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A little lite on ideas today…

July 12, 2013

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Hey Y’all,

Most people who know me, are surprised that I have taken up writing. I am always comfortable in a one on one setting or in a very small group of people. I have no troubles conversing, interacting and being an active member of the group. But in larger groups, more than three or four, I keep to myself and allows others to be the center of attention. When I speak, it is usually in insert an sarcastic or inflammatory comment and watch the results.


nothing 3

I strive to be a full service offender.


When I flew multiple crew aircraft, this was a great technique to keep people awake and alert in the middle of the night. At FedEx, I flew with one Captain who was not considered anti-President Obama. He became violently allergic to the mention of the President’s name. His reaction was very predictable and just the medicine to keep both he and I awake. I could not resist making a innocent comment just to watch his reaction.


nothing 4

Stupid is as stupid does.


As I have been writing and doing this blog, I have always found something to write about. Even when I wasn’t feeling strong about a particular topic, something came to me. Today, I got nothing. There really isn’t anything that is driving me to write. That is perfectly okay, my mind has been consumed with life issues (all good by the way) and writing the book. So today, I am going to point you guys in the direction of two friends. I am going to let them talk and you can think about their words. By the way I am not trying to sarcastic or inflammatory. These two people are very dear to me and I truly value everything they write.


nothing 5

Probably the toughest job in the military. Forgiving people of their sins just before they go out and kill serving national objectives.


The first is Pastor Jack. I have written about him before. He is a Chaplin in my former Air Guard Unit. I am not sure if I ever met him and if I did our interaction was probably less than friendly. I was in a bad place spiritually during that time of my life. Pastor Jack had cancer and was told it was terminal. During the course of his treatments, he was healed. You can decide if it was medicine or miracle. Either way, he has been cancer free for six months now. Unfortunately, he is faced with another disease. From his blog Cancer With Christ. “Today, I began a genetic test with a simple blood draw to determine if I have the genetic disease called ‘Von Hippel-Lindau Disease.”


nothing 6

This is not Pastor Jack, but Jack does talk about how wonderful it was to baptize people on land that is less than friendly to Christians.


I don’t know what it is or what it means, but I am sure it isn’t a fun thing to deal with. In his post from two days ago, he answers the two questions that would be at the forefront of my mind. Why and is this fair? You can read his entire post here and draw your own conclusions.

My friend Abby is a writer in the DFW metro-plex. She writes Urban Fantasy. I have been following her for several months now and I am still not totally sure what Urban Fantasy is, but I do know that she has a wonderful spirit, attitude and creative mind. I assume one of the hallmarks of Urban Fantasy is Vampires. I’m not a vampire guy, but I love her take on the legend. This is from her post a couple days ago.


nothing 8



“In the world of Vampire Hunter D, vampires have souls and can be saved. Vampires can choose not to eat people to stay alive. The movie never really addresses what happens to a full-blown vampire if they resist the thirst, but we know they can, and more importantly, they can want to. I loved the juxtaposition between this story and Dracula. I love the monster-ness of Dracula, and I love the salvation of D. I love that a vile, sick, twisted, selfish creature can be saved. Imagine that! The heart of the gospel in something never intended to communicate that kind of truth. Sinners need salvation, not the good. What better way to showcase a sinner being saved than to save the most selfish of mythological creatures – the vampire. What better way to show our constant battle with our own flesh than to save something constantly in need of the blood of the living to live. No Christian is made perfect at the moment of salvation. They are made perfect when they get to heaven. That means for the time we have here on earth we are constantly at war. We are at war with our own flesh. We are in the battle of the century with ourselves. We fail, we fall. We lie, we cheat, we lust, we do all the things we have been forgiven and saved from. We get back up and get at the battle again. Grace, mercy, and forgiveness doesn’t apply to the good and righteous, but to the damned.”

You can read the entire post here:


nothing 7

My kind of Vampire.


To be fair, I haven’t asked Pastor Jack or Abby their permission to mention them in my writing. When I am in the group setting, I never ask anyone if I can speak. I just throw it out and crawl back into my shell to watch what happens next.


nothing 2

I have got things to do. Clear the roads!


Pastor Jack ends his posts by saying “Win one for the good guys.” I liked that and crafted my ending “Until next time, keep on rockin!”

I hope you guys find something useful from these two wonderful souls.


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  1. I don’t think there are many higher honors than having a fellow blogger repost your post. I’m very touched! Thank you thank you!!! 🙂 And that speed limit sign should be posted on my car or something. Too funny! Thanks again Rob. Readers and friends like you keep me going!

  2. I can think of several higher honors. One of which would be money. But since I am just a poor West Virginian, kind of like the coal miners daughter except different. You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit!

    My pleasure Abby, and your take on Vampires is great. I hope you find some increased traffic and many new friends.

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