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What happened in Vegas didn’t stay there…

April 15, 2015


vegas 6

It is all about the mojo. photo from yahoo.



Hey Y’all,


Been out of sorts for the last few weeks but I have good reason.  Other than working and saving up money, I planned a spring break vacation for the family. I am pleased to report than one snag; it all came together like a good plan should.


vegas 2

It is the only way to travel. photo from yahoo.



On Good Friday, the family flew out of Charleston to Las Vegas. I was working the week prior so I met up with them en-route and flew the last leg from Houston to Vegas on the same airplane. But I had to face the first of two moral dilemmas of the trip. According to the travel contract with my company, I had a first class ticket on the flight while my wife and kids were sitting in the steerage class with the rest of the slugs. I did the right thing and sat in first class. I figured that if she wanted a first class life then she should have married someone who could afford it.


vegas 3

I think this is how those poor souls travel in coach. Sucks to be them. But all first class folks have to fly on those little Regional Jets (RJ). I hate those things almost as much as I cant stand the TSA. photo from yahoo.



After landing we spent Easter weekend in Vegas. Nothing says “I Love Jesus” like hanging out in Vegas. Mostly we let the kids swim in the pool but we did take in a magic/comedy show and a buffet. The Nathan Burton show is fantastic and yes it is family friendly. The pre-show was also great. Armando Vera is a slight of hand artist and his card tricks are amazing. My daughter was invited to be a part of the show and somehow, we don’t know how, he made the small fuzzy ball in her hand turn into three fuzzy balls. Her expression was of shock and awe when she opened her hand and there were three balls there. I thought I was videotaping it on my cell phone, but once again the phone is smarter than I am and it never turned itself on so I missed all of it. But the memories will remain forever.



He really had had a great show. In many ways, this show was the highlight of the trip. And he is as family friendly as anything in Vegas can be. photo from yahoo.


The kids were too chicken to meet him so reluctantly my wife and I shook his hand. Yes, that is my daughter’s finger in the photo. Guess he couldn’t make that disappear. photo from rob akers.




vegas 4

Armando Vera doing his pre-show. photo from yahoo.



On Monday, we left Vegas to the Grand Canyon.



Here is the rental before I strapped the kids and luggage to the roof. Map quest said it was a five hour trip to the canyon. That is a lie, it was just under two hours. But the kids had that wind blown look when we got there. photo from rob akers.



The additional bonus of the trip was that my parents met us there and we got to spend the rest of the trip with them. The kids more excited to see them as they were to that big hole in the ground. By the way, it is a big hole. It is breath taking and no picture I have ever seen can translate how extraordinary it really is. The rim of Grand Canyon sits at about 6,500 feet above sea level and it was a very moderate 50 degrees. But the winds were howling at least 20 knots making it very uncomfortable to be out for too long especially when you are not dressed appropriately and we were not.



I was trying not to get blown off the ledge and still try to look cool for the selfie. photo from rob akers.




Just one of the million amazing views. You cant see it but there are people out there on the rocks. They average about one death per month from someone falling into the canyon. I am surprised there isn’t more by the way people were climbing over the ledges. photo from rob akers.



On Tuesday we took the long route around the south rim of the canyon to Flagstaff. That was an amazing ride with every twist and turn offering another incredible view of the canyon.  We made it down to Sedona where we hit our only hiccup of the trip. The resort that I used for rooms in Sedona did not book us for three nights there. They had us only for two. Long story short, we arrived in Sedona but didn’t have a place to stay. To say that I was less than pleased would be an understatement but we found a great little hotel in the downtown area that was perfectly situated to act as a life boat for six people for the night. It looked like the Bates Motel on the outside but the inn keeper was great and she kept a clean place to stay.


vegas 5

Star Motel in Sedona. Fortunately they had a couple of rooms to rent last minute. photo from yahoo.



With the crisis averted, on Wednesday we moved to the resort on the outskirts of town. That afternoon we went out to Cottonwood for general purpose sightseeing and then Jerome for lunch and had a great time seeing the haunted mining town that literally sits on the side of a mountain.


vegas 7

Somehow they built this entire town on the mountain side. There isn’t anywhere you cant walk that is downhill. photo from yahoo.



