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August 26, 2013

This is Timmy from the TV show “South Park” The kids of South Park called him Timmmmmmah….This show is highly inappropriate, offensive, and not suitable for anyone to watch. It is the type of show that I enjoy, but as it went on I grew tired of it. On the show, the other characters made fun of this Tim. Photo from yahoo.



Hey Y’all,

I have to apologize to a number of you who regularly follow my site. The title of this post is very misleading. Many people who will be reading this might be expecting something about our former Commander who we called Timmy after the character on South Park. It was not necessarily a term of endearment. In fact, I have been considering writing about him and our collective experience in early August 2003. That is where we our unit was split into two separate halves. The Go Homes and the Leftovers. But that story elicits a very raw negative emotion from me and I don’t want to write anything that might be misunderstood. I am still thinking about how to best describe this part of my life. So for now, I will leave that story on the shelf.


timmy 1

Josh’s creation is The Legend of Tim Higgelmottham.


Recently, I agreed to take part in a writing collaboration project. This project is hosted by my friend Josh McGill over at his site . Josh has a great writing site and a wonderfully creative mind. One of his ideas is to enlist the help of fifteen different writers in creating a story. The twist is that each writer has only 100 words to tell their section of the story. My section was posted today. Here is the link.

I was the fourth writer on the project. Here are the other writers and their sites should you be able to follow their work.
August 5 (Posted above) — Josh Magill, Editor of The Magill Review
August 12 — Joe Owens, The pen behind “Joe’s Musings” and TMR Contributing Writer
August 19 — Erica Hines, The inspiration for “A Short A Day.”
August 26 — Rob Akers, Writer of his own blog here.
September 2 — Thaddeus Howze, a writer at Hub City Blues.
September 9 — Elvis Alves, author of the poetry collection, Bitter Melon. Check him out here.
September 16 — Justin Cascio, a former managing editor at GMP. His work can be found at his main blog here and here for cooking.
September 23 — M.L. Swift, the “master of the house” at M.L. Swift, Writer
September 30 — Abby Jones, spinner of urban fantasy at Worlds Before the Door.
October 7 — Alexander Ikawah, author of Creative Samples Kenya.
October 14 — Franklin Durden, a beginning writer looking to share more. His writing can be seen here.
October 21 — Ambrozya, a muse for many on her own blog.
October 28 — Angela Magill, Contributing Writer to The Magill Review.
November 4 — Karlene Petitt, author of the aviation thriller, “Flight for Control.” You can read about her here.
Here is the work so far.

The Legend of Tim Higgelmottham

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Tim Higgelmottham, and he was a loser. His loser status was officially recognized at the Semi-Annual Conference on Lameness, Loserdom, Excessive Weirdness, and Disgusting Smells—SACLLEWDS for short. The co-Chairs of the committee—Lucy Windham and Tommy Ribbins—presided over the conference. Lucy and Tommy, both 3rd graders at the height of their power, reigned over Nikola Tesla Elementary School with an iron fist, covered with spiky things dipped in dog snot. In this social climate, most concluded that the best choice was to live quiet lives and pray that Lucy and Tommy’s reign would be brief due to their families moving, alien abduction, or the President finally coming down on tyrannical elementary school dictators.

By Richard Eaker


Until four days ago, Tim had been relatively okay with most of his classmates—even considered somewhat cool. The “incident,” as it had come to be known, changed all that. Now he was simply a loser, someone no other child would be seen with. The moment Lucy heard of the “incident” she pounced at the opportunity to publicly shame Tim—her old nemesis. In her mind, this would be her legacy.

“Tim Higgelmottham. You are charged with being a loser due to suspicion of bed wetting,” said Lucy, from her judge’s perch atop the monkey bars. “How do you plea?”

By Josh McGill


Tim stood stock still, but could feel so many eyes boring into him that he could not help but tremble. Lucy was a despicable little girl, always determined to be in control of her situation. She was the brains and Tommy the muscle, mainly because he was three inches taller than anyone else. Widespread suspicion was that he was older than nine, perhaps even eleven. Tim could only mutter a short phrase: “It’s not true!”

Lucy allowed the cruel smile, known as her trademark, to curl into her lips. She had proof that unknowing Tim count not refute—video proof.

By Joe Owens

“But it’s not true,” Tim said vehemently, looking around.
Lucy held out her still baby fat hand to Tommy, who produced the video evidence.
“So you deny you wet the bed and call the person a liar?”
Tim didn’t immediately answer, as he knew he had to carefully craft his answer.
He hadn’t done that since kindergarten. He remembers feeling something warm stream down his leg and seeing his door close behind a shadow. He never understood why she hated him. Her contempt started soon after his mom and her dad said ‘I do,’ and moved into his mom’s house.

