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Everyone meet new Novelist …R.L. Akers

October 14, 2013




Hey Y’all,

Before we jump into a new series, I have an info dump for you. I am going to take a break from weekly blogging for the rest of the year. All is well in my world, but life is intruding on what has become something I love. I am going to training again, FedEx has decided to retire my current airplane (727) and I start training on the (757) in early November. The past week I started the online training. With all training, it takes work and focus. Until writing pays enough to keep the lights on, these breaks in writing will always occur. I look forward to being back with y’all after the first of the year. Until then, I am launching a new series. This is a complete 360 degree turn from what I have been writing about. I hope that everyone enjoys it as much as I will.

Last year my family and I started looking for a local Church that better fit the changing needs of our family. We tried about twelve different Churches close to our home. We finally decided on a growing congregation called River Ridge. After the second visit, my kids noticed one of the teachers had the same name as my father. He and I laughed at the connection. On a personal level, I call him by his less formal name. For this series I will refer to him by his writing name, R.L. Akers.

R.L. and I started talking and immediately I felt a connection beyond our shared family name. R.L. called me one afternoon and after a short five minute conversation, I discovered that we were actually “Brothers From Another Mother.” R.L. told me that he was in the final stages of his first novel and the connection was cemented. As we spoke, I discovered that we shared many of the same interests in both our writing and in our lives. Over the past six months or so, we have become fast friends. He is a man that I admire, envy, and am proud to call a Brother.

For the next several weeks, I am going to help celebrate the launch of his novel Prometheus Rebound. Recently. R.L. and I met at a local eatery for breakfast. To illustrate the depth of my admiration for R.L., I met him at 07:00 AM. All of you, who know me, know the only time I want to see 07:00 AM is never. But this is so important to me, that I pulled myself out of bed and drove away from the house at that awful hour. R.L. and I spent the next three and a half hours talking about his novel and writing. I have never had the opportunity to have a conversation like this. We spoke only about the craft of writing and I am so indebted to his for teaching me all of his secrets.

Everyone meet R.L. Akers. He is a software developer who came to Charleston, WV ten years ago to work for a non-profit organization. Since then, he has taken on new projects, duties and goals. His blog is, and the official website for his first book is

This is a loosely translated transcript of our conversation on the morning of 11 October 2013.

“Why are you writing a novel?”

RLA: “To be honest, writing a novel has always been one of those things I’ve wanted to accomplish in life, if for no other reason than to say I’ve done it. But now, five years into this project, bringing it finally to publication, I find that I love the writing life. Whether it’s this particular novel or one of the other stories I’m working on, my goal is to write something fun and enjoyable. I’m not out to win a Pulitzer, but I hope readers will find my fiction to be compelling, with a positive world view.”

“What is the Book called?”


RLA: “Prometheus Rebound. It will be available for purchase in November.”


“How did you come up with that?”


RLA: “For most of its existence, this story had a very different working title that I absolutely loved—unfortunately, that title was hard to pronounce and would have been difficult to market, so I ultimately switched to something more recognizable. The title Prometheus Rebound is something of a play on words, on multiple levels. For one thing, it’s an obvious reference to Prometheus Bound, the Greek tragedy written by Aeschylus 2,500 years ago. My story actually contains numerous allusions to the Prometheus myth, which is why working “Prometheus” into the final title made such obvious sense.


“Dude, I am totally lost. What is a Prometheus?”


RLA: “(Laughing) There are lots of elements to the Prometheus myth, but Prometheus is probably best known for stealing fire from the gods and giving it to humankind. Within Greek mythology, he was an ally of fledgling humanity, protecting it from Zeus’s caprice, and even aiding in its development of civilization and technology. For all of these reasons, he was punished by the gods, “bound” to a rock for all eternity. There’s a great deal of rich imagery there. And no, my narrative is not directly tied to Greek mythology, but there are some very important plot point parallels.”



“What can you tell us about your book?”


RLA: “Despite its science fiction and technological trappings, Prometheus Rebound is a very human story. It simply asks “What if?” What if we faced an actual threat of alien invasion, here in the real world, today—how would society react? And if we had just a little bit of time to prepare a response, what would that response be—realistically? If the folks who follow your blog are interested in more details, they can check out my book’s description at”


There you have it friends. Next week, R.L. and I will discuss character development and the challenges he faced when writing his main character, Kara Dunn.

Until then keep on rockin.

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  1. worldsbeforethedoor permalink

    Nothing better than to hang out with another writer and just talk about writing! It’s so refreshing!

    • Abby,

      Thanks for the comments. It was just good fun. I still consider myself an amateur in the craft of writing. R.L. gave me a great lesson on how a professional approaches the work. I hope his amazing ability to craft a story comes through in the interview.

      • worldsbeforethedoor permalink

        Yes it does. Even being able to change the title of your much loved book is amazing!

      • Very true, It is so wonderful to have full control of the process.

  2. I’ve really enjoyed your series, Rob. Great stuff! Congrats on the new ride, it’s a great airplane and you’ll love it (Once you get through the training gauntlet, of course). Hurry back to the blog.

    • Thanks Harrison,

      The flying stories have been mainly for my kids so they would know who dad was before they were born. This series will be for all the writers out there. R.L.’s creativity and mind has no limits.

      Training always isn’t any fun, I don’t care who you are. But from what I have learned, I will be transitioning from a 1979 Buick Regal to a modern Cadillac. Can’t wait to get through it and get back to life.

