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Take Cover This Week…

May 1, 2017

The hotel guy said that this was the Addams Family house in the movie. I don’t know about that, but it is a cool building. photo from rob akers


Hey Y’all,


Almost finished training with just one little thing left. I have to actually be able to safely operate a aircraft. What that means to you is that this week, there is a good chance that I will be over your head and you are just a heartbeat away from me being solo in a transport category aircraft. That heartbeat would belong to my instructor. So, for public safety’s sake if you live between Syracuse New York and Memphis Tennessee, you have been warned. Later this week, if you live between Memphis and Great Falls Montana, again you are now warned.



I guess they put the sign here just in case you thought you were in Buffalo. Right behind this is a memorial to thirty five students who were killed in Pan Am Flight 103 that blew up over Lockerbie Scotland.  photo from rob akers


However, I took advantage of the warm weather in Syracuse and walked the wonderful campus of Syracuse University. My initial thoughts are that I think it is a beautiful campus. I was expecting the regimented and sanitary campus motif that most college campus’ have today. They all have the same red brick or tan brick or stone buildings like Notre Dame, Tennessee, South Carolina or Arizona State. But thankfully, the leadership of Syracuse has embraced diversity. Their buildings range from the Gothic to the 1960s modern to the clean style of today. I never found the building for the galactically stupid so I assume that I couldn’t qualify to attend here. But I will encourage my kids to apply here if they want to walk the extremely large campus in the blowing snow. All things being equal, I would choose a school in Florida. I guess that is why the Syracuse football team isn’t so good.




Ernie Davis statue in front of the Carrier Dome. I love the idea of a on campus stadium. photo by rob akers


I donned my blue tee shirt, faded olive shorts and blue shoes and took a thirty-minute walk to the campus. Once there, I switched into invisible mode and walked everywhere without a single glance from the college kids. I could have had a one hundred bill taped to my forehead and not one single person would have noticed. It is tough being an old, fat guy. But I got some good pictures. Hope you enjoy.



The Carrier Dome. I went inside to get some pictures but my invisible cloak failed and a middle aged security guard asked who I was. I told him I worked for FedEx, my name was Bill Grimes and I live in New York City. He took all the information and escorted me out of the building. photo from rob akers.



This is the music building on the corner of “The Quad.” Actually I have no idea what the name of it is. But the violin band was playing. That was cool. photo from rob akers


Just a little Monday afternoon concert. photo from rob akers


More buildings. Note they they are all different styles. photo from rob akers


The Library. That guy in the picture was going to trample me but I stopped to let him pass. photo from rob akers


How about that. It does have a name. photo from rob akers


The chemistry building. I bet it is cool when the ivy fills in during the summer. photo from rob akers





I tried to find the chalk board with the math equation so I could solve it. But another middle aged security guard tried to question me. Asked him if he knew who I was. He said Bill Grimes, then he kicked me out of the building. photo from rob akers


By this time on my little walk, there was a campus police car following me. photo from rob akers


That guy in the blue shirt was looking at me because of the police escort. photo from rob akers

Until next time, keep on rockin!


They escorted me to the end of the campus and told me to never come back. By the way, my hotel is at the very end of this street. They didn’t offer me a ride. photo by rob akers

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  1. Linda permalink

    Rob, if you are over Culloden, W.V. just dip your wing or even open your window and yell, Hi Linda!

    • Linda,

      Haven’t flown over Culloden yet, but when I do expect to see me the the Food Fair getting some friend chicken. That is good eating.

      Please say hi more often. I love my local peeps!

  2. Donetta Akers permalink

    What an imagination!

  3. Wonderful pictures. I’d be right with you, looking for that math equation. Sigh.

  4. Moi permalink

    It is so sad that a guy taking pictures is considered a threat. For a year before 9/11 a Naval base close to where I live had tons of middle eastern types taking pictures of the base through fences. Now we have school shootings.
    That is an interesting campus.

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