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College Football…Week 7…

October 9, 2014

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College Football Week 7


Hey Y’all,


Last weekend was a great weekend for college football. Finally we had a full slate of good teams playing good teams. It was a fun couple of hours as the endings of four great games came down to the wire. We can hope that this week gives us as much enjoyment. This week a couple of teams will be eliminated from making the playoff. It will be high drama out west as the PAC-12 fights for relevance. The Big 12 may find itself on the outside looking in and the ACC’s hopes depend entirely on Florida State. The SEC is still in contention for one spot and Michigan State/Notre Dame are playing for the fourth spot. And Marshall is still out there. Only one word can adequately describe the madness; fun!

This is my ranking Top Ten non SEC-programs that have a chance to make the playoff. This is not my top ten college football schools. It is the top ten teams that have the best chance to get into the playoff system.

  1. Florida State- Hello Syracuse. The number one ranked team in the land will play on the road and very early in the day. It shouldn’t be a problem but Florida State seems to be playing up/down to their competition. Their schedule isn’t that strong and any misstep from here on and they will be on the outside looking in. Norte Dame is up next, this might be a classic trap game.
  2. Baylor-Last week, I wrote this: “The Big 12 could be a different conference this time next week.” It is a different conference with the addition of TCU to the mix. If TCU can contain Bryce Petty, then you can put TCU in the driver’s seat to win the conference and claim one of the playoff spots. One of Baylor’s defensive ends is out for the season, but as long as they have Petty they have a chance. Look for Baylor to win a fun game.
  3. TCU-If defense wins championships, then TCU can win it all. Their mission this week is simple, go to Waco and win this game. This is will be a nail bitter.
  4. Notre Dame-The Irish did what they needed to do last week, win and advance. North Carolina is making the trip to South Bend and they are a good team. But not good enough to ruin the game next week against Florida State.
  5. Oklahoma-Tough loss to TCU. The biggest Baylor fans in the nation outside of Waco reside in Norman Oklahoma. If TCU wins this weekend, the Sooners are out because no one can stop the Frogs. Oh yea, they have their annual game with Texas. Look for a bully beat down this week.
  6. Oregon- The Wildcats were dangerous and they started off this week of insanity. Oregon plays at UCLA this week. It is a must win for the Ducks.
  7. UCLA-UCLA has been playing with fire all year and late Saturday night, Utah burned them. They host Oregon this week and I just don’t see them winning this game. I predict this is the last week we talk about UCLA.
  8. Arizona and Michigan State- Both teams are forcing themselves onto the radar. I have to respect their play on the field and they deserve a mention. Arizona plays USC at home this week and they have to win to maintain their relevance. Michigan State has a one game season against Ohio State to make their case for the playoffs. Oregon’s loss to Arizona really hurt Michigan State as much as it hurt the Ducks.


Clemson (OUT)



In my heart, I love the underdog. This is the only team from the non-Power 5 that could make the playoff.


  1. Marshall- Middle Tennessee is the next victim for the Thundering Herd. Another blowout is in store. Marshall really needs to get into Top 25. They are for real, but because they schedule is so weak, no one is noticing.
  2. BYU (OUT)-They lost their Quarterback and lost the game. Good bye BYU, we hardly knew you.


Utah State (OUT)

Colorado State(OUT)

Arkansas State (OUT)



I can’t resist looking at the SEC this week as it is showdown Saturday in the conference that most everyone thinks is the best ion football.

Ole Miss did what few other than myself predicted and beat Alabama. Now they have to go to Texas AM and win again. I think they will win another close and exciting game. Ole Miss 38 Texas AM 33



Mississippi State hosts Auburn. Last week I said: “I am not as high on State as others.” They put an old school beat down on the Aggies. Now, they bring in the Tigers. This should be the game of the week. Even if Auburn losses, they are not out of the playoff. If the Bulldogs lose, they are probably out. Auburn 44 Miss State 17.


Alabama at Arkansas-Only in adversity do we see true character. Alabama is in a dangerous place playing a dangerous team. I hate to write the following words but Arkansas is a good football team and are much better than their record. If Bama losses, their playoff chances are done no matter how much ESPN loves them. Tide 24 Pigs 27.


Georgia at Missouri-I am following them for the next three weeks because of our good friend Karlene. They play at Missouri, at Arkansas and host Florida. This is a tough three game slate verses some high quality teams that can beat Georgia. The nightmare for the SEC is that Georgia drops one of these games and losses to Auburn in early November. They still win the east and play a one or two loss western conference opponent in the SEC title game. Georgia wins and no team from the SEC makes the playoff.


SEC Top 6 for the playoff.

  1. Ole Miss
  2. Auburn
  3. Mississippi State
  4. Alabama
  5. Texas AM
  6. Georgia



I thought that the PAC 12 would get two teams in the playoff and that is still possible but it will not be Oregon AND UCLA. Oklahoma still has a chance if Baylor beats TCU and Oklahoma beats Baylor. Ole Miss controls their destiny. The door is opening for Notre Dame.

PAC 12 Champion Oregon will be the number one seed playing the SEC Champion Ole Miss Rebels. Oregon wins.

Big 12 Champion Oklahoma will be the number two seed playing PAC 12 runner up UCLA. Oklahoma wins.

Oregon will defeat Oklahoma 45-37 and win the National Championship.




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  1. Bob Akers permalink

    Rob, you got some right, how did you do overall? Dad

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