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Tough Week…

May 21, 2014


Hey Y’all,


It has been a tough week out here in my little side of the world. Early Monday morning, a good friend passed away in a car accident. “Skip” was 42 years old and leaves behind his wife and three kids ranging in ages from 9 to 2. The details of what happened are sketchy but the end result is that tonight some close friends are really struggling because of this sudden, life altering event.


Skip was the kind of guy that we all love to be around. He was a big, burly, country boy who was fiercely loyal to his family and friends. He loved to be outdoors, hunting and fishing but he never let that desire to replace his role in the family. Always wearing a smile, he was a man with a quick wit but few words. It is always easy to love a man like Skip.


The rest of the week will be centered on the family. The visitation will be Thursday and the funeral on Friday. It will be a long week and I am so happy that I was home this week to be here. The point of this short post tonight is to remind us all how fragile life really is. It is so easy to look at the future and forget about the present. We are all tap dancing on a banana peel with the other foot already out the door.


Lots of thoughts about things I would like to say but this isn’t the time. I know that everyone who reads this is a person of character and I honestly appreciate every one of you. I would like to ask each of you to throw out a prayer or positive thought for Skip’s family. I believe that collectively we can bring some comfort to the family just by thinking about them and sending them some positive, encouraging thoughts. I also believe that prayers are much like a spiritual e-mail that is sent directly from you to the person it needs to go too.


Thank you all for indulging me tonight. Next week, I hope to have some good news to report.


Until then, keep on rockin.



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  1. Praying for the family! My cousins’ father died in a car accident on Monday. I’d appreciate prayers for them as well.

  2. My prayers for Skip’s family and for you.

  3. I am so sorry for your loss.

    • RJ,

      Thank you for your kind comment and I know that you threw out some prayers for the family. You are a shinning example of everything that is right in the world. Thank you for everything you do to promote your faith, your strength as a lady and your career in science.

      • Thank you so much! But this is not about me. You’re right; the family got some prayers. God bless.

      • RJ,

        You are right that this isnt about you and I appreciate that spirit. But since you left the comment, I could not pss up the opportunity to tell my people how wonderful you are. Thank you for being you.

  4. For some reason I’m having trouble with my comments. I’ve tried twice now to tell you I’m praying for your friends and to ask for prayers in return. My cousins’ father died in a car accident this week. Thank you for sharing!

  5. I too believe in the power of prayer and want you to know that I took a few minutes to pray for Skip’s family. I said (thought) a couple words for Skip too but I figure he’s just fine. It’s his family members/friends left behind who need solace, comfort, protection, peace, help…

    I will be in touch in a few days with news of my own…in the meantime I wish you all good things!

    • Doc,

      Thank you for the thoughts and prayers. Yes, I firmly believe that Skip is just fine and the family, especially his wife are taking great comfort knowing where he is resting right this second. Still the fact is that he is leaving a huge void that will be tough to fill, especially in the short term.

      I cant wait for your news. The book is a hit with my family by the way. The news about Skip’s passing has pre-empted what I was going to say about your project. In good time, I cant wait to publicize your project.

  6. Praying for you! I would also like to ask for pray as my cousins’ father passed away in an accident on Monday. Thanks for sharing and praying!

  7. Karlene permalink

    Rob, I am so sorry! Nothing can take this pain away, but time. Many prayers coming your way and to his family. This is the most horrific time they could possibly go through and only time can heal. Lots of time. And for you losing a good friend, I am so sorry. Hug your family and keep them close.

    • Karlene,

      Thank you for the prayers. It has been a tough week full of hugs and love. It is a nightmare for Skip’s family in every sense of the word.

  8. So sorry. Will pray for his family and all that loved him.

    • Thank you Heather,

      I wish there were have better circumstances to welcome you to this side of the internet but it is what it is. Please make yourself at home. Thank you for the prayers, much needed.

      • It’s good to have a place like this to sort through the emotion and gain perspective. Writing is very therapeutic.

      • Heather,

        It is very therateutic. Recounting my experiences from Iraq and Afghanistan really helped me put things in perspective and help me mentally work through some unsetteling thoughts. I didnt discover until five or so years ago that I actually liked to write. I never saw it coming. Ha ha.

  9. Rob, I’m so sorry. We, sadly, just experienced the same thing with a friend and colleague in our small community. It wrenches the heart– prayers to you all and to your friend’s family.

    • Julie,

      You are the best! I am sorry for your loss as well. The best part about living in a small community is that you actually get to know your neighbors. But it makes times like this much more difficult. Our prayers go out to you as well. Thank you.

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