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You Have Got To Be Kidding Me…

April 7, 2014



Hey Y’all,

The following conversation was allegedly recorded by agents from the NSA, CIA, ODF, and ABC News. There is plausible deniability to the existence of the Top Secret conversation between myself and soon to be famous author RL Akers.

07:26 AM Friday 4 April 2014

“WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO TO ME!” Rob screamed into the phone.
“Huh?” RL replied.
“Okay, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“I am talking about Kara. Are you kidding me, this is off the scale crazy great stuff.” Rob said.
RL starts laughing.
“Dude, I love the book.”
“Yes really. I have been awake for 28 hours and I can’t put it down. I am not sure if I want to laugh, cry, or just be a nervous wreck. Now tell me what happens to Kara.”
“Did you finish it?”
“No, I have another fifty or so pages left but I can’t wait to get home to finish it. So tell me what happens next.”
“All the loose ends will be tied off sufficiently for you by the end of book.”

The rest of the conversation has been redacted to protect Kara Dunn and the existence of the Orbital Defense Force.




This past week, I started and finished RL Akers’ debut novel Prometheus Rebound. It is a great read, full of intrigue and twists. The protagonist is Kara Dunn, a non-assuming, level headed video game designer who is drawn into an event that will change human history. RL does a fantastic job of creating a tale that draws from our common knowledge of Aliens, Area 51, military, space flight, and other cosmic ideas without turning his work into a book for nerds, geeks, nerds, or conspiracy theorists. By the way I can be identified as a member of all these classifications. But I found that this is an every person kind of book, it appeals to so many different genres. It should have a wide spectrum of potential readers.

Prometheus Rebound is full of intrigue, subterfuge, and reality. At its heart is a story about what if. What if we learned that we were not alone in the Universe? What if these aliens were not only intent on our destruction but on colonization? And what would the United States government do with a thirty year advance notice on this invasion? Kara Dunn is one of the key figures in the proposed solution because of her work as a video game designer that truly replicated what warfare in space would actually be. From that humble beginning she finds herself at the center of the story. I found Kara to be a very believable and highly enthralling character. RL exposes both her strength and mixes it with normal insecurity and self-doubt as she goes from working as a non-descript Graduate Assistant teaching software design courses to a week later in a Ultra Top Secret Military environment.

RL nails the military aspects of this novel. The technology is realistic and well within the frame work of what could possibly exist today. The military characters he writes are no less high strung and anal as some of the people I worked with in my thirteen year career. Relying heavily on secrets, they part information to Kara on a need to know basis. It seems that few, if anyone has the complete picture of the threat that awaits. In the short months that pass from Kara’s recruitment to her ascension to a leadership position, she begins to understand the need for secrecy and compartmentalization. It is an interesting take on the military culture and RL writes it perfectly. By the way, I have never been in the Officer’s Club at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas and I am going to assume that RL hasn’t either. But his description is exactly what I would expect from someone who spent more than one night throwing back a couple of beers at a Club.

Very believably, the military has a firm grasp on the solution to the problems and if left alone they would be able to adequately prepare for the threat. But it is the civilian leadership that hamstrings the preparations. I don’t know many politicians but I am probably like most when I state that I have a less than favorable opinion of our elected officials in general. I think RL is very generous with the elected characters that he created. They are the total buffoons that I might create but they are not squared away, highly motivated characters like Kara either. He strikes a good balance and once again very believable.




Rarely do I read a book that I didn’t find fault with or think that I could do better. But I must confess that I cannot say that about this novel. RL did a great job of finding the right mix of reality and drama. His plot twists are well written and logical. I never felt as if I was on a never ending journey or that he didn’t have a good idea of where he wanted to take me. The transitions were seamless and the pacing of the story was fast. His action scenes were easy to follow and I always had a good grasp of who was where.

If I have to be honest I did find RL’s use of 2nd person writing style a little distracting. As I understand the concept of this style, he pulls it off perfectly but as a reader I found my mind focusing on the words from time to time and not on the action or scene. But that is more preference than actual criticism. For the most part everything he wrote was spot on but there were some small very minor details that I found were not totally accurate. Things that most people would never notice or care about, but I do feel that it something to mention. After you read the book we can share details.

Was it the perfect book? If that is the question then I would reply with is there a perfect book? I don’t know, and I don’t care. I really enjoyed the tale that RL has created and I cannot wait for the second book of the series, Prometheus Revealed to hit the press. As a writer, I appreciate the huge amount of work that goes into a novel and I admire that RL did a great job of keeping the story straight. I give my full endorsement of RL’s work Prometheus Rebound. Visit his web site where you can sign up for e-mail updates and even buy the book.

As for my reading future, I am expecting our good friend Karlene Petitt’s two novels, Flight for Control and Flight for Safety, to arrive at my house this week. Hopefully that will carry me through the month and then my brain will be fresh and I will be able to clean up my work and get it out to some prospective readers.

Until then, keep on rockin.

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  1. Sweet! Always good to hear that someone else’s story rocks! I’ll add it to my list, and I have a space cleared on my desk when you’re ready for my red pen!

    • I love to find someone who can write. RL did a great job and I can only hope to scratch the surface of what he accomplished.

      Get the red ink ready, your on the list.

  2. Karlene permalink

    Rob, awesome review! Okay… you got me hooked. I’m on the link to buy the book!

  3. Ok, ok… I’m dense, you know… Is this your book?? And your story here is fictional…or true? Regardless, I need to get one!

    • Koji,

      You are not dense. You are very perceptive it is just that you don’t have all the facts. This is not my book. This book belongs to my good friend, brother from another mother and man who shares two of the three initials including the full last name. He is RL Akers.

      I am RE Akers, hope that clears up the confusion some. Most everything you read actually happened although I did fictionalize the conversation slightly. To the best of my knowledge, his book while a real, literal collection of words is entirely fictional. ET is not knocking on the door and the only person protecting us is not Kara Dunn.

      Although, I think it would be really cool. As always thank you for your on going support. You are a man of honor and I cant wait to write about the fictional Koji. He is going to be a bad dude, just like you.

      • Whew… Thanks for helping this old fart get things straight! I just got through with this year’s income tax returns for family and friends (not that I’m a tax accountant – I’m not) so my mind is cluttered with silly tax rules – written by our incompetent leaders we “dumbily” elected into office. LOL

      • Death and Taxes sir. I can’t speak for the death side of the equation but taxes were created by the founding fathers. Some people thought they were so smart they got their face on money. It might be time to rethink the whole thing.

        But of you are offering to do some taxes, I could put you to work. Assuming the price is right.

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