By Erica Hines

After school, Tim sat alone on the curb waiting for his dad to pick him up. Tim’s dad parked and bear-hugged his son. “Sorry, I’m late.”
“Your beard is thick. How was Afghanistan?”
“Productive.” The Navy SEAL replied.
His dad cried while Tim explained the predicament. Dad angrily dumped his ever-present tan rucksack onto the concrete. He handed over Sea Marker, Vaseline, grease pencil, micro video camera, and gloves.
“Tim, these are tools. Your mind is the ultimate weapon.”
“Dad, is this fair?”
“Nothing is fair about war. No mercy. ”
“Will mom be mad?”
“Yes, but you’re worth it.”

By Rob Akers

Thank you for indulging me with this post. As an aside, this is post number 100. Thank you all for supporting me in this project. I am so a blessed man. Thank You All!

Until next time, keep on rockin’.

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  1. Love it! Love the project and how it turned out. ps- My daughter finished 3rd grade in June, and the “Lucy” in her school isn’t this bad. But close. It felt really good to imagine how Timmy really earns his legendary status…lol. And congrats on post #100!!

    • Thanks Gina.

      My daughter also just finished 3rd grade. Fortunately no Lucy in her class either. It has been fun to be a part of the project. I would like to do this again.

  2. Your section is so funny. I love how you brought your theme into it. Can’t wait to see where this goes, and of course, read Mike’s contribution. That oughta get creative!

    • Thanks Julie,

      I hope that I gave the other writers enough tricks to explore and use in their submissions. Yes, I fully expect Mike to hit a home-run when it is his turn. This is his kind of genre.

  3. Erica permalink

    Congrats on the 100th post old man. That is quite the short story so far.

    How’s Eddie doing? I’m in the midst of co-writing a novel. I’m flat out like a lizard drinking, no doubt about it. (Excuses, excuses, but at least they really are to do with writing.) Okay, enough chit-chat for this month.

    • Thanks Erica.

      The story hopefully will get better as some real writers grab the storyline. My goal was just to not embarrass myself and give them something to work with. You know me, I don’t think I am much of a writer. Ha ha.

      Eddie is going right along, and life is hard for the guy. Today poor Eddie finds himself undercover posing as a pedophile at a resort for pedophiles in Thailand. Being the eyes and ears of the team he has to walk the grounds of the resort, interact with the bad guys and he will make a gruesome discovery (new twist that popped into my brain last night). If I get to it today, Eddie will go into the jungle to help a teammate that was attacked by a Bengal tiger.

      He doesn’t know how happy he will be to climb back into an airplane to fly into a cyclone. Sometime then, he will unknowingly meet future team pilot “Chip.” Life is good.

      Before you crawl back under your rock. Tell us more about what your are co-writing.

      • Erica permalink

        Ah yes, there’s nothing like a night or two at a pedophile resort (my stomach churns at the thought). A good cyclone, on the other hand, will cheer anybody up.

        The old ‘I can’t write’ line is wearing thin, buddy, especially considering it was questionable in the first place.

        Maybe I’ll write a post about my co-writing exploits. If I remember how. It’s pure YA adventure. Nothing clever about it, just good old-fashioned fun. (My first attempt was complex and dark; my second more promising; after this, my third novel, I’m hoping to produce something good.)

        The fun never ends, eh.

      • Actually, I think Eddie likes the Pedophile resort more than the club that he had to spend a couple chapters in a few thousand words ago. That was a stomach churning chapter to write. He knows he is getting close to making things right.

        I love that your doing a pure YA adventure. The world needs fun stories and I am sure that you and your co-author are doing a great job. I would love to see a post about this and more specifically, how is it working with another writer? What is the process and how do you collaborate?

        Thanks for saying hi.

  4. I’ve been so looking forward to your entry, Rob, and you didn’t disappoint! I love how you took the military experience and worked it in—man, that was PERFECT. Timmy’s dad is gonna show him how to fight his battles…very nice twist, and very believable. Oh…excitement abounds. Very excellent entry into the story.

    And thanks for the insightful comment on my blog. You are a true blue good man, Charlie Brown.

    • Thanks Mike. I wasn’t sure how to take my section but when Erica threw out mom and the step dad. It felt like Tim was being teamed up on and things needed to be evened out. I really wanted his dad to be something other than a SEAL like a James Bond or Jason Borne type super spy. But because they are at the forefront of our collective conscience, I figured I could get a lot of mileage out of just two words. Working with only 100 words is tough but I know you will make some magic with your section.

      I think the sides are set and it is a even playing field. Tim isn’t alone in this fight anymore. But honestly my entire goal was to not embarrass myself.

      If you would please not say anything about me making insightful comments on your site. I have a reputation of being a knucklehead to keep up. It is good that no one reads the comments so the secret is still safe. Ha ha.

      I think you are the real deal and I am pulling for you. Keep smiling!

  5. Why oh why, am I both terrified and happy my addition isn’t for a few more weeks????

    • There is no reason to be terrified. The water is warm and inviting, just jump in. Oh yea, don’t mind the alligators. They are just training aids, they probably wont bite.

  6. All of you did great on this. Thank you for the opportunity to moderate it. Three more writers to go …

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