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As if I haven’t stepped on enough toes…

August 8, 2013
clue 3

Hey Neighbor, don’t mind me. I am just hanging out. All photos from yahoo and approved for use by the NSA.

Hey Y’all,

In the last post, I took out a small stick and deliberately poked the NSA bear. Many of you probably think I have lost my mind. Unless I want to be treated like Elian Gonzalez, I should explain myself.


We represent the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. We are just here to help. Of all the things our government has done in the last twenty years. This single act bothers me the most.

When I first read Piper Bayard’s post about words Homeland Security uses to identify potential terrorists. I thought to myself that is cool, maybe I can use that in my writing. Then I read her suggestion to write a long sentence using those key words that the HSA uses it identify potential terrorists. I thought to myself that she had a dumb idea. But the more I thought about it, I wondered why I was scared to write a simple sentence. The answer is exactly what you all were thinking. Why would anyone in their right mind intentionally do something to fall on the radar of the Department of Homeland Security?

nsa 6

Hey, what are you doing over there?

Being on the radar of a 20 year old NSA analyst is one thing, but taunting the government is something else entirely. As of today 8 August 2013, the NSA has emphatically denied that they read e-mails from American citizens. They continue to deny that they collect the content of cell phone conversations, texts, or other communication that originates and ends to phones within the United States. The NSA categorically denies that they spy on American citizens. In theory I have nothing to fear.

Their mission is to protect the citizens of the United States from all foreign threats. I am protected as an American citizen by the Constitution of the United States along with the Bill of Rights. I am a law abiding citizen, I served the military, I pay my taxes and I even vote. I have thought this phrase many times. “I don’t care if they look at everything. I don’t do anything wrong, what do I have to fear?”

clue 10

I promise I wont do anything improper with your information. You can trust me.

I have about 170 followers (Thank You All). On average I get five likes and five public comments with each post. I get additional couple of texts, e-mails or verbal comments from friends and family. Maybe everyone is busy this week or maybe everyone is afraid of knowing me anymore. I don’t want to make assumptions based on a single post. But it is odd to say the least that everyone is so quiet about this topic. Could it be the specter of the NSA looming over you?

nsa 5

The Constitution will protect you.

My goal for the last post was to illustrate the simple problem that we have today. If you hesitated before commenting on the last post, then I would suggest that you contact your elected representatives. Voice your concerns.  If you think we are rapidly heading towards becoming a police state, contact your elected representatives. If you are afraid that storm troopers are going to kick in your door, start prepping.

clue 4

Best advice ever!

Please when you contact them, don’t rant. Just plainly state the facts without commentary. If you add partisan comments, your thoughts will be minimized. Don’t get mad, I am just telling you the truth. I don’t normally advocate things like this. But I really feel that our rights as American citizens are in danger, and now is a good time to voice our concerns. Now is the time to start paying attention to the activities of the NSA. The election cycle of 2014 is a good time to act on the information that we discover between now and then. I place a high value on my civil liberties, my freedoms and the rights I enjoy as a citizen on the United States. I hope you do as well.

Before I end my ranting, please allow me to say one more thing. I do not believe the current NSA actions have anything to do with President Obama’s policies. I do not believe that the NSA practices have anything to do with President Bush’s policies following 9-11. I believe the current version of the NSA is a natural evolution of a government program that has existed since the late 1940s. Capabilities have finally caught up with desires. For me it is that simple. I do not think there is a nefarious intent on behalf of any elected official to spy on us. They may illegally use collected information, but that is a by-product. Not the underlining goal/purpose of the program.

clue 6

I like these two guys. They make me laugh.

I have minimal respect for all elected officials. I do believe that if left unchecked, they exist to serve themselves, gain power and accumulate wealth. At their very core, they are self-serving, arrogant, pompous, individuals who lack moral wisdom, clarity, or anything resembling original thought. In short they are the lowest form of human, existing on the human level of worm or cockroach.

clue 5

This guy was great as well.

But, they are still Americans regardless of their political persuasion or personal flaws. They do have a definite love for this nation. More importantly, they will sway to the overwhelming views of their voting constituents. If enough people give voice to our thoughts, they will obey your will. Contrary to what the media might say, the NSA and the government exist to make our lives safer. We do not exist to be pawns of the few in positions of power.

clue 7

My kind of guy here.

Otherwise, the natural evolutional process will continue to become something we don’t want and cannot oppose.

clue 8

This is a photo of all the elected officials that I respect.

Until next time, keep on rockin!

  1. Rob, way to speak your mind in an opinion piece. I’m not really a contact-the-government kind of gal, not very political. I realize that this may seem like a sin to some, but it’s where I’m at. I’m a lovah. But yes, there is a lot of boundaries crossed. One has only to fly to see that.

