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Who do I be…?

September 3, 2014
rob's phone pics 113

Just me and some chicken bones. Photo from Billy G.


Hey Y’all,


Our good friend, Abby at the Gentle and Quite Spirit has been participating in a blog hop that includes a list of questions to help connect with readers and provide the opportunity to get to know us better. When I read her challenge, I said that I would prefer to dump a bucket of cold water on her head rather than do this. But here we are and those of you know me also know it is dangerous to give me a blank slate to say anything I like. Here we go.



Name: Robert Emerson Akers. I prefer Rob because it is less formal. The funny part is that before my wife met me (or so she says), she dated several guys. Most of them were named Rob. Her nurse friends couldn’t keep all the Robs separated so they adopted nicknames for them based on the menu from Kentucky Fried Chicken like Original, Extra Crispy, ect. I think I was chicken fingers.

Age: 45, half way to 90.

Gender: I still have the factory installed male plumbing.



Food: I love sushi and I mix the wasabi and soy strong. Otherwise, steak, pork, and chicken. I usually shy away from fruits and vegetables. The General Tso from a Charleston resturant called Main Kwan is the best I have ever eaten.

Drink: Regular Coke and sweet tea.

Book: Tom Clancy’s books are my favorites. I don’t read very much. Maybe I should. There are a lot of things I should do.

Song: I don’t know that I have a favorite song. There are several that I like. I always love when Metallica plays Creeping Death in concert. Nothing like 100,000 people chanting die…die….die…over riding the jet engine loud amplifiers.


who I be 1

Can you feel the tension? Photo from yahoo.


Movie: Heat. Robert De Niro and Al Pacino in the same movie was great but all the character actors just made it amazing. Action/Adventure movies like the Bourne series, and the new James Bond. I do like the mobster movies, Godfather, Goodfellows and things like that. Also the comedies like Dumb and Dumber, Airplane, Animal House, Fletch, Caddie Shack. I like movies that are complex and make you think. I don’t prefer a movie that is all about explosions, the end of the world or are just thrown together to make money.

Band: Metallica, 80s Hair bands, Van Halen, Five Finger Death Punch, Avenge Sevenfold, Stone Sour and Machine Head are all on my Pandora radio.

Solo Artist: Ozzy, David Lee Roth or Ronnie James Dio.

Place: I have been fortunate to travel all over the world. I love Alaska in the summer and Italy. Europe is fantastic and Japan is amazing. If I could live in any country other than the USA, I would probably move to Canada. I like how they approach life, but don’t like the winters. But, my favorite place is at home with the family.



Home plate with a subdued christmas theme. Photo from rob akers.


Subject: In school, I loved lunch and PE. Now, I like history and space science.

Sport: I loved playing baseball but it can be hard to watch on TV. Football is the best TV sport. I still pull for Dallas, even though it is so hard to be a Cowboy fan. For college football, I live and die for the Arkansas State Red Wolves. I love basketball, pro is the Memphis Grizzlies and college is Memphis Tigers.

Male actor: I like movies, not so much an actor. But De Niro and Pacino are probably my favorites.

Female actor: Again, I like might a movie but I don’t see anything because a certain person is in it. But the lady in the TV show Will and Grace made me laugh. Not grace, but the dark haired lady. I don’t know her name.


who I be

I promise she isnt talking about me. I dont sniff jet fuel any more. I dont sniff it any less either. Photo form yahoo.



Schooling: When I wasn’t skipping class, I went to public school.


yeager 5

Now this is a sexy beast. Ladies, watch out because that look has been known to be a leading cause of pregnancy and some forms of STD. Photo from Scotty L.



BF: I don’t think BF means boyfriend, but I love my little buddy Scotty. I think BF means best friend. That would be my wife, Donetta.



People ask me how my wife can be so beautiful and love someone like me. I tell them the truth, I dont have a clue. Photo from rob akers.


Political Ideology: I am firmly left of center on just about all political issues except spending where I advocate a reduction of spending across the board. I think the national debt is the greatest crisis we face as a nation. Followed closely by the porous border and the addiction on oil, somehow they all go together.

Religion: I dislike labels because they tend to mean different things to different people. To say I am one thing means many different things to someone who reads it. I will simply say that I try to live by the philosophy of doing my best to love my God and to love my neighbor. I fail often at both but I am still a work in progress.

Tattoos: I have never found a symbol that I wanted on my body forever, but I am still looking.

Piercings: Why would anyone pay money to have a needle pressed through your skin just to hang a chunk or metal on your body?

Languages: Si, my pilot license states that I am English Proficient.

Reason behind your blog’s name: I wanted to call it “A Gentle and Quiet Spirit” but that one was already taken. I couldn’t think of anything better than my name.

Why you blog: Lots of reasons. The initial reason was because I needed to have an author platform for when the book is complete. I didn’t know that it would take so long to finish the book. I also like to tell stories about my time in the military so that when I am driving a wheel chair and drinking from a tube, my kids will know who Dad was before they were born. Third, I have learned so much from reading the work of others. I have my own personal list of favorite authors, writers and bloggers. Each of them teach me so much.


To that end, I am not going to formally nominate anyone to repeat this list of questions. But there are some that I would love to know more about. Sandra, WS, Padre Steve and his wife Abby, Karlene, Jason, Dr. Lynn, RJ, Pastor Jack, Becca, Julie, Big Joe, Swifty, Erica, Allen, Don, and JB. Heather and Abby have already participated so I am not including them. I don’t know if any of them follow my site, but if so here is your opportunity. I know there are others, but they haven’t posted anything in the last few days and I am too lazy to continue to scroll through the list of articles.


The rest of you can either dump a bucket of cold water on yourself or you can answer anything you like in the comments section. You’re a chicken finger if you don’t. Ha ha.


Here are the links to some things that I have been writing. Hope you enjoy and I really appreciate all the support. Until next time, keep on rockin.

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  1. Ha! Very cool! I love the picture of you and your wife. Very cute. I think you’re two favorite actors are also my Dad’s two favorites. Heat is amazing. And though I like movies with explosions, we at least seem to agree on music. Metallica rules.

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