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Life goes on….

December 17, 2013

Sometimes you just have to jump. When that happens, jump with intent.
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Hey Y’all,

Much shorter post this week, hopefully. Most of you know how I promise a short post then 2000 words later, you are still reading me drone on. What could possibly go wrong? On the training front, I am almost complete. Last night I completed the requirements for the 757/767 Type rating. In the flying world, that is kind of a big deal. A comparison might be the difference between graduating Medical School and finishing Residency. It is a big relief, this week I have some International courses scheduled and finally get to see an airplane on Saturday. So training isn’t complete, but it is actually an end in sight.

I am going to ask something of all of you, now. This past Saturday evening one of my wife’s best friends in life unexpectedly passed away. I won’t go into the details mainly because I am still not exactly sure what happened that would cause a relatively healthy 40 year old to wake up in the morning and eighteen hours later be laying in ICU with the doctors telling her family there was nothing else they could do. Her name was Margaret and her 40th birthday was Sunday, so she actually died on her birthday. Margaret was a lady of unlimited potential with an unbreakable spirit. She was a Registered Nurse, she and my wife first became friends as students in the same class. Like all of us she got to experience all of the ups and downs of life, even veering off the road from time to time. I have been there and if you’re honest you have too, I guess that is why they call it life.

So here is your challenge. Sometime this week, look at your phone contact list. Find a name that you haven’t spoken too in a while and call them. Catch up with them, remember the good times, laugh and re-connect. You might be thinking, this is a busy time of year and you will get to it when life slows down. I have a news flash, life never slows down. Just make some time, 20 minutes or so and do it. You will be glad you did. I reached out to a pilot friend today. We haven’t spoken for almost a year. A lot had changed in his life and it was great to talk.


life 1

It all starts with a simple hello.
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Fortunately my wife spoke to Margaret last Thursday. They had a great relationship and spoke regularly so there are not any regrets. But, it didn’t have to be like that. It could have easily been a friend that was never called. If you have some time throw out a prayer or positive thoughts out for Margret, her family, and friends because it don’t cost anything and it is needed.


labor 4

If the thought of the Red Wolves having success doesn’t make you happy, then you are probably a pig fan.
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On to something that is not quite as depressing. It is Bowl Season again, and yes your favorite college football team is going bowling AGAIN! The Arkansas State Red Wolves will be playing the Ball State Cardinals in the Go Daddy Bowl, Sunday 5 January. Ball State was 10-2 this year in the MAC conference. That is a conference that is stacked with some really good football teams. Northern Illinois, Bowling Green, Ball State all had 10 or more wins. Three more teams, Toledo, Buffalo and Ohio are all 7 or more wins. In a 12 team conference, that is impressive. For a mid-major conference, it is amazing.



No coach, no problem. Howl YES!
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asu wins

John Thompson, Bowl Game Head Coach for the Red Wolves. For his career, he is 4-28. In Bowl Games, he is undefeated 1-0. I think he can run his record to 2-0..
photo from yahoo, last year’s victory celebration over Northern Illinois in the Go Daddy Bowl.



The Red Wolves are the underdog again this year, and quite honestly that is fair. They only won 7 games this year and lost their third head coach in as many years. They haven’t announced a new coach yet, but considering the past three immediately moved on to bigger jobs, I am not worried. On a personal note, it feels good to be disappointed with seven wins, another bowl game, and another coaching search. It beats rooting for a team that has three wins, no bowl game again and enduring a head coach that no one wants.

I don’t know if I will get anything out before Christmas so I will say it now, Merry Christmas. I really can’t wait to be back writing and moving towards the ultimate goal of world domination! Ha ha, or at least moving towards a place that will offer choices in life. Oh yea, 730 words, mission complete!

Until then, keep on rockin!


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  1. Remember… what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Congratulations on your checkride!! This was a huge step and you did it. Way to go. Happy Holidays!!!

    • Thanks Karlene,

      I know that you know what a pain training is and even more importantly what a blessing it is to be home on a holiday. I start IOE, Saturday morning and get back to the hub at 00:01 Christmas morning. I will jump into the car and drive home. I may not make it to when my kids wake up and see what Santa brought, but I will get to spend the rest of the day with them, or at least I will sleep in the bed while they enjoy what Santa brought.

      Same to you, Happy Holidays.

  2. AGentleandQuiteSpirit permalink

    Glad to hear testing is almost done, but so sorry to hear about your wife’s loss. I’ll be praying for her and you!
    Merry Christmas!

    • Thank Abby,

      It is terrible and I don’t wish it on anyone. Thank you for the prayers.

  3. I’m so sorry for your wife’s loss and for the family. Sounds like very tragic circumstances. A warm Christmas blessing to you and your family, Rob.

    • Thanks Julie,

      Thank you for the prayers as well. The next couple of days will be doubly tough on her.

      Happy Holidays to you as well.

  4. Congrats on the training progress, that’s a wonderful Christmas present right there. And I’m very sorry for your wife’s loss and for Margaret’s family. I accept your beautiful challenge in her honor and will reach out to someone. I wish you comfort and joy for the holidays.

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