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Working back to the future…

May 27, 2014
writer 3

“Breaking News…” If you find me in this situtation, just kick me in the backside. Photo from yahoo.


Hey Y’all,


Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day. We hosted two parties with one on Sunday afternoon and the other yesterday. But party time is over and it is time to get serious about being serious.



This is the cover of Dr. Lynn’s book. Photo from


I have real life news to report. My good friend Dr. Lynn has a new project called Words for Warriors. It is a compilation of letters to wounded Veterans. She asked if I would write something and of course I was honored to cobble together some 3rd grade words. It has been published and she was kind enough to send a copy. It is the first time, I saw my written words in print and to be a part of this project is humbling. As I leafed through the book I saw another letter written by our good friend Koji about three pages behind my page. What a wonderful surprise and his words about a WWII Veteran named Jack is simply moving.



It’s Koji on the right side with his son and his car. photo from


You can check out Dr. Lynn’s site at this link: and the Words for Warriors project here: This is the kind of project that is inspires me as Dr. Lynn is doing this on her own dime, from the ground up, using her contacts in a true grassroots project. She is a true patriot, full of honor, dignity, and class. She is taking submissions for the next book, please check out what she is putting together and if you are so moved send her something.



Dr. Lynn giving out her book to the VA. Photo from


The second piece of news to report is that I am almost ready to send out the opening section of my book for review. Ideally, I would like about ten or so people with all different backgrounds, ages, and genders to review it. This first section is exactly 100 pages in length or almost 35,000 words. This is the complete and total re-write that I decided to do some time ago. After the re-write, I went on to clean up the entire work. It is important to know if this section works because everything flows from it. There are a couple of things you should know before you commit. I really need your blunt honesty in your comments. If it is boring and makes a paint drying race look fun, I really need to know that. It is better to know it now, than to be surprised when it goes out to real publishers. Secondly, there is no pay for reading this. I will formally thank you in the acknowledgements section and you will receive your very own signed copy of the book when it is published. Third don’t hold your breath on that last promise, I am six years into this and if you can’t hold your breath for another year or two then you should continue to breathe. If you want to join the team send me an e-mail at and I will get you some additional information.


writer 1

I wish an actual photo of my writing looked as professional as this guy. Photo from yahoo


The final piece of news is that I am giving up my amateur status and turning pro. I have been offered and accepted a freelance reporter position for the Huntington Herald-Dispatch. I will write a bi-monthly column that focuses on Veterans. I’m not sure if I am going to get rich writing this, but I have already interviewed on Veteran and I know it is going to be wonderfully enriching for me.


writer 2

I need a hat. photo from yahoo


Now, I have four really important writing projects and I will not take on any more continuing commitments for the foreseeable future. You can find me over at the Magill Review on a bi-monthly basis and starting in July, I will link you over to the Herald-Dispatch. I will continue story time here and the big project is always in work. Lot of words on the burner and I really hope that the master plan is starting for solidify.


writer 4

This is totally bogus. Real men dont use an Apple. Photo from yahoo


Before I get to work, I have a very strongly worded letter for a local West Virginian politician who is bringing some negative attention and the always unwelcome media spotlight to a group of professionals that I call brothers and sisters. Go here if you want to take a look at the article:


Until next time, keep on rockin.


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  1. Josh Magill permalink

    Great news! Congrats. Im honored to have you at TMR. I’m starting a weekly column at The Good Men Project at the end of June about manhood and fatherhood. When are you in my neck of the woods next? (Email me)

    • Thank you sir. I wish I could say this was all a part of the master plan but since I don’t have much planning ability other than knowing when the next meal time will be, I will leave it all up to good fortune. I am hanging out in your part of the world this week and next, still looking for that doughnut.

  2. Congrats on all your good news!! If I didn’t have so much on my plate right now, I’d totally raise my hand to be one of your 10. I hope you get a diverse and fantastic review crew. I will check out Dr. Lynn’s work and look forward to your column!

