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November 13, 2013
lost ball

“Anyone seen Rob’s brain?”
Picture from yahoo.

Hey Y’all,

Well training has been everything I thought it would be and more. For the past eight days (It seems like a lifetime) I have been in school working hard, actually I have been going at 110%. Normally, I operate at about 55%, ha ha. I have been going so hard and focusing so intently that last night, I forgot to brush my teeth before bed. I was mentally trying to figure out the difference in procedures between FLCH and VNAV. After I crawled into bed, I remembered that I didn’t brush my teeth but I was so tired that I didn’t care. Training is no joke.


lost ball 4

milk carton from yahoo


I thought I had a post ready to go but I had a problem and realized it wasn’t good enough. Honestly, I don’t have an hour of free time to fix it and R.L. is busy between his work and the release of Prometheus Rebound that it is best to wait until the weekend and get it right. Look for it on Monday.




The following is from R.L.’s website announcing the release of his novel.

Prometheus Rebound is on sale now!  You can find it in softcover and Kindle editions on Amazon, or you can special order from other retailers.  But if you’re in the Charleston, WV area, you’ll find special pricing tomorrow at the book release party (Southridge Chick-fil-A from noon ’til 8pm):  $12 for a single copy, or $10 when you purchase two or more!”

“And don’t forget to watch the brand-new launch trailer on YouTube.
“Whether or not Prometheus Rebound is something you’d enjoy reading, please consider purchasing a copy as a gift for a friend.  If you’d like more of a preview of the book, sign up for email news updates at, and the site will send you the first five chapters in PDF format.  Thanks!”



lost ball 3

Captain Brad and I were in the simulator yesterday. He asked “Hit the FLCH for me please.”
“What is a FLCH?” I replied.
photo from yahoo


I wish I could do something clever to end this post. But I got nothing. I did figure out FLCH and VNAV today in the simulator, and tomorrow will be another crisis created by a lack of brain cells. Only seven more weeks until training is over. I will either get to go back to the good life.


lost ball 2

“Hey Rob, select FLCH for me.”
“Captain, I still don’t know what a FLCH is.”
photo from yahoo


Or I will be looking for a new career within the FedEx family.



lost ball 5

“How do you start this beast?”
“Press the FLCH button.”
photo from yahoo


Until next time, keep on rockin.




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  1. May the FLCH be with you– or may you at least not be flying over my house if it isn’t. 😉 Miss reading your posts but hope all is well in life.

    • Thanks for the support Julie. There are few things in my job that I really don’t like. Training is one of them. I feel like a rented mule, but the bad news is that I am not halfway yet.

      Your house is safe by the way. I have a one hour butt meaning, I don’t like to be in a airplane more than an hour. Colorado is more than an hour away from Memphis. Sleep well.

  2. We don’t need no stinkin FLCH. Hang in there, Rob.

    • Well said sir!

      I am hanging in there, unfortunately my brain is like a sponge sitting on the bottom of the ocean. I know it is wrong to say this, but I miss my 727 already.

  3. AGentleandQuiteSpirit permalink

    You can do it!!!!! And we will all wait patiently for you to get back!

    • Thanks Abby,

      I will get through the training, there is no doubt. I am not worried about myself, but I think my poor grade book is taking a beating because if me.

  4. If you figured out FLCH and VNAV… You are on your way!!! May the glass be with you!

    • Karlene,

      Thanks for the kind words. My biggest issue is trying to figure out how to be more of a computer operator and less of a pilot. It is tough to trust the box when I know that it would be so much easier to kick off the autopilot and fly the stupid jet. I guess I have a old school mentality in a young school body. Ha ha.

      Hope all is well in your part of the world, best wishes.

  5. This might sound like a Chinese fortune cookie, but “your goal is within your grasp.” Keep it up!

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