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December 18, 2014
Home plate for the family. I went with blue lights this year. I am too cheap to buy them from the store. I got them from an estate sale. I guess that guy didnt need them anymore. photo by rob akers.

Home plate for the family. I went with blue lights this year. I am too cheap to buy them from the store. I got them from an estate sale. I guess that guy didnt need them anymore. photo by rob akers.


Hey Y’all,


I hope you all are putting the finishing touches on your holiday plans. If you are still waiting to purchase the first present of the season like me, I truly hope that if you find yourself in the same boat that I constantly live in. That boat is captained by a wonderful spouse that has done everything for you. My life is so easy in the aspect that all I have to do is show up and everything has been done for me. I remember the stress of running around on Christmas Eve trying to find the perfect gift for the person who has everything and wants nothing. That just takes the fun out of the holiday. The best present any ever gave me is my wife.


Many of you are family, others are friends and most of you are just readers of some of my thoughts. I want to say that I am very blessed this holiday season and the second best gift ever is a good friendship. I am that guy who has everything and lacks for nothing in life. So if you are flat out broke and don’t have two nickels to rub together like Shy Dogg and Mikey, please give me the gift of a nice comment after you finish reading my incoherent babbling.


I also know there are many of you are like my good friend Morgan who wants to get me a gift this year. I hope you all are as poor as a rich airline Captain so you can afford the very best for your little buddy Rob. I will be perfectly happy to accept your gifts if you choose to sooth your conscience with a large cash donation. Don’t be a tightwad like Scotty and give me a million Iraqi dinar. I have wallpapered three rooms in my house with that monopoly money and if you run in a higher tax bracket like Billy where everything is a tax write off, be aware that I am not a charity so your giving will not be a tax deduction. But if you are like Jarred and can’t sleep at night, hopefully I can help you release that burden because your hard earned money is going to a great cause, me.


christmas 5

When you care to send the very best, send Ben and his buddies. photo from yahoo.



Many of you know that I am not one to forward e-mails. I am not moved to tears or spurred into action by a power point slide of whatever your personal cause might be. I don’t read forwarded e-mails, I very rarely take the time to watch a video clip no matter how funny, moving or emotional it might be, and I never feel the first pang of guild when I don’t continue that e-mail chain.  Armed with that knowledge, my wife told me about a friend’s family tradition for Christmas. At first I was like that is kind of cool but honestly I wasn’t impressed because my answer to the question is probably the same as everyone in my little circle of life. I know how small groups of people that live back in the holler lack out of the box thinking.


But when I thought about a holiday blog post, I couldn’t think of a more appropriate question for the holiday season. It is a simple question and I would like to take the opportunity to open the floor to everyone in the blog-o-sphere.


christmas 4

photo from yahoo.



To my Christian friends, I ask this. “What would you give Jesus for Christmas?”


Yes, Christmas is a Christian holiday but in the United States, most everyone celebrates the season with friends and family. It might be an American holiday, but almost every country in the world has set aside the 25th of December as a day to celebrate something.


christmas 1

photo from yahoo.


To my Jewish friends, I ask this . “What would you give Yahweh for Chanukah?”




christmas 2

photo from yahoo.


I would like to say hello to our good friend Koji. Happy Holidays, sir! To all of our Buddhist friends, I ask this question. “What would you give Buddha for the holidays?”




photo from yahoo.


To my Muslim friends I ask. “What would you give Muhammad for the holidays?”



christmas 3

photo from yahoo.


I have several friends who are atheists. Paul, Joda B., and Allan are all men of honor and I wish them and their families the very best on this holiday. Their question is “Who and what would you give out on this holiday?”



Simple questions are sometime the toughest to answer. I honestly want to hear your answers to these questions. I very rarely open this site up to open ended comments but I am able to do this so easily because I know and trust that you all will treat every opinion with honor and respect just like we treat our neighbors as friends. We are all friends here and we will all be friends even when we agree to disagree.


Wishing you all the best and peace in your lives. photo from yahoo.

Wishing you all the best and peace in your lives. photo from yahoo.



I wish everyone a very happy and blessed holiday, no matter how you define it.


Until next time, keep on rockin.

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  1. I’d give Jesus myself (again, like I do often). On first blush that may sound strange but I think myself is what he wants…my attention, my striving to hear and understand how to conduct myself and how to do the right thing. I’m a sinner, I acknowledge that but I don’t think you’re tasked to be perfect, just to move toward better. I ask for forgiveness, I thank Jesus for granting that forgivenesss each day and I pray all the time to improve…and I try. I do my best to grow our relationship (even when I’m being fussy and I’m fighting…lol). So that’s my VERY inarticulate answer!

    • Happy Holidays Doc!

      I think you have a wonderful point. Giving yourself is probably the only thing that Jesus doesn’t have power over. I appreciate the great comment and I wish you and your family all the best in the holiday season.

  2. Merry Christmas Rob! I have nothing to give Jesus for Christmas but lay my battered and sinful heart at his feet accepting the greatest gift of all from him, forgiveness and peace between me and God. 😃
    I hope you have a very happy holiday and a safe and fun New Year!!!

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