    • Gina,

      Thank you as always for the support. You are one of those rare souls that has ten pounds of food on the tiny paper plate. I salute you for that. You and Dr. Lynn need to meet, between the two of you the Vets will finally have a solution to all their problems and you two will rule the world! I thank you for everything you do.

  3. Karlene permalink

    Excellent news! And major congratulations!! You’re going pro…I am so excited. Okay… will sit on the email. Hand went up and hubby whacked it down. lol He says I have too much on my plate. But…here’s the deal, if you have a surplus of readers…go for it. If not, I’m there for you. But… any chance of a printed copy? I’m an old fashioned reader.
    So very excited for you on all.

    • Karlene,

      Thank you for everything. Yes, I am taking my talents to the next level. Ha ha. Just to be fair to you, if you had said you wanted to read it, I would have not sent it to you because I wouldnt want my little project to be the final straw. You have much bigger things to do, like get your Phd, reform the FAA, and make the skies safe, in addition to being a line pilot, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, an author, an Hollywood mogule, CNN guest, and a friend. Like Gina, you stuff ten pounds of things to do in a five pound bag.

      Yes, I am prepared to send out paper copies and a cool red ink pen because Im old school as well. Im not trying to tempt you, but it will be a nice red ink pen.

      • Karlene permalink

        Lol… well, I have an executive assistant too. He reads everything I do and then some! We have family discussions on the books that come in. 🙂 So see how many jump up because I’m here.

  4. Wow… Lots of stuff here, Rob!

    First off… That story of the delegate – unbelievable. Incredulous. I don’t know what your letter will say but I know what I would say. It’s got to be a tough moral issue for you…

    Second, congratulations on your new responsibility as a professional writer – and on veterans! There is little more honorable than that in my opinion. Wheels up, Rob!

    And third grade words, my arse. 🙂 I am elated to see your letter was also included… And I was dumbfounded to have seen her post of her book opened up to my son and I. Its GOT to be my orange Mustang… Attention getter! LOL

    If you need a proof reader, just holler!

    • Koji,

      Thanks for everything, you are the man in every sense of the word. The delegate in question put the cart before the horse so to say. I am going to say the truth to him, but this is a teaching moment, not a empty, hate filled rant.

      The column is going to be very cool. Last week, I sat for a couple of hours with a WWII vet, who served in the South Pacific. Amazing story, I just hope that I dont get in the way of his story. I am really excited about this project.

      I had to borrow my son’s crayons to write the letter for Dr. Lynn’s book. He spell checked it for me and only found a couple of errors. But he is in the 1st grade so we dont expect too much from him yet.

      You are on the list. I will be in touch in the next couple weeks. Thanks.

  5. Woot Woot! Look at Rob go! That’s awesome! I’ll be getting and email to you soon. I was hoping to be part of the Words for Warriors project and got sick, thanks for bringing it up again!

  6. First, congratulations on your new writing gig! That’s fantastic and I know you’ll be very good at it…because veterans issues matter deeply to you. They’ve got the right man! Second, thank you so much for helping get the word out about the Words For Warriors Project. I’m so excited to tell you that I will DEFINITELY be doing a second printing fairly soon. To that end I’m busily collecting new letters from people to include in that edition. This project is such a pleasure to work on. I now know what that expression “If you do what you love, you never work a day in your life” means. It’s not that you don’t put in great time and effort, it’s just that it’s so gratifying you WANT to do it each and every day. The books now have a presence in 13 states and I’ve been able to place them in many VA hospital/clinics. I got a couple into Fisher Houses (one close to where I live and one in Ohio) and some copies went to USA Hockey for the veterans on the team. Every day I scheme…I mean, plan new ways to raise money and look for places to put the books. I’ll keep you posted!

    • Thanks Doc.

      I appreciate the kind words of confidence. I am excited that book #2 is in the works and I can’t wait to see what your schemes turn out to be. I know you will rule the world. Please reach to Gina, she left a comment on this post. She has some great contacts that might be very helpful.

  7. P.S. I DO love that orange Mustang…lol

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