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College Football Week 12…

November 15, 2014


football 2

There is a chance this happens again. There is also a chance that FSU gets probation for all of the cover-ups and that the National Championship is vacated. Photo from Yahoo.



Hey Y’all,


It has been a busy week here in my little corner of the world but how can I let that stop College Football now that we are in the home stretch? For some of you, there are only three more weeks of the mind numbingly boring sport. For folks like me, how can there be only three weeks left? I am just getting warmed up with the sub-freezing temperature outside. It is late, so here we go.


This is my ranking Top Ten non SEC-programs that have a chance to make the playoff. This is not my top ten college football schools. It is the top ten teams that have the best chance to get into the playoff system.

  1. Florida State- Another week, another player in trouble with the law. If my son turns out to be a criminal, guess where I will send him to play football? His problem is that he is a future saint, he wouldn’t fit in there. Eggs over Miami is up this week. FSU likes their eggs scrambled. FSU 34 Miami 24
  2. Oregon – Utah gave them a great shot in the mouth, until the receiver dropped the football on the one foot line and Oregon returned it 99 ¾ yards for a touchdown. Fourteen point swings and the loss of momentum are hard to overcome. Oregon is off this week and will move up in the polls.
  3. TCU- They will be in the playoffs and will smoke Kansas 69-0.
  4. Arizona State-I am not a believer but they might beat Oregon in the Pac -10 Championship. Then again, they might lose to Oregon State. ASU 24 OSU 34.
  5. Michigan State/Ohio State- (OUT) Triple Yawn. Missed the final score because I was cutting my toe nails. But OSU did college football a favor and beat Michigan State. Both teams are out.
  6. Notre Dame-(OUT) They still had a shot until the second pick six. Hope the Irish like the Sun Bowl.

There you have it. FSU, TCU, and Oregon will be in the playoffs. This is my final answer.









In my heart, I love the underdog. This is the only team from the non-Power 5 that could make the playoff.

7. Marshall- Marshall spotted Southern Mississippi 14 points and then scored the next 49. Rice is the next victim. I am now predicting that Marshall will be in the Peach Bowl against either Ohio State or Notre Dame.



Utah State (OUT)

Colorado State(OUT)

Arkansas State (OUT)


The SEC is where all the action is for most college football fans. The first poll had the SEC with three teams in the top four for the playoff. This week, they still at two. The final poll will have them down to one and there is still a very real possibility that they have no teams in the playoff.


Auburn is OUT for now. I never thought they would struggle against Texas AM, but that is why I don’t put money on what a 18 year old football player will do week to week. They take on Georgia who has their Heisman caliber running back, back. It is a must win for Georgia because they still have a chance at the SEC Championship and must win for Auburn to keep from playing in the Independence Bowl. Auburn 42 Georgia 45.

Mississippi State at Alabama. I thought Bama would lose to LSU and if not for some late game blunders by the Tigers, they would have. They must win this week and I think they will. Bama 37 MSU 24.

Ole Miss is off this week and will creep back up in the rankings. They will be back in the top 5 for the game of the century in Mississippi at the end of the month.


  1. Mississippi State (15 Nov@ Alabama, 29 Nov@ Ole Miss)
  2. Alabama (15 Nov Miss St, 29 Nov Auburn)
  3. Georgia (15 Nov-Auburn)
  4. Ole Miss (21@ Arkansas, 29 Nov Miss State)
  5. Auburn (15 Nov @ UGA, 29 Nov@ Alabama)


I post this mini-schedule to illustrate a single point. It is very possible that every team in the SEC has two losses by the end of November. The nightmare for the SEC is that all the Western Conference teams have two losses on 30 Nov. Don’t be surprised if Auburn wins at UGA and Bama and if Mississippi State loses to both Bama and Ole Miss. Who would make the Championship and play Georgia in the SEC Championship? What if Georgia wins the SEC Championship? If Florida State, Oregon, TCU and Marshall all finish the season winning out. Could an undefeated Marshall take a playoff spot from three loss SEC team and leave the SEC at home watching the playoff?


Until next time, keep on rockin.


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