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Public Service Announcement….

May 5, 2014

Gather round kids, got a life lesson for you. photo from yahoo


Hey Y’all,


We are going to suspend story time for a quick reminder about life.  We all know have people in our lives that have “close calls” in life and death situations.  I have a friend who had one of those last week. Serious stuff and he is very fortunate because if things didn’t go exactly right he would not have survived the event. Since I don’t have permission from my friend, I am intentionally not giving any details of his crisis.


public 2

If you have this kind of extinguisher in your house. Be careful before using it because the exhaust will go everywhere including your lungs. Halon is made to remove oxygen from any enclosed space. Humans are made to breath oxygen in any enclosed space. This chemical and humans cannot co-exist. photo from yahoo


But I will say this. Nothing in life is promised and when you think it can’t happen to you, hang on tight because it can and will. The Breaking News is this: No one gets out of this life alive. The only question is when is the clock going to run out. Now I am not trying to be morbid or flippant. I am making a point, life your life for today. Spend time with your family and friends. Be a person of Faith and live in peace with everyone because one day, we all will wake up dead.


public 3

This sign made be understated. If you work in an enclosed space surrounded by a Halon fire suppression system, you might be better served by having an alternate supply of oxygen on your person. photo by yahoo


Sermon time is over.  On better news, I have been nominated for another blogger award from JSO, I don’t know her name but she is a fellow blogger. Also, I don’t know about her background or anything else as her biography page is lacking in details. It is her site and her life, I totally understand. But she tells about her life in the posts. You can check out her site here:


My personal feeling on these awards is exactly the same opinion I had when I was in the military and presented with a medal. I used to say that all things being equal I would rather have some extra money. Please don’t let my sarcasm interfere with the fact that I am honored that anyone outside my family cares about the stories. I am very humbled and grateful at the nomination. Here is a comment from her latest post.


public 4

This guy just gave himself another medal. I know this is hard to read so I will translate for you. Of all this pretty colored ribbons on his chest, none of them actually required the General to bleed. Said another way, he earned all of these by being able to write a book and build a power point presentation. Much like all the awards I have earned by writing. photo by yahoo



“I’m supposed to nominate 11 other blogs, but there are some complications to that, so I’ll just include a few. (Complications include the fact that this blog is actually kind of secret and unknown to just about everyone I know, so there goes the option of nominating people I know. The other complication is that I don’t know if the people I’d like to nominate would want that kind of publicity either. Heh. Birds of a feather.)  He’s funny. Also a fellow yellow. A blog on PTSD. Always good for awareness. Entertaining, always. He was in the airforce. Great storyteller”


I also follow the website. It is a great place for the Vets and the rest of us to understand PTSD, stress and other factors that our Vets have to deal with.

I am flattered by her description of my site. I try to tell a great story and I appreciate her compliment.  Thank You.


public 5

I really am flattered. Thank You. photo from yahoo


I don’t nominate other blogs for awards because we all like different things but when I come across a specular site I will just tell you about it. However, I do like to answer the questions that are asked.  So here you go, seven answers to seven questions. If you want to play along, feel free to answer in the comment section.


Until next time, keep on rockin’


1. If you had $5 mil to donate to any 3 charities, which would it be, and why? Well, 5 Million isn’t what it used to be. I know this is kind of sappy but I would rent Disney World for a day and let those kids who have a tough life run around.  I’m not sure 5 million is enough to get the place rented out though. So I might as well donate it to the government because they need the money more than the rest of us. If you don’t believe me, just ask them.

2. Describe the scariest story you were told as a child. I didn’t do scary story time as a kid, but that Scooby Doo really freaked me out. Never heard of a talking dog that liked Scooby Snacks. Have you tried one? They are scary bad.

3. What was the most dangerous thing you’ve ever done? Other than going to Iraq and Afghanistan, flying around at 75 feet for hundreds of miles, being shot at by rockets, missiles, bullets and rocks? Getting out of bed each morning.

4. If you could be whatever you wanted, no strings attached, and you could go back to living your life as if nothing happened, what would you choose to do? I would be invisible in a warm weather environment.

5. What aspect of yourself defines you the most? I am still a fan of the Dallas Cowboys.

6. What advice would you give to a high school version of yourself? Two things: Don’t skip English class and don’t let your Mom throw away all those baseball cards.

7. Do you have a “happy place”? If so, describe it. At the house on my couch with the family watching a movie.


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  1. Dad permalink

    Number 6. Are you sure it was your mother that threw away your cards.
    love, Dad

  2. Hey everybody, Its my Dad.

    No I guess I am not sure that Mom threw away the baseball cards. This is just another shining example of family secrets that come out at the wrong time. I guess I will have to call my psychologist and get back on the schedule. Oh the drama that is my life!

    Since we can strike the second part of #6. I will change it to Mamma’s don’t let your sons grow up to be Cowboys.

    Since the cards are not in the family any longer and we can only afford to let one of you stay in the house, I was going to punish Mom and make her go to the Retirement Home, but now your on the hot seat!.Power of Attorney is a wonderful tool for payback. I am sure there is a lesson there for someone

    Seriously thanks for always being there!

  3. Karlene permalink

    Rob, I am so glad your friend is okay. And thank you for the reminded. I too try to live each day as if it were the last.

    So… I never had a Scooby Snacks but will believe you. And mostly I want to thank you and your dad for the best laugh today. Remember one thing… cards thrown out or not… MOM upside down is WOW!

    • Karlene,

      Thanks as always for the reply. Yes, it is easy to get caught up in tomorrow especially when your schedule is centered around tomorrow. I always find myself looking ahead a month because there is always something on the horizon.

      My friend was very fortunate, I told his folks that what happened was a no joke event and he is very fortunate.

      I am very fortunate to have a great set of wonderful parents. Without them I would have been a complete train wreck as opposed to the almost train wreck that I am. I guess that Grand Mom is really WOW DNARG. That doesn’t flow as well, I will stick with mom/wow.

      • Karlene permalink

        We do get caught up in tomorrow. And it’s hard not to as pilots. We live today getting our schedule for the following month and trying to plan head. I do spend my life trying to plan and coordinate to get everything done for the ensuing moth. But today, is the day to live!

  4. Sorry it’s been so long. Was a difficult winter for me, and I had trouble keeping up my blogging. I actually enjoy reading my favorite blogs almost as much as I enjoy writing. Want to respond to No. 3. The most dangerous thing I have ever done happened in my teens. (Big surprise.) When I was working at my first job, peeling and slicing onion for a burger joint, a piece of onion was always getting caught behind the blade of the slicer. I would go back there with my bare hand to free the piece of onion. I could have lost my hand! I regret my actions to this very day.

    • P.S. to my comment. Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to unload that secret!

      • We dont do secrets over here. We just do facts about your life that no one knows yet.

    • WS,

      I am glad that you survived the winter. It is tough and there is no shame in loosing track of the blogs. I am honored to be one of your favorite blogs (big assumption on my part, ha ha) and you know you are always welcome here.

      Nothing like having an exposed finger next to a razor sharp blade spinning at 25,000 revolutions a minute to bring a moment of clarity. I am glad you kept all the digits attached. In my case it makes it much easier to count to ten and if I take off my shoes, I can get up to twenty three. Ha ha.

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