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Tis The Season…

December 22, 2016

Feel like this little guy? photo from yahoo.


Hey Y’all,


Another week went into the books over the weekend. Sorry that I was caught up in work that I didn’t get the update out earlier.


Of course the big news of the weekend was the victory of the Arkansas State Red Wolves over the University of Central Florida. Saturday was a really busy day for the house, I worked the night prior so getting to bed at 8:00 AM didn’t get things going off to a great start but I was happy to be in my own bed so all was good.


While I was asleep, my wife, kids and dog went to participate in a local 5K run/walk to support a family who has a 12-year-old daughter suffering from cancer.  We know this family very well, they are an amazing family and an inspiration to the entire community. Before I send you to their place, bring some tissues. Not because of their story about their daughter who has cancer, but for yourself because you are not as strong/faithful/loyal/convicted/courageous/grounded/ as they are. If you want to check out the site they have dedicated to their daughter; here you go.


After I slept through the 5K, I did drag myself up to go see Star Wars. No spoilers here so if you haven’t seen it you may read without worry. It was good but it was not Empire Strikes Back and there were no really cool flying scenes, like this twenty-four second scene from last year’s movie.




If you don’t care about the video, here is a photo.


I dont care who you are, this is cool. Image from the Force via yahoo.




After a breakfast of butter popcorn, a traffic jam out of the mall parking lot and some guy in a wrecked Camry telling me when a good place to spend the holidays. I went to my daughter’s Christmas party at Church. That was good fun but I was beginning to drag after a four-hour nap, that popcorn form the movie and two pounds of chicken nuggets. We got home about nine and I gathered up the local contingent of the Red Wolves fan club to watch the game on CBS.


photo from yahoo.



As President of the club, there is no way that I am going to just throw on some jeans and tee shirt for a Bowl Game. Heck No, I go all out for a regular season game and add some extra flare for Bowl season. It isn’t pictured here, but I had on my lucky, big game underwear. Since they are only for big games, I wear them sparingly and never wash them.


Smooth like butter on popcorn, this dude is ready! photo from yahoo.






The Red Wolves throttled UCF 31-13. It was my favorite kind of game, boring and from the beginning of the 3rd quarter, the outcome was never in doubt. If was just plain good fun passing out in my bed from exhaustion around midnight.


It was that kind of night for UCF. They gained over 200 yards rushing against Michigan. They got 12 against ASU. photo from yahoo.



This weekend is Christmas. I know that might be a news flash for many of you but I actually researched it and it is true. I don’t normally promote videos but this one is really good and it puts this whole I didn’t get the right color, most wanted present ever in the history of my life, thing in perspective.





Probably not going to check back in until next year so enjoy the holidays and Merry Christmas to everyone…until next time keep on rockin.




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