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September 9, 2014
party 2

This was me after the second coke. Photo from yahoo.


Hey Y’all,


I had the good pleasure of being invited to a friend’s promotion party over the weekend. Jody Jack R. has been a full Bird Colonel for almost a year and between life, work and schedules he has been unable to host a party until now. Colonel Jody is a first class man who is the rare modern Officer who truly puts his flyers before himself. Of course I don’t work for him so I may have the wrong impression and if I do, I will not say anything about it. Jody stands about 6-5, almost an entire foot above me and has the reach of an oak tree. He is a back wood, mountain man who makes his own whisky, drives a big truck and has a house full of gun safes. Every weekend in the summer you can find him at the farm chopping fire wood and in the winter he is in the woods. I am a want-to-be writer whose only sense of adventure is watching a survivor show from the comfort of my couch. I am outclassed in every way.


party 6

Jody out on the farm. Photo from yahoo.


You may have noticed that I am withholding last names. That is intentional since all of these men still serve in the military and I don’t have their permission to give more information about them. Back to the party, he held it at EZ Street run by Tim and Val S. Tim is a Navigator in the C-130. He finished training about a year before I left the Guard in 2007. Several folks quipped that Tim has a great life. He gets to fly when he wants, he gets free drinks and he gets to “hang out” with the bar maid. Not a bad deal. When I got the invitation for the promotion party the intent was that as a family we would attend for about an hour and then go off for family time. I have been working so much that we didn’t want to take a night away from the kids.



Scotty’s Sunday night girlfriend. photo from yahoo.


My wife and I showed up with the kids in tow and went back in time. EZ Street is an old school bar, complete with the sights, smells and sounds of a bar. My son was holding his nose because the smell of burnt cigarettes and stale beer was overwhelming. EZ Street is not like Outback’s bar, they really mean that underage kids are not allowed. No one had to say anything to us because it was obvious that the rules did apply. My wife is so cool, she took the kids and left me behind for almost two hours while they went out and played. When anyone asked where they went, I blamed Tim because of the restraining order he put on her a couple years earlier, I said that she couldn’t be within 100 yards of EZ Street. It was a good night of laughs and catching up.


party 4

Scotty’s Monday night girlfriend. Photo form yahoo.


I saw some old friends. Of course Jody and his wife Angela were there, Paul and Susan G., Richard and Courtney S., Russ P with his daughter Mariah, Harry and Kelly H., Bubbles and his wife Bubbles (Don’t ask), Bobby M., Chuck “The Nav” S., Mikey O., Kevin “Meager, Mager, Marr” M., Erika K., George “Flat Foot” S., Jeremy R., Justin E., Jamie A., Bonnie, Mike M., Chris B., and ten times as many people that I didn’t know who are new to the Squadron. It was a great party and I am really proud of Jody for trying to bring back the old school hard charging attitude of the Squadron.


party 1

Scotty and his Tuesday night girlfriend getting ready for a night out. Photo from yahoo.


But the highlight of the night was seeing my best buddy Scotty L., Scotty has had a tough eighteen months following a rather nasty divorce from wife number one. Without going into details, I have been concerned about my “little buddy” as he has tried to get the wheels put back onto his life. For the first time in many months he actually looked good. Full disclosure, it might have had something to do with a lady friend that he brought to the party. He introduced her to me as Cindy, a tall, beautiful blond with a wicked sense of humor. She brought out his little giggle when she told me that she was his “Thursday, Friday, Saturday night girlfriend.” I don’t know the extent of their relationship but that sarcastic, less than revenant attitude is exactly what my “little buddy” needs to help bring him back from the dark side.


party 3

Scotty takes Wednesday night off to recover. This is a selfie after working out at the YMCA. Photo from yahoo.


He introduced me as the writer he had told her about and he asked if I could link up some of my stories for her to read about what we did in 2003. That is why you are seeing the links at the bottom of the page. I asked her if I could write about her, she said yes before she asked what I would write about. I told her that I had no idea but not to worry because I am a writer of fiction and only a small part of anything that I might write would be the truth. I think she was apprehensive. The truth is that she should be frightened because I am not been very good when given a blank check. Ms. Thursday, Friday, Saturday lady are now officially on notice that sometime you will be the focus of a post.


party 5

Scotty and Ms, Thursday, Friday and Saturday night at the party. Photo from yahoo.


Cindy, you asked for this so no goofing off until you finish the required reading. Yes, I do expect a book report. The rest of you can do what you want with these links.


Until next time, keep on rockin.


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  1. Karlene permalink

    Rob… words cannot describe. You know how to party with the right kind of people! I’ve been on the road…in the sky… in the hospital (Dad)…jumpseating, driving, flying, from Europe to Asia while navigating first week of grad school. OH MY! Will be back in December. lol.

    • Karlene,

      Please be careful out there, keep the shiny side up and keep smiling. You have a lot going on so use your skills to stay focused. Thoughts and prayer for your Dad.

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