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Happy Labor Day

September 2, 2013

I’m not sure if the 30 seconds of fun was worth the lifetime of work.


Hey Y’all,

Got some quick thoughts to share with y’all. First of all, I would like to extend a Happy Labor Day to all the expectant moms out there. It is tough carrying around that little human monster in your belly. But not near as tough as when they turn six and start talking back. Maybe we should have Parent’s Day, it could be a day where the kids serve the parents. Oh wait, that is the day when the kids take you to the “Assisted Living Facility” where the ever attentive staff wait on you hand and foot making your wildest dreams come true. Maybe this isn’t the best idea for a national holiday.


labor 2

I wonder what Rob has to eat in his house?


Speaking of kids, this week my son had his sixth birthday. As a part of the birthday week of continuous parties, he had a sleepover last night. Right now, I am watching three boys play army/dinosaurs/star wars/Hulk/Barbie/every other toy in the house. Just because my wife and I are loving parents, we invited a couple of friends over for my daughter as well. Last night, we had six kids in the house. Amazingly enough, it was a great time and as drama free as a family can have with a three year old boy, two six year old boys, a nine year old girl, a ten year old girl and a twelve year old girl all refusing to go to bed.


labor 3

I thought he would have had better food than this.


I am amazed at how much these kids eat. They are not children, they are locust. In about eighteen hours they devoured, a gallon of milk, two containers of chocolate milk syrup, a loaf of bread, a pack of hotdogs, a box of mac and cheese, a bag of apples, a container of orange juice, half a box of cheerios, and a twenty pack of matchbox cars. The cars were destroyed by the Incredible Hulk and a hammer. I am not worried about how much the kids ate. I don’t know how a family of six can support themselves. Not counting the twenty dollars’ worth of cars that were destroyed. The locusts easily ate twenty-five dollars’ worth of food. It is expensive to have a large family. Maybe all you prospective dads should think about that before you help a woman celebrate Labor Day.


labor 4

Glad football is back.


I am very glad football has started. My son’s flag football team is still undefeated mostly because they don’t keep score. If they did keep score, we would be 0-3. But we have scored two touchdowns, so we are improving. The real Arkansas State Red Wolves won their opening game last week. This week is the revenge game with Auburn. Last year, Gus Malzhan left the Red Wolves just hours following their season ending victory to go to Auburn as their head coach. That is fine, what wasn’t so fine is that he took all but four of his coaches with him. The team rallied together and won the Bowl Game. I fully expect Auburn to win the game, but it would be very nice to go down there, collect a million dollar paycheck, and walk out with a victory. Go Red Wolves!


labor 5

I am available if anyone wants to not pay me for my autograph. Must be nice to be a amateur athlete.


Since I am on College Football. I have a thought about Johnny Manziel. It is easy to bash on the guy because he is a punk who doesn’t respect the game, his teammates, his opponents, his University, or the NCAA. Yesterday I was talking with a friend and I said the Lord blessed be with zero athletic ability or musical talent. When I was a twenty year old college kid, if I had just won the Heisman Trophy, had a cool nickname, held a press conference with 2,500 grown men hanging on my every word, and had just beaten the NCAA enforcement team; I shudder to think how much of a punk I would have been. By the way, Johnny Football antics can’t compare to the mayhem created by Elvis, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Kiss, Motley Crue, or Lindsey Lohan when they were twenty year olds.


labor 7

Peace sells but who is buying?


Finally, what should we do about Syria? Bomb them to the stone age or leave them alone? I don’t care because I don’t think militarily it matters. If ordered to drop bombs in anger, the men and women of the Air Force, Navy and Marines will do a great job. They are highly experienced following Iraq and Afghanistan. I have the upmost confidence they will blow up everything of value, which isn’t much by the way. War is just an extension of politics, but I am afraid that we as a nation are not being told the full story.


labor 6

A little bit of country and a little bit of rock-n-roll.


My friend Paul and I were talking last week and I told him I didn’t understand why we were upset about Syria and why the Russians seem to oppose us at every turn. He sent me this link.
And this one too’s_Syrian_Intervention

Don’t be fooled about what you see on the evening news. This is about oil, natural gas pipelines meaning this is about big time money deals. The Saudi’s also told President Putin they controlled the Chechen Rebels. The Boston Bombers were Chechen. I don’t know if there are any connections, but it would make a compelling story for an enterprising novel writer. Is truth stranger than fiction? Ask the Syrians while they watch the bombs falling from the sky.


labor 8

Don’t play at the swing set that has the big gun next to it.


Enjoy your barbeque and until next time keep on rockin.


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  1. Little bit of this n’ that post. My sister raised four boys. When they were all of varying stages of adolescence, I would marvel at the amount of milk and bread she bought to try and keep them full Enjoy your day, Rob!

    • Thanks Julie,

      My wife said the same thing this afternoon as we were driving to return the kids and have a small Labor Day cookout. I told her that I guess I had a lot on my mind so I guess it is true.

      I am not sure how my family makes things work financially from time to time. I don’t think we could support three or four more mouths. Twenty bucks a day adds up quickly.

      Hope you enjoyed your day as well.

  2. Happy Labor Day! To you and all the mothers. 🙂

  3. I hope you had a nice holiday weekend, Rob. Your son is six…what a nice age. I loved the “undefeated, mainly because they don’t keep score.” LOL. I really enjoy watching kids that age go out there, learn coordination, and just play their hearts out. I really DON’T enjoy parents who take it too seriously at that age. Let your son be a superstar elsewhere. Peace!

    • Thanks Mike,

      I try really hard not to be that parent. When my son was playing basketball, same deal no score kept, he was guarded by a big kid who was grabbing, pulling, and pushing my son. Of course, I am focused on my son because I am dad. I started getting upset because no one was making the other kid play right. And my son was getting upset because he didn’t like being pushed around.

      My son came over to sit with me when it was his turn to take a break. We were talking about that kid and I told him to push back and tell the kid, “Get off me you stinky gorilla.” My son started laughing and it has become a joke in our house. But in the moment, I was totally serious. And yes, I got in trouble with my wife. So yes, I can be that parent. I will work on the peace aspects of life. Thanks for reminding me to be a positive influence for change in the world. That is something else I tell my son often.

  4. War is big business – the biggest ever. First we destroy, then we (try to) rebuild and —

    • Thanks Eric for stopping by.

      Yes war is big business. When we invaded Iraq in 2003, they were expecting to find 1950s era technology. They were shocked to find 1900 technology. It was inefficient but it worked. We didn’t re-build in that case, we built and starting from scratch is very expensive.

      In Syria we will blow up all the 1980s soviet scraps so the Russians can sale brand new weapons to Assad. What a racket, and the USA is at the front of the trouble makers.

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