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Big pile of thoughts…

November 23, 2015



How would you like t wash all those clothes? Probably the same feeling you would have if you spent some time I my brain. photo rom yahoo


Hey Ya’ll,

Bunch of odds and ends thoughts that all tie into each other. Hang on because I will be jumping all over the place.


GA Flying

A couple weeks ago, my friend Rick invited me to go flying with him. Actually, he has been asking me for years to go flying with him. His primary airplane is a very nice Cherokee 180, decked out with a full instrument package and all the bells and whistles someone would want in a light general aviation aircraft. I kept putting him off because that isn’t the type of flying that interests me. Don’t get me wrong, I love general aviation, but his Cherokee has too much to pique my interest. A couple months ago, Rick and I were talking and he told me he was thinking about buying a J-3 Cub.



J-3 cub. I think this is the essence of flying. photo from rob akers


As we spoke, it was all I could do to contain my excitement. That is exactly the type of flying that I miss doing. He bought the airplane and I went up with him a couple weeks ago. What good fun we had. One radio, an open window, clear skies, the smell of burning oil in your clothes, landing on grass and traveling at the speed of a bird; what could have been better?



Good fun. photo from rob akers.



Global Warming

In 2000, I owned a big, black Tahoe. I called her Ol’ Girl. She and I traveled all over the state and country at 85 miles an hour. She was a mean machine, drinking gasoline at a rate of gallons per mile. When she got an oil leak at 175,000 miles and the price of gas went up to three dollars a gallon, it was time to part ways. I did the right thing and downgraded into a fuel efficient car. Actually several fuel efficient cars until I couldn’t stand it any longer. We moved back into a black Tahoe and she hung around for a couple more years. We called her the Beast, another mean machine still drinking gasoline at gallons per mile. I still had a fuel efficient car and the Beast was primarily driven by my wife but I took every opportunity to drive “her car.” The beast lasted until we found a van for sale at the right price. My wife moved into a van and I couldn’t justify driving the Tahoe by myself, so off the Beast went into the sunset.


robs phone 11 aug 112

The Beast in the spring of 2011, just before she went to a new home. photo from rob akers


Three weeks ago, I woke up on a Wednesday morning with no intentions of trading my fuel efficient mini-suv for a new and improved beast, but I was trolling around looking for something else. I was talking to a friend about an Avalanche I had seen at a local car dealership.  When I told him how much they wanted for it, he said that they were trying to rip me off. My friend, Bobby has worked in the car industry for years so he has seen behind the curtain. In the middle of the conversation, he said he needed to make a call and he would get back with me. Five minutes later he called me back with the name of one of his friends. His friend had an Avalanche for sale and he would make me a heck of a deal. Three hours later, I drove the Avalanche off the parking lot and left my tiny fuel efficient car in the dust.




Like throwing a hot dog through the eye of a needle but she fits like Cinderella’s shoes. Well, the one that stayed on. photo from rob akers


The kids decided to name the new love the “Black Widow.” I had to maneuver all the extra garbage in the garage around so that the “Black Widow” could fit and my neighbor welcomed me back into the “man club.” The only problem is that I am back being part of the problem with global warming. It was 20 degrees this morning so to help everyone out, the “Black Widow” is in the drive way idling away doing my part to make the world a warmer place.


My friend the World Champion

A couple years ago, I met Sheamus who is a professional wrestler for the WWE. He is a big dude, when I say big I mean really big. But he was very gracious and let me take a quick picture. We spoke for a few minutes walking out of the airport and once again, he was very nice. I guess when you are as big as him, you can be nice. When I showed my son, he laughed. My son loves WWE wrestling; he has about thirty wrestling figures that he plays with constantly. For Christmas all he wants is more wrestlers. My wife asked him if he has enough and he said no. He listed off about twenty guys that he didn’t have before she got the picture that he wanted more guys for Christmas.



Rob is a wee little man who looks like he was up all night. photo from rob akers



Last night, my buddy (that I met for two minutes) Sheamus won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Good for him.


odds 1

That is got to be a good feeling, even if it is scripted. photo from yahoo.


Looking for a job?


odds 2

There are going to be so may jobs open this year. This guy might even find work. photo from yahoo


We are quickly approaching the time of year when the world of college and professional football turns over about 20% of the coaches. What a tough job those guys have. Yes they get paid a lot of money but they are trusting their career on what a eighteen year old does or doesn’t do, their career is based on sucking up to a bunch of rich boosters who all think they could do the job better and they are expected spend most of their away from their family and if they aren’t in the office before the sun comes up and leave well after the late newscast starts then they aren’t committed to their school.

Here is a list of jobs that are open right this second. University of Southern California, Miami, Virginia Tech, University of Missouri, Iowa State, South Carolina, University of Central Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Hawaii, University of Louisiana Monroe, and North Texas.

Here is a list of jobs that are not currently open but I predict will be in the next three weeks. LSU, Georgia, Houston, University of Memphis, Texas Tech, Southern Methodist University, Northern Illinois, Temple, Arizona, North Carolina, Oklahoma State and Rutgers.

Here is a list of jobs that are not open but their coaches might be getting a call that surprises you all. Florida State University, Notre Dame, Arkansas, Iowa, Michigan State, Auburn.

I really hope Arkansas State gets to keep their coach this year. lake Anderson has a three million dollar buyout and maybe that will keep him a Red Wolf for another year. But if he gets picked up, look for it to be North Carolina, Texas Tech, Rutgers or Oklahoma State and ASU will have three million dollars to find another one hit wonder. It is tough to be a stepping stone but it is good when people keep stepping on you because your a good rock.


Enjoy Thanksgiving college football fans, it is going to be a bumpy December.


Until next time, keep on rockin.




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