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redoing something that was already done…

March 9, 2015
philly 1

Nothing like waiting on a airplane that was scheduled to arrive hours earlier. Flying into DFW today, I think these people are still waiting. photo from yahoo.



Hey Y’all,


Last week I was caught up in the travel chaos that was the Northeast, really it was the entire South and East coast that was in disarray. I had the distinct pleasure of hanging out in the Philadelphia airport for several hours waiting for an airplane to land.  So, I thought I would throw out a quick article for your weekend reading pleasure. For some reason (lazy) I didn’t follow my normal procedure and write it out on the computer then cut and paste it to the WordPress website.  I thought everything would be fine if I just wrote it out on the WordPress site and trust that it would be okay. Well it didn’t save to the site when I clicked the button to submit. It is lost in the Neverland of the Philadelphia public wireless internet server.  I will try to recreate it for you but as you all know, it is never as good as the first time. Unless it is cold pizza.



Where there is an airplane crash, there is fire. Where there is fire, there is smoke. Where there is fire and smoke, there was gas. I don’t see any smoke or fire or gas. Just a banged up airplane. Maybe someone didn’t do a preflight and look to see if there was actually gas in the tanks? photo from yahoo.



The leading news story on Friday was Harrison Ford’s airplane crash. Every story I read during the day went on and on about how “great” a pilot Mr. Ford was because he landed on a wide open golf course and he missed the trees, the bunkers, and the houses. It sounds like he is a better golfer than Tiger, but that is another story.  I still have no inside information on the details of what caused the engine to fail, but I do have a theory. Yes, pilot error. Yea, I am saying that I will bet you a dime to a doughnut that Mr. Ford took off in his Ryan P-22 (really cool pre-WWII era Army Air Corp Trainer) and had just enough gas to get in the air before the engine mysteriously failed and he came crashing down.  I am very happy that no one on the ground was hurt and that Mr. Ford survived. Flying is not inherently dangerous but it can be very unforgiving of carelessness, neglect or complacency. Fortunately for Mr. Ford, he was able to walk away from his fuel exhaustion incident, unlike John Denver who died when his airplane ran out of gas.


philly 4

Excuse me Mr., are you a fighter pilot? No kid, but I play a freighter pilot in the movies. photo from yahoo



I did find an article about Mr. Ford from 2013 that is very interesting.  I hope you find it as interesting, take note to the airplane that he is flying.


philly 3

Excuse me Mr., are you a fighter pilot? No kid, but I sang a song about West Virginia. photo from yahoo.



Last week, I wrote about Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress. At the time, I knew that I was very irritated about the entire event but I also knew that I wasn’t smart enough to verbalize why I felt the way I did. Several of you have asked for more and different viewpoints to some of the issues that we are currently facing as a nation. Padre Steve is a Navy Chaplain, a historian, and a man who served in Iraq in 2007. He very succinctly illustrates everything that is/was wrong with the Israeli leader speaking to Congress and I feel obliged to many of you to pass it on to you for your reading and knowledge.


philly 2

Not America’s best day. photo from yahoo.



I hope you all had a great weekend and I hope to give you that promised story time later this week. Until then, keep on rockin.

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