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Bad Choices…

February 27, 2015
choices 2

Sometimes in life there is no right way…photo from yahoo.




Hey Y’all,


I have made some bad choices in life, just like everyone else but what do you do when there is no good choice? How do you react when there are just two bad choices to pick from?


Tattoo of the Denver Broncos or a Tim Tebow from yahoo.

Tattoo of the Denver Broncos or of Tim Tebow…photo from yahoo.


For Example:


Frying Pan or the Fire…


Snow or Ice…


Skydiving or Swimming with a shark…


North Pole or Siberia…


Justin Bieber or Lady GaGa…


Pet Rattlesnake or Pet Copperhead…


General Petraeus or General Custard…


Kardashians or Honey Boo Boo…


Math or Spelling…


Back Street Boys or N-Synch…


Face the road or turn away from the from yahoo

Face the road or turn away from the camera…photo from yahoo


Cauliflower or Asparagus…


Kentucky or Arkansas…


Life is full of problems and my main sporting problem starts to happen this weekend. The University of Kentucky plays at the University of Arkansas in college basketball. Both teams are ranked at the top of my never pull for list for so many reasons. So Saturday, while the College Basketball Universe is glued to this game I will be slicing my wrist with a dull butter knife. The only thing worse is if this game is a rematch for the National Championship. No telling what I will do then. Maybe Jump off a building or take a bath with a toaster…


This about sums it up for from yahoo

This about sums it up for me…photo from yahoo


Until next time, keep on rockin.


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  1. Bob Akers permalink

    ‘We all’ have our cross to bear… guess yours must be heavier- love Dad >

    • I would rather carry a cross than sleep with guilt and disappointment. Love you too.

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