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College Football Playoff Predictions…

October 3, 2014
football 1

This is so last year. Photo from Yahoo.




Hey Y’all,


I am re-running this series over here. It is currently running on the Magill Review. In late August Josh and I documented our predictions about which teams would play in the first College Playoff Series. Of course the lower divisions of College Football have been playing for a true championship for several years. But why let the facts get in the way of progress? I will update this series each week and we will all see how well I can see the future.


College football is entering its first year of the FBS championship playoff. For the next four months, I and the editor of the Magill Review will make our predictions about how this will all play out. The editors of the Magill Review will cover the famed Southeastern Conference while I will cover the rest of the nation.


football 2

Guess he never expected to win last year because he is playing like he doesnt want to repeat this year. Photo from Yahoo.


This is my ranking Top Eight non SEC-programs that have a chance to make the playoff. This is not my top eight college football schools. It is the top eight teams that have the best chance to get into the playoff system.

  1. Oklahoma-TCU is up and they will give the Sooner Nation everything they want and more. Don’t be surprised if OU loses this one. The question is can TCU score enough points. If TCU pulls off the upset, they will be on this list to make the playoff.
  2. Oregon- The Wildcats from Arizona will visit the Ducks Thursday night. On paper this should be an easy victory but the Cats are dangerous.
  3. UCLA-UCLA showed why they are on this list with a relatively easy win over Arizona State. Utah is next on the schedule. Are the Bruins for real? I don’t know but we will find out next week when they host Oregon.
  4. Florida State- They finally have a cupcake to feast on. They play Wake Forrest this week and that should look like a number one team. Syracuse will be next week and then the showdown with Notre Dame.
  5. Notre Dame-A big game is next for the Irish. Stanford will be in South Bend and will give the Irish everything they want. This is a must win for Notre Dame.
  6. Baylor-On the road to play the Longhorns. Look for little brother to put an old school beat down on Texas. TCU is next week. The Big 12 could be a different conference this time next week.


Clemson (OUT)



In my heart, I love the underdog. This is the only team from the non-Power 5 that could make the playoff.


  1. Marshall- Old Dominion is the next victim for the Thundering Herd. Another blowout is in store. Marshall needs to start getting Top 25 votes very soon.
  2. BYU-Friday night the Cougars host Utah State. There is more to this match-up than meets the eye and Utah State is desperate for a victory. Like Marshall, BYU needs to start moving up the polls.


Utah State (OUT)

Colorado State(Out)

Arkansas State (Out)



I can’t resist looking at the SEC this week as it is showdown Saturday in the conference that most everyone thinks is the best ion football.


Ole Miss Rebels host Alabama. This is a game that I looked at a month ago and thought would tip the scales of power west to the state of Mississippi. I am not as high on Ole Miss now that I have seen their QB Bo Wallace in action. He didn’t take the quantum step I expected, but they are still a very good football team and still have the best QB in the stadium. Alabama is stacked across the board but I still feel an upset here. Ole Miss 30 Alabama 24.


football 3

It is a stare down contest. The trophy made Coach Sabin blink last year. This might be the cloest he gets to the Championship trophy this year. Photo from yahoo.


Mississippi State hosts Texas AM. I am not as high on State as others but I also think that the Aggies have been reading their press clipping too much and got lucky against Arkansas. State beat LSU but I don’t think they run the table this season. Texas AM 45 Mississippi State 24.


Auburn hosts LSU. The Tigers are playing the Tigers and I assure everyone that the Tigers will win. I think LSU is a dangerous team since the upset to Mississippi State and I think they get the best of Auburn in a mild upset. LSU 34 Auburn 30.


Here is my prediction on the playoff teams in order. I predict Ole Miss to be the only team to come out of the SEC.

PAC 12 Champion Oregon will be the number one seed playing the SEC Champion Ole Miss Rebels. Oregon wins.

Big 12 Champion Oklahoma will be the number two seed playing PAC 12 runner up UCLA. Oklahoma wins.

Oregon will defeat Oklahoma 45-37 and win the National Championship.


football 4

Here is the new trophy. My prediction is that the Oregon Ducks will hoist it in victory this year. Photo from yahoo.




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  1. Bob Akers permalink

    The only one that I think may be different in your prediction of SEC is Auburn. I don’t like them, but with so many in West having probably 2 losses, I think they are probably going to win it and get into playoff. Or, maybe a possibility, SEC won’t have anyone in playoff this year. love, Dad

    • Dad,

      Thanks for the comment. Tomorrow should be a fun day of football as everyone is playing good teams. I picked LSU because they already have a loss and if they want to stay relevant they have to win out. Auburn hasn’t played a team like LSU yet and they haven’t look particularly good in the process. Having said that, I would not be surprised if Auburn wins.

      I would be shocked if the SEC doesn’t get a team in the playoff and I would be shocked if they get two. The only possibility is one of the Western teams runs the table and there is a one loss team that gets in as at large invite.

      The nightmare for the SEC would be if all the teams in the West end up with two losses each and then they lose to an average Eastern team in the SEC Championship. While the Pac 12 and Big 12 both have two teams each that finished strong while Florida State only has a loss to Notre Dame and Notre Dame is undefeated.

  2. Ooopsy on Oregon now.

    • Russell,

      Thank you for the comment and for being a longtime friend of the site. When I put this up last night, Oregon was down and eventually lost. I could have very easily called the upset and patted myself of the back, but that isnt how I roll. However if you gave me a couple of Saturday final scores on Friday, I would lay down some bets that would force Vegas to be unable to pay the electric bill as my integrity does have a limit.

      I think by Sunday, the loss that Oregon had will not look so bad and they will still be in the hunt. However, they will have to win out starting next week at UCLA.

      • The SEC is going to start beating up on each other this weekend, too!

      • That is exactly what happened today. The trend will continue for the next few weeks. This is lots of fun, unless you are a fan of one of the top programs.

  3. I’m rooting for Ole Miss too. (Can’t believe I said that as a Bama fan.)

    • Wow, rooting for Ole MIss over Bama. I guess you got your wish because that was a fun game. Both teams have a trap game up next week. Ole Miss travels to Texas AM and Bama goes to a very dangerous Arkansas team. Fun times down south.

  4. Karlene permalink

    What about the Dawgs? Or the Hawkeyes? Okay… sports fans… YOU must absolutely go see the movie when the game stands tall. And… take the teenage kids. This is an essential, feel good, life movie and some great football!

    • Dr. Karlene,

      Thanks for the comments. I have heard that movie was good. I was thinking about waiting until DVD to watch it with my kids.

      Georgia? They play at Missouri, at Arkansas and Flordia in the next three weeks. They might win all thee or they might drop two. Either way, I think they are the nightmare for the SEC. A three loss Georgia team could win the East Conference and play in the SEC Championship. If either of the Mississippi teams are in that game and happen to lose to Georgia. The it is possible the SEC would be left out of the playoff. A one loss Alabama or undefeated Auburn might have the clout to shake off a loss and still make the playoff.

      Iowa? Are you serious? They lost to Iowa State and stuggled with Northern Iowa. They could win the Big Ten and lose to Marshall in the Cotton Bowl. Marshall is a very strong football team, but their schedule is so weak that they are having trouble getting a vote for the top 25.

      • Karlene permalink

        Yeah… I know Auburn is going to win. But my son-in-law is a Hawkeye…and embarrassed by the State loss… but we’re all Black and Gold. However, ERAU has never lost a game. 🙂

      • Karlene permalink

        Georgia just lost their starting linebacker… bummer. Pretty wide open but reality… I say Arizona. They were un-ranked and knocked off Oregon. This is my final answer!

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