  3. What a lovely common bond you two share. Thank you for introducing us to a new writer (for me, anyway).

    • Thanks Julie,

      R.L. is one of those people that the Earth seems to rotate around. He is just plain and simple a wonderfully perfect human, just like you. I hope you enjoy the series.

  4. At first I thought you had published! Isn’t that the neatest thing: to run into someone who shares the same name. This was a great (possibly divine) connection for you, Rob. When are you going on hiatus for training? We all understand that real life often interrupts our virtual lives. I’ve much to do myself, and need to whittle it down quite a bit to get it all accomplished.

    • Swifty,

      In many ways it is a Divine connection. an important person in my life and not just the writing life. His attitude, belief systems and spirituality are hugely influential. He is as squared away as anyone I have ever known. I hope that transfers to you guys as the series progresses.

      In my writing life, I have needed a partner. I’m not saying that by brother isn’t a vital part of the process, but we live 600 miles apart. We e-mail, and text regularly and occasionally call but our process is mainly electronic because of life. That is great and we are making great progress in-spite of the limitations.

      But with R.L. around, I can call him and catch a cup of coffee or have him to the house for lunch. He has done what I want to do, written a novel. He is learning about promotion, on-line marketing, sales, e-publishing, self-publishing, ect. R.L. will hopefully, hold my hand as I proceed next year.

      We have spoken about the possible confusion that might occur when there are two books, written by different authors with nearly identical names, living two miles apart, and in remotely similar genres. R.L. saw this way before I did, and he has reacted accordingly. Maybe it is Divine intervention.

      I am in training mode right now as my writing time has been filled by 757 systems, but officially training starts in November. The competition date is early January. I have shut down work on the book and the only writing I am doing is to get this series complete before November so I know how far in advance the blog will continue.

      I am sure I can find a few moments to get out something short and reply to the comments, but really there wont be much going on writing wise. Last time, when I left the WD writing prompts, I never really went back. I don’t want that to happen with the blog. The connections I have made are central to everything I plan on doing. Plus I have grown to love it.

      Enough for now, thanks for the support from day 1. You are one of the special people to me and I long for the day when you, Julie, Big Joe, Erica and I are all the headlining speakers at a big time writing conference.

  5. Rob, Thank you for a great introduction. I will definitely be on my way to check out R.L. Akers. And looking forward to his book.
    Also, have a fun time on that 757! She’s a great plane and you’ll have fun. She may not want to go down and slow down at the same time… but she does behave. It’s ATC (or other planes) that cause the problems. 🙂 Enjoy!!!

    • Hey Karlene,

      Welcome back from all points. R.L. has a great site and his book trailers are amazing. We will be talking about them sometime soon. His premise is simply wonderful and the level of detail that he goes is impressive.

      So far in my studies I am learning that I am moving up from a antique truck to a Cadillac. The systems are so clean and initiative. The FMS and other systems are magic but reasonable. I am glad to finally be moving to a modern jet, this things has foot heaters and shoulder heat. Are you serious? I be somebody. Ha ha.

  6. Seems like those writing midi-chlorians run strong in the Akers line. Glad you made the connection. The great thing about blogs is they’re patient. They can wait until you’ve handled your real world business (‘sides, it’ll give you something new to write about when you get back). Best on luck with your training!

    • Rhyan,

      I thought I replied to this earlier. I apologize for the wait.

      I don’t know much about midi-chlorians, I don’t even know how to describe that word. Way above my intelligence level. But here in West Virginia, we would describe it as same tree different limb. Ha ha.

      Thanks for the best wishes. All is going to be well and I will be around, I will just keep a low profile.

      • No worries.

        Midi-chlorians is a word introduced in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace to explain the intelligent microscopic life forms that live symbiotically inside the cells of all living things that when present in sufficient numbers, they could allow their host to detect the pervasive energy field known as the Force.

  7. I just want to express my appreciation to Rob for all the effort he’s putting forth to help promote MY book. Rob, you’re also making me blush with all the compliments and favorable characterizations of me! Tone it down, man — I can’t possibly live up to the picture you’re painting! 🙂 In all seriousness, I’m honored to call you friend, and I too have greatly enjoyed our conversations about writing; it’s refreshing to talk shop with someone who has the same interests. We need to do breakfast again… and now that I know 7:00 is too early, maybe we can do something more reasonable. You know, like 7:30.

    • R.L.

      You are most certainly welcome. Please make yourself welcome here, anytime. I am glad to have the opportunity to do this series. We are both going to be blessed because it helps us both.

      You wont live up tot he picture I am painting, you will shatter it because the real thing is always better than a picture. I hope that I am able to make you come alive as a writer and a person. The real R.L. is so much cooler than the words I have been writing.

      You are right that 7AM is too early. I am thinking 7:05 will be much better. Ha ha.

  8. Rob, looking forward to hearing about your experiences on the training and the 757 in future!

    • Thanks Nina,

      I am quickly learning there are some wonderful things and some not so wonderful things about the 757.

      The not so wonderful thing is the FMS is running an old school processing system. Apparently it is very slow to react to changes and process updates. On the line, many people have warned me to turn off the box, fly with manual mode and when the box catches up, then turn it back on.

      The wonderful thing is that I am moving up from 1950 technology to 1980 technology. It feels like moving from a old pick-up truck to a Cadillac.

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