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Chapter 71…

July 27, 2013

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Now leave me alone, I have more games to play.


Hey Y’all,

I have been a busy boy. This week my wife and daughter attended a Church camp. It was a first time for both of them. My daughter is 9 and my wife was the camp nurse, not a camper. Ha ha. So my son and I were bachelors all week. We had a great time of eating coco-puffs, staying up late and watching too much Disney TV.

During that time, I had the privilege of reading my good friend Joe Schwartz’s second book, The Crossover Brand. He asked me to review it as an beta reader. Of course I jumped at the chance, and it is a ride. Joe always does great work and trust me when I say that James and Rory are finding some fun trouble. There was one character that I didn’t care for and I commented to Joe about her. That comment drew one the highlights of the week. A phone call from Big Joe. This was the first time we actually spoke in person, and what a pleasure. Joe is as warm, funny, insightful and intelligent as you would assume from his blog.


busy 3

The cover of Joe’s first book
if you want to purchase it, click here.

If you would like to read it and promise to do a review on Amazon. E-mail me and I will get you in touch with Joe.


Because of that hour long conversation, I am fired up and cranking out some chapters in my own personal work. I need to get back to Joe’s book as well. Like I said I am a busy boy.


busy 2

Woody Hayes is my mentor as a coach.


In addition I am going to coach my son’s Upward Flag Football team. Upward is a church league activity that promotes good sportsmanship, team work and doesn’t keep score. My team is composed of 1st and 2nd graders.  But, I am excited at my first crack of football coaching. I am going to install a hybrid of a pro style offense mixed with the read-option. I have 72 different formations already and have three weeks before the games start. On defense, I will run an aggressive, blitz oriented Tampa-2 sprinkled with attributes of a 3-4.


busy 1

“I told you to run 42/slant/indigo/Memphis/river/dog/5. Are you stupid? Did you fail 1st grade?”


I will leave you with a sample chapter from my unpublished book, Soldiers of God. This is hot off the press. All comments are welcome.

Until next time, keep on rockin!


busy 4

It isn’t cool to be in the glare of the spotlight.


Chapter 71

“This is the finger of God!” the magicians exclaimed to Pharaoh. But Pharaoh’s heart remained hard. He wouldn’t listen to them, just as the LORD had predicted. Exodus 8:19

24 January 00:05 The apartment of Merit Nilisson above the Go Mi Restaurant, Khorat Thailand

Joseph made himself comfortable on the dresser, resting his feet on the end of the small bed. Flanked on either side by Adam and Samson; they each held a laser pointer and a flash light. The only sound was the oscillating fan in the corner.

Joseph began speaking in a whisper, raising his voice each time until he woke the people sleeping in the bed. “Helmut…Helmut…”

Son-Klin woke first and screamed. Helmut sat up in bed. The room grew suddenly silent when the twin lasers broke through the darkness coming to rest on the chest of the husband and wife.

Joseph spoke in Thai. “Helmut, I heard you were looking for me. Well here I am.”

Helmut shuffled in the bed. Son-Klin replied. “He not Helmut. He is Merit.”

“Son-Klin I am sorry, in the morning you may want to find a good marriage counselor. Or maybe a lawyer, should you be unable to forgive him.”

“Forgive him for what?” She cried.

“The man you married is not Merit Nilisson. He is actually Helmut Boll, a former member of the East German secret police. He defected to the United States in 1985. I could bore you with the details, but I trust your husband will tell you everything after we leave. What he may not tell you is that he is an Executive Vice President of the Friedman’s Club. He oversees the Southwest Territory including an exclusive resort that is located a mere thirty miles from here. It is a resort for pedophiles. Have I told any lies yet, Helmut?”

Helmut shuffled again. “Yes, these are all lies. I am Merit Nilisson, you have me confused with someone else.”

“I was afraid you would say that.” Joseph clicked a button on a tape recorder. If was old school technology but he loved the effect of the audible click. It had an ominous sound that could not be mimicked by digital recorders. It was one of the most effective tools in an interrogator’s bag of tricks. The conversation between Helmut and Mitchell played in its entirety. Joseph clicked off the tape recorder and tossed it on the bed. “You can keep that. I have several copies. Now Mr. Boll, I am going to ask you this only once. If you answer it to my satisfaction, I promise you that I will forget I have the recording, or that we even had this encounter. Where is Jimmy Reynolds?”

“How would I know?”

Joseph’s voice softened which heightened the tension in the room. “You don’t get it do you? I am here to find that boy. I am here to find all the boys that you kidnapped. I will find the five kidnapped Malay boys. I am here to put an end to your business. Everyone connected to this perverse resort will find themselves the focus of the world’s law enforcement community. Who do you think you are? You cannot stop us because God is on our side. Throughout history, people have tried to fight God. They have all failed. I know you don’t believe in God, but when your life is over. You will find out that I was right…”

Joseph paused to recompose himself before continuing. “At this moment, my only concern is the location of the boy. Your only concern should be to avoid all of the heartache, pain and misery that accompany being the focus of the police. If you just answer my question, I promise we walk away. Please tell me where to find Jimmy.”

Helmut sat silent, Son-Kiln wept.

“I am leaving you my card in case you change your mind. Son-Kiln, please help break through his wall of unbelief. Helmut, the next time we meet I will not be in a forgiving mood. Lights please.” Samson and Adam turned on their flashlights, temporarily blinding Helmut and Son-Kiln. The three men disappeared into the night.

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  1. Donetta permalink

    liked it

  2. Rob,

    A fleet of thank you’s are coming your way. Yes, I will grant a free electronic copy of The Crossover Test to any and all of your clan as long as they submit a candid review on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. It may seem like a ton of work, but it really isn’t.

    The scene is tight. I could cut the tension with my Bowie knife. Well done, mate.

    Now for the important stuff…football! Don’t dismiss the 4-3 defense so casually. I know you’re an old school football guy, but it works for the Cowboys, yeehaw!

    • A fleet of thank you’s? Wow, I would have been happy with a filet of thank you. You are very kind sir.

      Thank you for the comment about the scene. It may not stay in this form, my brother has been itching to write this one, but I came to it in the re-write. I didn’t want to leave a hole in the manuscript so I threw it together. The idea of this scene came to existence about two years ago over lunch with my brother. It was fun to write, I like the character of Joseph. He is like you, tough, no-nonsense, and a twisted sense of humor. I hope that you will be proud of your namesake.

      I like the 4-3 but it is not aggressive enough for me. It is more of a read and react type of defense. While the 3-4 is a defense that attacks and keeps the offense on their heels. These guys better eat their Wheaties. The play book is almost an inch thick and growing. I still haven’t put in all the gimmick plays yet either.

      Dallas is going back to the 4-3 this year. Jerry Jones in his infinite wisdom did not draft any defensive line help. We will see how it works out for them. If your Cards could get a quarterback, you could cause a stir out there.

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