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I have been re-posted….

July 17, 2013
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My kids love this show. My wife teases me by saying that I am a dog with a blog. All photos from Yahoo.

Hey Ya’ll,

Just a quick post to thank Josh Magill over at The McGill Review for re-posting my thoughts on Trayvon Martin. If you find a free moment, give him a visit and a shout out. Also, a couple weeks ago I agreed to team with Josh and thirteen other writers in a collaborative effort to write a short story. Each author gets 100 words to continue the story line. I think I will am fifth or sixth. I will let you all know when it happens and where to view the work.


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All is well until the other writers get a load of the garbage that I produce. I am sure that I will be invited to not participate any longer.


Thanks again to Josh. To my limited knowledge, this is my first re-post. And today, I was informed by WordPress that it has been exactly one year since my first post. This one will be number 91. I want to thank all 160 of you for following, supporting, encouraging but most importantly being a friend.


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Its karaoke night over at Rob’s. Everybody sing with me. “Celebrate Good Times, Come On.”
You people aren’t singing….





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  1. A reposting of your article doesn’t surprise me. It was well-written and thoughtful. I’m heading over to read it and say, “hey I know this guy”. 🙂

    • Thanks Julie,

      I appreciate you and everything thing you have done to help me along in this writing thing. Also, thanks for stalking me.

      Hey everybody, I have a stalker. I be somebody! Ha Ha.

  2. Congrats! And I’m intrigued by the idea of 13 writers working together….and terrified. I have tried working with others on books….we didn’t kill each other, but we did move on to other projects.

    • Abby,

      Josh sent you a link to the site. I think it would be a hoot if you would join up. I will forward the reply to your site as well.

      Also, thanks for always being there. You are the best.

  3. It was my pleasure Rob.

    “worldsbeforethedoor” you should give our collaborative short story a try. Check out the rules here and let me know. We are looking for more writers.

    • Josh,

      Thanks again for the exposure. It means a lot to meet nice folks like you. I will try to encourage Abby, Julie and a couple of others to join the collaboration.

    • I’ll defiantly look at it! Sounds intriguing!

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