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Happy New Year…

December 31, 2013
kwaj 3

I know I am posting this in 2013 but by the time most of you read this it will be 2014.
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Hey Y’all,

Welcome to the final post of 2013. It has been a wonderful year for me and my family. I hope you all have enjoyed similar blessings. On a personal note, I am finishing the final phases of training and hopefully by the end of the week everything will be complete and I can fully devote myself to writing again.

I am finding it is taking some work to force my mind to transfer from the technical, knowledge based side of the brain to the creative, innovative side. Surprisingly, it feels almost unnatural. But the good news is that I have taken the time to re-read the final 45,000 words leading up to the ending that still needs to cleaned up. The final verdict is that I still love the story. Of course, I saw a lot that needs to be edited, but the story line is strong, vibrant and exciting. The bad news is that I can’t force myself to shake off the rust and finish the final 15,000 words. But, I am not concerned. The rust will shake off and if I have any goals for 2014, it would be this. The book will be complete this year. Unless of course, it isn’t.

kwaj 4

Whoever put this list on yahoo is funny and has a tough life. I really like the drive less resolution.
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A couple of housekeeping items and a quick story. I know several of you have been worried to death about the departure of Brian Harsin as the Head Coach from the Arkansas State Red Wolves. All is well in the house of the Red Wolf. On December 19th, Blake Anderson became the 30th Head Coach in history. Coach Anderson runs a high tempo, fast pace type of offense. The best part is that Coach Anderson has a three million dollar buyout on his contract. That means that if he leaves after one year the way that Coaches Freeze (Old Miss), Malzhan (Auburn) and Harsin (Boise State) the Red Wolves will get three million dollars.

kwaj 5

Photo from the press conference. I hope he isn’t a one and done but as long as he wins ten games and brings in some recruits. All is well.
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Mark your calendar for this Sunday evening at 9PM EST. Your favorite football team will hold down the premiere television spot of the weekend. I looked at the TV schedule and unless you like the Best of Jimmy Fallon TV show (NBC) Revenge (ABC) or The Good Wife (CBS), there is nothing better to watch. Of course there is the constant repeat of Reality TV, Duck Dynasty, Pawn Stars, Storage Wars, or American Picker reruns. So toss the kids in bed early, put on some hot chocolate (or your favorite beverage), grab a seat on the couch with your favorite significant other and enjoy the Go Daddy Bowl verses Ball State. It should be a great game to watch between two high tempo offensive teams.

labor 4

I love Bowl season, especially when the Red Wolves are playing.
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Quick story, reminded of it this morning as I was on the phone with my wife. In 2000 I woke up in Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Island chain. Kwaj is a wonderful place, about 2 miles at its longest place and a 800 years at its narrowest point. There are a few hundred people who live there, mostly rocket scientists, radar technicians, and a handful of military folks. Kwaj is the location that launches missiles to test the missile defense shield of the United States. It also serves as a re-fueling stop for military aircraft transiting the Pacific Ocean.



Looks like a pork chop from the air.
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The scuba diving is ranked among the world’s bests with several hundred wrecks to explore in the lagoon. My personal tradition was to sit on the rocks at the Southern end of the runway. I always imagined that if I jumped into the water, my next stop would be Australia. It was an amazing point because you could literally see the current flow between the waves.

kwaj 2

One of the hundred things to see under the sea. This is a Japanese Zero.
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We woke up on the morning of May 5th. The date may be better known to you as Cinco de Mayo, the Mexican day of Independence. We launched out on a twelve hour flight to Hawaii with a fueling stop at Wake Island. During the flight, not only were we going forward in time by passing multiple time zones, but we also crossed the International Date Line. By the time we landed in Hawaii, it was early morning. We had flown so far that we actually got another Cinco de Mayo. I always think of that story on New Year’s Eve as I watch the celebration of the arrival of the New Year roll around the world.

Until next time, keep on rockin.


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  1. Happy New Year, Rob. I too have thought about all the times around the globe it is “new years”. It’s a man-made calendar, but somehow always fills me with hope of a whole new canvas, stretched out before me, just waiting to see where God leads!

    • Julie,

      It is a wonderful quality to be about to see the endless positive emotions when the new year arrives. Much like the birth of a child. I love that attitude!

      Happy New Year

  2. Happy New Years. I enjoy your posts. Does that say “drink” less or “Drive” less. Either way works for me. : )

    • Sandy,

      Thank you for saying hi and for the wonderfully nice comment. Makes my day, thanks.

      It is hard to read but I see it as “give up alcohol” which is crossed out and “drive less” is written in. It is my morbid humor kicking in but I think it is brilliant.

  3. So…what you’re saying is you’re a time traveler???? Please tell me you didn’t mess anything up! 😉 I find the end of the book the hardest to write and also the place most books fail. Trying to wrap everything up in a satisfying manner is always a challenge. But, I’m sure you’re up to it!

    • Abby,

      In many ways we are all time travelers. Your the only one who will see this comment so I will say it in confidence. I am almost finished, 5-7 chapters left. I added a small, minor character as an additional antagonist. My issue now, is I need to get rid of him through some type of political intrigue, but the solutions hasn’t presented itself yet. That is the only thing holding me back from being done. All is well.

      Thank you for being so supportive. I am inspired by all the encouragement and another minor secret that you probably know is that in March I will be joining you and the rest of the Magill Review as a regular contributor. I have a lot of writing irons in the fire, life is good.

      • That’s Awesome Rob! Congrats on joining us. Josh is great, really encouraging. How exciting to be so close to the end of the book. Enjoy the stress of tying all the loose ends. I have found that if a solution hasn’t presented itself just yet to go work on something else until it does. Sometimes just walking away for a few minutes is great. 🙂
        Life is great!

      • Josh has been very encouraging. I hope I can deliver what he wants.

        Last night, I think the solution came to me. It isn’t anything dramatic but it feels right for the character involved. And there is a minor character that will benefit in the future from the solution and he can come back on or about book five. It is a win/win.

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