    • Actually I am less political than I let on. It is always a easy topic to blog about. I do keep up with the news because I do think it is important to be informed. But actively political, not even close. I have written my elected officials just once and that was because of a post I did here. It was about the NSA spying program.

      Thank you for your courage by replying to this post. I am sure you are on their list now. When I was in Survival School, I was able to resist for a while. Until Mongo came in the room and bounced me off the ceiling like a basketball. I sang like a canary after that. So I can probably hold out for 15-20 second before I tell them that you are the ring leader. Good Luck!

      Best wishes to you and your son.

  2. Karlene permalink

    Interesting. I missed your last post. I think I was on a ten day trip. I’m sure they’re watching. Hell… Google is watching! I sent an email to my girlfriend about a massage and she told me she teaches couple massages. Guess what I get on an Amazon or living social deal… a coupon for a couples massage. So… people are reading and it’s not just government. But… what can we do? Give them something fun to read about. Sounds like the making of a good novell

    • Karlene,

      I am glad you didn’t hit me up from overseas. You would have been in big trouble for sure.

      So your e-mailing a girlfriend about couple massages and you got some coupons from Amazon? That’s lucky, if the snooping engines were not as efficient there is no telling what kind of advertisements you might have gotten.

      Actually, the recent news about the NSA has inspired me to start a new thread in the book about a NSA analyst tracking the good guys. The character is a young guy with a Doctorate from Stanford. While in San Fran he got hooked on Metallica. He uses the spy programs to keep up with the new unreleased music from the group. He also monitors their phones and e-mail. He is a super stalker. He also likes to listen to random intimate phone calls. He is a real scumbag, I like him.

      Glad your back in the States. Hope you enjoy your time off.

  3. Rob…you crack me up. This was actually fun…to read and to get paranoid about.

    No, I don’t believe that a thousand little recent college graduates interning with the government are sitting in a big room divided into cubicles and reading millions of emails. But…I do believe that a computer is able to do it.

    If a person thinks for one minute that the gov’t doesn’t have the capability to do this, then let them just look at Facebook. I will type something and the next thing you know, an ad for that item will show up on my feed. Same with email. So there. Evidence that through keyword search, computers are able to hone into our tastes to try to cater to us. To make money.

    Is it a stretch to think that the gov’t isn’t doing the same?

    Good post, Rob.

    • Swifty,

      In my fiction it is fun. In real life, I am getting paranoid (I think this word is on the magic list, darn the luck) as well. I told a friend that I keep seeing black helicopters circling the house. He said that was a stupid thing to say, because everyone knows they use drones now days. So now I keep seeing black drones circling my house.

      I don’t think there are thousand college rejects reading this reply to you. I agree the computer does all of that. The point of the character in my story, is that the analyst and his buddies program the computer to identify potentially interesting snippets and that is the information they abuse. It is fiction, and it makes more sense as a complete chapter in the book.

      I really hesitate to post small sections of the work on the blog. I just don’t want my blog to be about posting sections. I would prefer to produce original content about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. But, if you would like a snippet, send me a e-mail.

      Thanks for saying hi and coming in from the cold. Things will be okay. There is strength in numbers and if there are enough of us, it really breaks up the water boarding because they have to stop to fill the bucket again. Just remember this one thing. Julie is the ring leader. Stick with that story and it will go better for us.

  4. worldsbeforethedoor permalink

    Lol….while I think we might vote in different parties, I will say that I pretty much agree with you. It has been a very long time since I think I vote for anyone whole-heartedly. I get pretty fed up with politicians in general. Carry on with the poking! 🙂

    • Abby,

      Most of the parties I go to are birthday parties. But if I get to vote on a type of party I would like to go too…I would say a party on the patio.

      I will continue to poke the bear as you request. But remember this, I cannot be trusted to keep my information secure. If asked about vampires, zombies, serial killers, and watching military movies. I will dime you out. And since you live in LA, you can bet they will come down hard on you.

      • worldsbeforethedoor permalink

        Yes….but here in LA as you put it, we still have some freedom like um guns… now that I’ve poked the bear really hard….. also, I’m sure I’m on a list somewhere….all the strange things I’ve googled over the years.
        My favorite party is a wine and cheese party: A cheesy action flick with lots of beer, wine and cheese!

      • I know people from Lower Arkansas and let me tell you something. Y’all aren’t as cool as you might think. Your state capital is named after a man from Tennessee. Sammy Houston, Dave Bowie and Danny Crocket are all also guys who couldn’t cut it in Tennessee. So don’t give me this line about you got your guns so you are free.

        “Don’t hate on me, I’m just saying.” Talk about poking the bear, I am about to tick off an entire state. Ha ha.

        IF I am still invited to the party, I can whine like the best of them. I will fit right in.

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