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A Sad Week for the country…

May 21, 2013


Hey Y’all,

I have some things to write about but I am really finding my motivation lacking due to the events on Oklahoma. I think this time can be better used than asking questions about writing or re-living history. I am going to go dark for a couple of days. I hope the time will be better before the weekend. Until then, my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who has found their life upended because of the tornado yesterday.



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  1. Just got back home from being put on standby by the Guard for that mess. After about 24hrs of standing by to stand by, I did about little to no real work for actually helping out after the tornado. However, on a lest pessimistic note I am truly amazed by two things; 1) the ability and willingness of good people to sacrifice their time and sweat for their fellow citizen (seriously you should have seen how many people were at the Command Post, from all sorts of agencies, or some of the real good work that some of my fellow soldiers got to do) and that I have the honor to know many of them. 2) that some people are amazing dicks at times like this when they think driving around and taking pictures of the wreckage is the appropriate thing. In any case it’s nice to hear people (like you) are thinking about their fellow citizens, and not just their Xbox games. Makes me proud.

  2. Thank you for the direct report from the ground. I had the opportunity to fly supplies into New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. I had just returned from a rotation in Afghanistan and to see the damage that New Orleans suffered made me think how fortunate we all are.

    We flew up and down the Gulf Coast and I was amazed because I never thought I would see any part of the United States that would make Afghanistan look good. I too was proud to have the opportunity to see first hand the United States Military make organization rise from total chaos. To see New Orleans today makes me proud. Just a few years ago it was a wasteland, today it is a shinning example of everything that is right about the American Way!

  3. I know exactly what you mean, recent events in our country have caused me to almost drop off from reading and writing entirely. It all started with the Boston Marathon bombing and seemingly gone down hill.

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