Thursday we rented an ATV and explored the Indian mounds and got up close and personal with several of the mountains.


Driving the ATV. My daughter took this picture. photo from rob akers.


Friday morning, I got up and went to the Sedona Airport which is where the locals go to take in the amazing views of the Sedona Valley. Later that morning we said goodbye to my parents and went back to Vegas. On the way back, we took in a tour of Hoover Dam. That is an amazing piece of engineering.



Look at all the dam concrete. photo from rob akers




Looking straight down the dam wall. photo from rob akers




Dam security sign. photo from rob akers.



Very early Saturday morning, I kissed my wife and kids goodbye and climbed into my first class seat on the flight to Chicago while my family was packed like rats in a cage sitting with the common people. Life is good.  If anyone is thinking about a trip out west and you want the details of what we liked and what we would change, hit me up on e-mail or text.



While I was gorging myself on chocolate syrup…





Some guy named Bruce was talking my wife up. He said that he never lets his wife fly in coach. At least I got hair. photo from rob akers



I am going to try to be more regular with the articles in the coming week and hopefully will get back to storytime. Until then, keep on rockin.



We took over 1000 pictures on the trip. My mom asked if we had enough pictures. I said that if there is no picture, then it didn’t happen. When I figured out the cost of the trip, I stopped counting when I calculated that it was about five dollars a picture. Ouch, didn’t see that coming. I should have taken more to reduce the cost of the vacation. photo from rob akers.






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  1. Great pictures! I don’t know if you’re a Modern Family fan, but a few weeks ago they had a similar situation with one ticket in first class and another in coach to split between a husband and wife. It involved a magician too. Hilarious how families decide these things.

    • Thanks for the comment. How did you know I was a magician? While in a casino, I can make all the money in my pocket disappear in seconds.

      In our family, I am the head but my wife is the neck and she turns me as she wants. She got the good seat by the way.

  2. Karlene permalink

    A great trip was had by all!! But I’m thinking your wife should have had the first class seat. lol. I’m just saying, cherish your women and allow them to travel in the comfort they deserve…of they will ditch you with the kids and go on vacation without you.

    • You are the first to say anything about that. I did give her my seat up front on but I might as well have kept it. She kept coming back and telling me how nice it was up front, sneaking us cookies and other contraband. I told her she was going to get in trouble, but she did enjoy the experience.

      By the way, she did go off on vacation all alone. She went to Haiti a few weeks ago.

      Thanks for the comments. Fly safe out there Co-Captain!

      • Karlene permalink

        Good Man! And your wife is a gem! I know she left you alone as that daddy in charge was one of my favorite posts. Thus the warning! Have say that my middle daughter who was turning 4, I asked what she wanted to do for her birthday and she said, “Go to Vegas.” I’m thinking when you’re three, the lights are amazing!

  3. Wow, one death per month? Those aren’t very good touristing odds. Looks like a fabulous vacation…I’ve not been to Vegas but it’s good to know it’s got a family-friendly side!

    • It is a lot but when you think that the park gets 5000 people a day off season and 15000 a day during the peak season. And you see all the knuckleheads walking past the walking paths to stand on the ledge you have to wonder why there isn’t more.

      It was a great trip and I highly recommend it as a family vacation. As always, thanks for saying hi.

  4. So she got the first class seat AND Bruce? You are a selfless soul. I’m impressed to see that he didn’t look decrepit without his makeup crew (unless he was wearing makeup). We had a celebrity come through here and it was so bad that the memory of who it was is obscured by the overwhelming feeling of of “whoa, Nellie! Maybe you should hit the botox a little harder…”

    • I am good like that. I am so confident in our relationship that I am willing to let her hang out with Bruce. I was betting on the fact that Bruce doesn’t let his wife have a pool boy and a gardener. Of course, I don’t have a pool or a garden, but I am sure I am paying those boys for something more than sitting around when I am working.

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