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Peyton’s last rodeo…

February 3, 2016
peyton 6

I really thought it would be Dallas verses Tennessee. Kind of wrong on that prediction but at least they both have a great draft pick. photo from yahoo.



Hey Y’all,


Wanted to talk about the Super Bowl today. On Sunday night the most American of all holidays will happen. It is estimated that about 160 million television sets will be tuned into the game between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers. Not to be outdone, the American commercial machine will be cranking out the best commercials for the year. It is probably the only time in the year where people will wait to reload their plate of nachos until the commercials are over and the game is back on.


I know that not everyone follows football very closely, but we all want to feel like semi-experts when surrounded by people we hardly know and really don’t like. Denver will probably be wearing orange and Carolina will be in white. But if I am wrong and Denver is in the white then Carolina will be in black and teal. The most famous players are Peyton Manning who wears number 18 and Cam Newton who wears number 1.


Oakland Raiders at Denver BroncosSeptember 30, 2012
Photos - Peter Brouillet

When Peyton calls out Omaha, all that means is that he is changing the play or maybe he really likes the steaks. I’m not sure. Photo from Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos September 30, 2012 Photos – Peter Brouillet


Key to the Game:

The players to watch for Denver is actually Emmanuel Saunders, wide receiver number 10. He will be covered by Robert McClain number 27 I believe. In the past two playoff games, McClain gave up seven catches and one touchdown in each game. If Denver is to have a chance, Saunders will need to have that type of game. If McClain can keep Saunders in check, then look for Carolina to win. In a normal year, if Saunders has over 150 yards receiving and two touchdowns then he would be the MVP of the Super Bowl. But since Peyton would be the one throwing him the ball, if Denver wins then Peyton will be the MVP.


San Diego Chargers v Denver Broncos

This is Emmanuel Sanders and no he isn’t a Colonel. Photo from Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)



There will be only two really good commercials this year. The rest will be average at best.


peyton 5

Television has gotten so bad that now they have entire programing dedicated to commercials. Photo form yahoo.



Denver will score at least 17 points. I figure their point range is between 3-27, meaning they might only kick a field goal or they might score 27. If they are in the lead going into the 4th quarter, then this will turn out to be Peyton’s final victory of his career. To win they need a special team touchdown and maybe a defensive touchdown. Their defense will need to contain Cam Newton and create turnovers to keep the Carolina offense off the field.


Carolina will score at least 35 points. I figure their point range is between 10 and 50. This game comes down to the run game. If Carolina can run the football, then they will win easily. If Denver stops the run, then they have a chance.  This includes keeping Cam Newton from running out of the pocket. The Denver defense won the game against New England because they kept Tom Brady from beating them, they hit him early and often, getting into his head so much that he was constantly looking for someone to hit him. Cam Newton is a different type of player and this will be the difference in the game.


peyton 2

Cam Newton may be running wild. Photo from yahoo.



Las Vegas has Carolina as a 4-point favorite. I have them as a 24-point favorite. I think they will dominate the game and literally blow Denver off the field. My prediction is Carolina 53 and Denver 13 sending Peyton into retirement and propelling Cam Newton into superstar status.


Of course, I might be wrong about all of this. I am a Dallas fan so it is proper and right for you to question my judgment.  Until next time, keep on rockin.


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  1. I love football. This is going to be a fun game to watch, although I’m always sad at the end of football season. I’m already planning all the delicious food I’m going to indulge in that afternoon. I think your prediction of the game might be right but I’m pulling for the Broncos this time. Fat chance, huh?

    • Doc,

      Moderation is the key to success on Super Bowl Sunday. I would say there is a better chance of me skipping that fourth plate of nachos than Denver taking a lead into halftime.

      I would like to see Peyton get another win and I would love to see Demarcus Ware get one. He seems to be a good guy and he suffered so many years in Dallas with no chance of a win.

      • Nachos! Nachos! Nachos! Oh…sorry, I got totally distracted. Short attention span…

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