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Back to the drama…

June 24, 2013

Isle of Palms is a nice place to visit. Unless I sell lots of books or win the lottery, it will only be a place to visit.

Hey Y’all

Normally I would say that I hate when life gets in the way of work. But last week, life was good. The family went to a nice little part of the world called Isle of Palms, SC. A little community just north of Charleston SC, we had a great time hanging out on the beach, the pool and with the three other families that we went with. In total 17 people shared a four bedroom beach house. If anyone was driving from Charleston up interstates 26/77/81/64 on Saturday, I was in the van loaded down with bicycles, kids, beach toys all while leaving a trail of sand on the road. The van loaded down with all the above, driving about 95 miles an hour, with Granny tied down to the roof like the Beverly Hillbillies were our friends Jason and Melissa.

drama 1

Taken while driving down I-77. Don’t mess with Granny!

Almost four years ago, we added a kitten to the family. She was named Elizabeth to honor my daughter and wife’s matching middle name. My daughter is blessed to have my natural ability to spell, or better said my natural ability to invent new ways to spell standard words. A couple years ago, she was trying to write Elizabeth a letter and spelled her name Elizaboof. Instantly we changed the cat’s name and started calling her Boof. Little Miss Boof has been a wonderful addition to the family, up to the last month. Lately she has using her litter box, sporadically at best. Last night it all went bad. My wife caught her using the carpet as a toilet. Bad things for little Boof.


Boof is unhappy because there is competition in the house.

One of our neighbors has been caring for a stray cat for over a year. Two months ago, the stray gave birth to a litter of kittens. The last few weeks, my wife and I have been discussing the possibility of adding another cat to our family. My initial statement was no, and my wife agreed. But as time went on, our neighbor was having trouble placing the kittens. Her demands were that the cats were to be with a family that would keep them indoors and provide a loving home. I would have thought that was a very low standard, but maybe not. Finally, I broke and said that we could add a kitten to our family. My wife was surprised that I caved in first, she called me a sucker. That is better than other things I have been called.

My daughter’s birthday was Friday. She turned nine and we told her while we were at the beach. Of course she was ecstatic. On Sunday, we went to the neighbor’s house and picked a kitten. Unsure of what to name the little monster, my daughter wanted Fluffy. At the time, we thought she was a he and I laid down the law. There is no way I was going to have a boy cat named Fluffy. I suggested BoBo, my daughter said no! Back and forth we went, I even offered a compromise of BoFlo. Turns out the little stinker is a girl, so Fluffy she is.


Fluffy meet Boof. Boof please don’t attack the little fur ball.

This morning we went to the Vet. Initial check-up for Fluffy and counseling for Boof. Here is what we found out. All of you probably know this because y’all is smart. Cats do not fail to use their litter box because they are angry, vindictive, or evil (I thought she was ticked off at us for going on vacation). They fail to use their litter box because of a change of litter (which is not our issue), a traumatic event for the cat when they are using the box (we don’t think this is our cause), cleaning solutions, scented pads, or other foreign scents to the cat (We hope this is our problem). In an effort to mask the aroma from the litter box, we added a scented pad under the litter box. We bleached the litter box and just to make things impossible for Boof, we put a lemon scented air freshener in the room. Three strikes and we were out. We are trying to put the wheels back on for Boof, and I hope this information proves helpful for you guys in the future.

No more cat stories for you guys, EVER! I promise. Next time you’re getting an old school war story. Until then, keep on rockin’!


My daughter’s birthday hat and glasses. She wore it better than me.

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  1. Uh Oh! Many cats are repelled by the odor of citrus! Upon hearing this news, I placed an orange scented air freshener on my diningroom table. It worked just as long as I could stand the odor myself. Once the air freshener was gone, Cosmo was back on the table!

    • Wise words from a wise woman. WS, please make yourself at home. I am always looking for smart readers. I have too many pilot friends, or maybe that is me looking at myself in the mirror.

  2. Sounds like you had a great trip! By the way, my middle name is Elizabeth as well. I take that as a sign of wonderfulness that I share it with your wife and daughter. 😉

    You look lovely, by the way. Never sell yourself short on your hat and sunglasses look.

    • We had a ball. I am very fortunate to have a wife that has so many wonderful friends. There are lots of Elizabeth’s in the world. All of you are wonderful!

      Thanks for the kind words, I looked like the dorky dad who was trying to be funny. Which describes me perfectly.

  3. You are too funny! And frankly, I believe you’d attract a lot of attention in that cute outfit… 🙂 As for your “Beverly Hillbillies” vehicle, I do have a question: did you have Ms. Ellie May in your vehicle or Ms. Hathaway?! 🙂

    Cute story!

    • Lots of attention if I was in Key West or maybe in front of Senator Lindsey Graham’s house.

      You have asked a very dangerous question about my buddy’s wife. If I say she looks like Ms. Hathaway, I get in trouble from her. If I say she looks like Ellie May, I get in trouble from her husband. I will choose door number three…she looks like Mary Ann. Don’t be tempting me to get into more trouble…Ha Ha.

  4. I’ve started ‘following’ your blog, Rob – so, don’t mind me as I poke around 🙂

    • Hey everyone, Meet Eric.

      Eric is a new friend from the Blog world. Eric is a former airplane engineer, one of the smart guys.

      All the writers may want to jump over to his blog as he host a weekly writing prompt. Limited to 33 words, it is quite the challenge.

      Eric, welcome aboard! Please make yourself at home and stay as long as you like.

      • Wow! First time I received such a rollout for a mere ‘follow’ – you sure know how to make a visitor feel welcomed 🙂

        Thank you Rob and all good wishes,

      • Eric,

        Than is how we roll over here. Warm and welcoming. Respectful of all and encouraging to the masses.

        “Mi casa, Su casa.” That is Spanish for “My house is your house.”

        Thank you for the warm welcome over in your part of the world.

  5. worldsbeforethedoor permalink

    Hey Rob, I was just thinking I hadn’t read anything from you in a while. I was worried that I’d missed one….nope, you were just on vacation. Glad I didn’t miss anything. 🙂
    Sorry about your cat issues. I’m in a pet free home right now, but hope to change that soon. I’m working on my husband about getting an Irish Wolfhound….lol….I’m allergic to cats, so I’m shooting for the worlds biggest dog…
    Glad you had fun, great hat, cute cats, see ya around!

    • Abby,

      I almost felt like I was in the witness protection program. It was quite nice, but I am a creature of habit. I was ready to write something again.

      These cat issues rank up there with the great dramas of all time. WWII, The NSA spy program, a cat that refused to use the litter box…Ha ha. By the way, all is well in the Akers’ house now. Boof is using her litter box again, and Fluffy is being a good kitten. All is well. Sorry about your allergies, that is no fun.

      We also have two dogs, Magic and Legend. Lab/Dalmatian mix. They are great dogs, I am actually a dog guy. My daughter is a major cat lover, but I must admit. It is cool to hold the little kitten.

      Now it is time to get the day rolling. See Ya.

      • worldsbeforethedoor permalink

        Glad to hear it and glad your back to writing. I’m an animal person, but hubby is total opposite. He might do fish and a cat, but that’s about it. 🙂

  6. Emma permalink

    Still enjoying your stories a good mix between the military and current family life. 🙂
    Don’t always take time to comment but stll hangin around.

    • Thanks Emma. I know about 1/100th of everything in your life and I am honored that you still have time for me. You are wonderful, always in my prayers.

      Keep smiling, that is about all you can control at this moment. Love You!

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