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College Football Week 9…

October 25, 2014
football 4

Photo from Yahoo.


Hey Y’all,


How can it be week nine already? Didn’t we just start this journey a few days ago? I guess not since the calendar says it is week nine. A fantastic game last week between FSU and Notre Dame. I hope we have a couple of games that match the intensity and drama of last week. I will give you a maybe on that. By the way, I predicted 34-30 an Notre Dame win, had the last second score been allowed it would have been 34-30. I will stop patting myself on the back later. Ha ha.

This is my ranking Top Ten non SEC-programs that have a chance to make the playoff. This is not my top ten college football schools. It is the top ten teams that have the best chance to get into the playoff system.

  1. Florida State- The mantra of a tournament is to survive and move on. The Noles are doing what they need to do and with an off week, they will look to move back into the top spot.
  2. Baylor-(OUT) Last week, I wrote this: “Baylor should win, but something tells me that WV will win 48-45.” I was wrong, WV won going away and putting Baylor and the Big 12 out of the playoff race. Sorry TCU, your hopes went away with Baylor.
  3. TCU- TCU won big and is probably out. Texas Tech isn’t a good enough team to move the needle back to their favor. Look for them to make the Cotton Bowl and play Marshall.
  4. Notre Dame-Last week, I wrote this. “Someone will get a big win tonight.” I was wrong because both teams won big. With the loss and taking the National Champions to the limit, look for Notre Dame to run the table and get a rematch against FSU. The Irish will take the week off before starting a string of road games to finish the season.
  5. Oklahoma-(OUT) I am glad I can put the sooners off the list. How tough is it to win a weak Big 12? Tougher than it looks. Expect the Sooners to play Alabama in the Disappointment Bowl.
  6. Oregon- Right now, they are having a tough go with Cal. It is tough to keep backing the Ducks only to have them continue to disappoint. Should they falter, pencil in the winner of Michigan State/Ohio State into the playoffs.
  7. Michigan State/Ohio State- Until they play each other, we will just expect these two teams to keep rolling a conference that is weaker than the Sun Belt.






In my heart, I love the underdog. This is the only team from the non-Power 5 that could make the playoff.


  1. Marshall- The bully beat down of really bad Florida teams continues as Marshall hosts Florida Atlantic. Too bad they don’t get to play the Gators. You can start to pencil Marshall in the Cotton Bowl.



Utah State (OUT)

Colorado State(OUT)

Arkansas State (OUT)



I can’t resist looking at the SEC this week as it is showdown Saturday in the conference that most everyone thinks is the best ion football.

Ole Miss goes on the road to Death Valley. This is a true test for the Rebels, maybe more of a test than Alabama was at home for them. Ole Miss 34-LSU 10.

Mississippi State was off last week and might as well be off this week going up to Lexington to play Kentucky. The baddest team in the land will reign supreme. 63-3.

Auburn was also off last week and hosts South Carolina. The Tigers should win 63-3 setting up next week’s version of the game of the century against Ole Miss.

Alabama plays at Tennessee. The charade will continue for Bama but not for much longer. Bama 55-10.


football 3

I can’t get enough of this picture. Photo from Yahoo.


Georgia will take the week off before playing major disappointment Florida.


No changes for the Top 4.

  1. Ole Miss
  2. Auburn
  3. Mississippi State
  4. Georgia



I thought that the PAC 12 would get two teams in the playoff not possible any longer. The door is wide open for Notre Dame, but they have to win out. The SEC is looking for two teams and the Big Ten will get a team if MSU or OSU can win out and Notre Dame/Oregon stumbles. I don’t think the committee wants an all-SEC Championship Game.

SEC Champion Ole Miss Rebels will play Number four Mississippi State. Ole Miss wins.

SEC runner up Florida State will play Notre Dame. Notre Dame wins.

Ole Miss will defeat Notre Dame 45-10 and win the National Championship.




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  1. Karlene permalink

    Okay I think 1. Auburn, 2. Mississippi State 3. Florida State. 4. Georgia.
    This is my final answer! Beer bet? ::)

    • There is a lot of football to go before reaching the final answer. I am trending on dropping Ole MIss but they still have the home field advantage. Auburn plays at Ole Miss, Georgia and Alabama all before the SEC Championship Game and Final Four.

      Miss State has games at Alabama and Ole Miss. Georgia hosts Auburn but eith way they still make the SEC Championship game.

      Ole MIss lost their top defensive player and they QB has reverted back to what he was two years ago. The host Auburn and Miss State. But who knows if can win out?

      Alabama still a game at LSU, and hosting Miss State and Auburn.

      My point is that if the SEC can get three teams through that mess then they are the best in the nation.

      Yes I will take your beer money and your lunch money and everything else too.

      By the way, I am predicting that FSU loses this week at Louisville. You know it is quite possible none of the teams you predicted make it. But it is just as possible they all make it. That is why this is such a fun series.

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