and her mini-me. photo from rob akers

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  1. Donetta Akers permalink

    What Rob didn’t tell you about his final flight with instructor was that he overcame many obstacles and impressed the instructor to the point he gave him his stripes early. Good job babe!

    • Thanks a lot,

      I have worked very hard to craft a reputation of King Slacker. And you went off and told everyone the truth. Five hard years of blogging down the drain. Ha ha

      I love you too!

  2. Great post! Made me smile. Congrats on your stripes…and thank you Donetta for letting us know how great he did!

    • Thanks Doc,

      You can always trust my wife for spilling the beans. Actually, I made a crack at a little social gathering last week where i said that I was upgrading because she needed more money. Now she has promised to pay me back.

      But the check ride was real world tough. We fought our way through thunderstorms to Wichita KS, then got a last minute runway change, to a slam dunk approach, to a worse than expected rain shower, to a manual switch to the tower because the approach controller was vectoring airplanes around the storm cell we had just flown through, to a low minimums landing, to a ground controller who gave us the wrong taxiing instructions.

      The last twenty minutes of that flight were worse than anything than training would do in a simulator. But since we lived and they could use the airplane again. He went ahead and passed me early. By the way, he flew the return trip and the weather was perfect. Go figure, ha ha

  3. Congratulations Rob!!! That fourth stripe looks great on you! Enjoyed your rendition of Baby Mama day too!

    • Thanks Karlene,

      Now we got to figure out a way to get that 777 strapped to your back. Send me a update on your world when you get a chance.

  4. It’s so much more fun when the controllers are just back from their three martini lunch. Fly safe.

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