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College Football…Week 10…

October 30, 2014
football 3

I am captivated by this photo. It just makes me laugh for some reason. Photo from yahoo.


Hey Y’all,


Hope you all enjoyed a week of relative calm in College Football. There were big games but all except The LSU-Ole Miss turned out ok for the teams on our list. This week, there are some huge football games, especially down south where the SEC will continue to chew its self-up until there may not be anyone left standing. Shall we get to the madness?


This is my ranking Top Ten non SEC-programs that have a chance to make the playoff. This is not my top ten college football schools. It is the top ten teams that have the best chance to get into the playoff system.

  1. Florida State- On paper FSU should coast to a win against Louisville. This isn’t paper and Louisville will give the Noles everything they want and more. The Cardinals have a running back from way back, Michael Dyer. The last time we saw him on a national stage was at Auburn running wild in the SEC as a Freshman three years ago. He got into some trouble at Auburn and followed Gus Malzahn to Arkansas State but he didn’t get on the field before another misunderstanding left him out of football. Y’all he is back, he ran for 173 yards against NC State. Louisville has offensive mastermind Bobby Petrino, minus the motorcycle and the intern, directing the offense and the number one defense in football. They play on Thursday night, in this week’s game of the century. IIU 31 FSU 17.
  2. Notre Dame-One the road verses Navy. It will be closer than you expect. ND 37 Navy 30.
  3. Oregon – Hosting Stanford. This is a game that traditionally gives them trouble. Look for the Ducks to struggle but pull away in the 4th quarter. Oregon 47 Stanford 40.
  4. TCU- They hung something like 17,000 points on Texas Tech. Actually, I think they just scored again. West Virginia is hosting College Game Day for the mid-afternoon game. It will be cold, windy and a chance for flurries. The moonshine will be flowing, the whiskey bottles will be flying and couches will be burning. All before halftime but it won’t matter. TCU will win a fun game. TCU 63 WVU 62.
  5. Michigan State/Ohio State- Triple Yawn. I could honestly care less about either team. Next week they will finally play and then we can act like it matters.









In my heart, I love the underdog. This is the only team from the non-Power 5 that could make the playoff.


  1. Marshall- I was wrong last week, Florida-Atlantic came to play and held tough with the Herd until late. Good for them. Five years ago, a Herd-Golden Eagle game could have been a great game. But now, Southern Mississippi is so far off the radar, Brett Farve is not even paying attention. I am still looking for Marshall in the Cotton Bowl against TCU.



Utah State (OUT)

Colorado State(OUT)

Arkansas State (OUT)


The SEC is where all the action is for most college football fans. This week the SEC got the warm fuzzy of having three teams in the top four for the playoff. We all know that won’t last but it is fun to see.


Ole Miss vs Auburn. I don’t know who to pick in this one. It means more to Ole Miss because they lost last week to LSU, they are at home and they are one more loss from returning to the SEC cellar. Auburn has a loss to Mississippi State and they are in the same boat. The loser should be on the outside looking in. It will be fun to watch. I predict Ole Miss 67 Auburn 60, after seven OT. It will be a real game of the century.


Georgia will roll over Florida 72-0.

Mississippi State hosting Arkansas. This should be an easy game but the pigs have been a tough out for everyone. This one will be no different. A couple weeks ago, I said that the pigs were going to win a game somewhere along the line and this might be it. MSU 21 PIGS 17.


Alabama and LSU are off this week. It is time to start thinking about the future for the SEC. Here are the remaining top games for the SEC teams that still have a chance and my predictive chance for the playoff.


  1. Mississippi State (15 Nov@ Alabama, 29 Nov@ Ole Miss)
  2. Georgia ( 15 Nov-Auburn)
  3. Ole Miss (1 Nov Auburn, 15@ Arkansas, 29 Nov Miss State)
  4. Auburn (1 Nov@ Ole Miss, 15 Nov @ UGA, 29 Nov@ Alabama)
  5. Alabama (8 Nov@ LSU, 15 Nov Miss St, 29 Nov Auburn)
  6. LSU (8 Nov Alabama)


I post this mini-schedule to illustrate a single point. It is very possible that every team in the SEC has two losses by the end of November. The nightmare for the SEC is that all the Western Conference teams have two losses on 30 Nov. It is very possible that LSU would win the tie breaker and would play Georgia in the SEC Championship. LSU wins the game while Florida State, Notre Dame, Oregon, TCU or Kansas State, and Michigan State all finish the season winning out. Could a two loss LSU take a playoff spot from a higher ranked and one loss Big 12 or Big 10 team and leave the SEC at home watching the playoff?


football 4


Sounds like fun.



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