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Whose Turn Is It…

March 25, 2014
sick 1

It will be nice when the weather finally breaks. photo from yahoo



Hey Y’all,

Another week and another sickness; I don’t know if it is the weather or Seasonal Affective Disorder but the croup is kicking the crap out of the family. Sunday I picked up the stomach bug and spent the day alternating between watching my insides come out and in a drug induce coma. But I rallied and Monday morning I was out clearing brush and cutting down some trees in the backyard with a hired gun. Monday evening, I was again bed ridden this time because every muscle in my body was angry by my actions. My fingers even ached, the hired gun just laughed as my weak fingers shook as I handed over the check.

Today, my wife is under the weather which is very disturbing for us all. The kids are out of sorts, I’m out of sorts and she is just plain out of commission. To make matters worse, she is a Nurse and I know they get some type of injection in Nursing School that wards off everything from the croup to Ebola. She never gets sick but when she does it usually freaks me out. I don’t know how I survived pregnancy.

Quick story tonight. On Saturday evening, Billy G., some of you may remember him as the fictional character Billy Rimes had my wife and I over to his house for dinner with his family. Billy is in the middle of 777 training at FedEx and my wife remarked how he looked so calm and peaceful while I was a stressed out little baby on my conjugal weekend home. Anyway, Billy told the story of his wedding day and how his pants to the tuxedo were missing from the ensemble. The day after Hurricane Sandy hit New York City; Billy and his brother, Jeff found a taxi and went back to the apartment that was out of power.


sick 3

I would guess that forgetting your pants is better than forgetting the day. photo from yahoo.



The driver asked him if he was going to be able to find the pants in the dark. Billy coolly retrieved a flashlight from his jeans pocket and leaped out of the car. His brother started laughing and asked the driver if he was wondering how a man who couldn’t remember to pack the pants on his wedding day could somehow have a flashlight in his pocket in the middle of the afternoon?


sick 2

I bet this guy didn’t forget his pants. He almost has as many medals as Billy. photo from yahoo



My wife was wondering the same thing but not me because I already knew. We learned early on in Iraq that there were only two things that were absolutely essential to have on your person. Sunglasses and a flashlight; in any given twenty-four hour period you would use both of them. It was not uncommon to walk out of a pitch dark tent directly into the bright sunlight, just as it was not uncommon to see the sunrise turn into a sunset and into another sunrise. It was just the nature of the beast and to finish the story, anytime I leave the house I have sunglasses on my head and a flashlight somewhere nearby. In my backpack, there are two flashlights with extra batteries for both. I am such a boy scout.


sick 4

This would have been helpful eleven years ago. photo from yahoo



By the way, he did find his pants and the wedding went off without anyone knowing about the missing pants. Including me, that is until this past Saturday night. I thought it was an adventure but to Billy and Anne-Lise it was a comedy of errors. Here are my recollections from that weekend.




Until next time, keep on rockin.


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  1. Sorry y’all have been sick! It seems like we’ve been sharing the same cold and stomach bug around church since December. Thankfully it’s starting to warm up a little bit down here in Texas, but we’re still getting those occasional dips down into the 30’s. Cute and fun story about the wedding! Thanks for sharing! Feel better!

    • Thanks for the comment Abby. We are surviving somehow without my wife’s presence. I told her today that we can’t handle any long term serious sickness. She is too vital to the operation of the house. It will take her a week to undo all the damage I created in the 36 hours she has been out of commission.

      • “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!”
        I think every woman knows exactly what it feels like to try and fix everything back up after she’s been sick. At least you’re one of the good guys who knows exactly how much work she does! 🙂

      • That is a very nice comment. Thank you.

  2. The motto “be prepared” strikes again! My husband is like that with a pocket knife, although, there are places that is no longer appropriate!

    • Julie,

      I used to be a pocket knife kind of guy. I will tell that story of having all my knives taken from me by my crew in Iraq. Anyway, in today’s world I everywhere I go I would be violating a Federal Law if I had a knife on my body. It is too much hassle and risk so they stay in the glove compartment of the car.

  3. Karlene permalink

    Rob, this is an awesome story. Not the sick part. The be prepared! I just returned from AMS… heading to china Sat… in the mean time catching up. They are keeping me running. Two things. First… try Alkaseltzer PMs…. The fizz and the sleep aid is a combination to keep the stomach settled and get some sleep. Works wonders. Then… will you ask your friend in 777 school if there are smoke detectors in the E & E compartment. My nephew at Boeing say’s yes. A friend who went through school years ago said of course! I assumed as all the other Boeings have them. But… our manuals don’t indicate. Now… take it from the company that wrote them could have just been left out. But it’s driving me nuts. Feel better!!!!

    • Thanks Karlene,

      welcome back from Amsterdam, for those who don’t know AMS. Some people might think Academy of Military Science or the Academy of Minimum Standards but it is a real place. You might want your operating room mask with you in China. I hear the air is not up to our standards.

      I never heard of the Alka-Seltzer PM. It is amazing the things we do to get sleep when the best solution is sleeping in your own bed at night. I guess we trade a lot for our jobs.

      I know that FedEx invented a fire suppression system for the cargo hold but I don’t know about the E&E compartment. On board fire is bad but an electrical fire can be handled. A undeclared hazardous cargo fire is very scary because it might not be in a position to be dealt with using a normal EPs. I will fire him off a text and get an answer so this doesn’t drive you to drink Alka-Seltzer PMs.

      • Karlene permalink

        Lol!! Thank you. Yes… a double dose of Alka-Seltzer PMs followed by hair pulling as I wait for the answers. All the other Boeings monitor their equipment. Well… it’s just a good thing to do for pilots too. 🙂

      • There are a lot of good things for pilots to do. But my spider senses tell me your planning a new plot line for the next book. Here is your opening line. “Captain, do you smell that?”

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