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No Secrets Here….

May 2, 2013

I hate when life gets in the way of a post.




Hey Y’all,

Sorry that it has taken so long to throw something out. I had a pretty good case of life getting in the way of you guys. My apologies, I don’t like to go this long without saying something. Rest assured that all is well on my side of the planet. I hope that this post finds everything well with you. All of the pictures are from yahoo.


stock market

What goes up….


I was chatting with my friend Paul S, and he still feels the stock market is a house of cards waiting to fall apart. I saw this yesterday and this guy says everything that Paul has been telling me.

In the effort to be fully transparent, I got out of the market over a month ago. Remember that I said that you should never take financial advice from a pilot so I am not advocating that you do anything other than be aware of the conditions.


jason collins

Good for him.


This week Jason Collins, a NBA basketball player made the national news when he came out and told the world that he is a homosexual. I don’t know anything about him and I have no desire to investigate his life behind his bedroom door. But I have a quick thoughts.

The first is that it seems that the only people who are talking about this are straight men. I never like to follow the crowd and I am a little embarrassed that I am bringing this up, but there is something here that is more important than me showing how open and accepting I am. The point is that it is hard to keep a secret. The toil it takes on your life is devastating and long reaching. It is much better to be who you are than to live a lie. I am not a therapist so I am not advocating you do anything other than be aware of this fact.



I hope my blog doesn’t get shut down for inappropriate pictures. I am a sucker for rope porn.


However I do have a confession. It is time for me to disclose a secret about myself. I have a rope fetish. The other day, I was at the hardware store having the propane tank for the grill re-filled. The guys from the state were inspecting the propane lines and I had to wait about ten minutes. Wondering around the hardware store, the first place I went was to the far back corner where the spools of rope are kept. After five minutes of lusting after the rope, I started laughing at myself. I walked past all the cool tools, supplies and other items in the store and went straight to the rope section. Yes, I have a problem, but now that I have come to terms issues, I feel it is important to share the secret with you. I hope that I can now live my life, in an honest manner.

I have lots of war stories to tell. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten and they will return. The next post will be in about a week or so. Next week I have training for work and according to Paul, it is in my best interest to pass my check ride and keep my night job.

Until then, try to smile, be safe and keep rocking!


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  1. Bob Akers permalink

    Rob, I always read your blog and find it interesting. Your comments about Jason Collins I don’t think is what that is all about. I’m not in a position to voice my opinion one way or the other, but what I think about homosexuality or any sexuality is private and not to be shared with the universe. And since he is responsible for his own life and doesn’t need approval, its off my radar screen and I wish that homosexuality would just quit being promoted because the practice of it has never changed what it is. Call me old fashion or whatever, but some things are what they are and the way it is; not for me, but if thats what he chooses to practice, only God will judge him, not me. – Dad

    • Welcome Dad. Glad you dropped in. Make yourself at home, just like I do when I am at your house. Ha ha.

      I didn’t want to make any moral statements about Mr. Collins. Never my intent, I just wanted to say that it is tough to keep a secret. It can take on a life of its own and make people be someone they never intended to be. Secrets are bad.

  2. Jill Akers permalink

    I am also making a confession. I too have a rope fetish. I love jute, twine, and rope.

    • Hey Everybody, Its my mom. Mom and Dad here at the same time. I think this is the event that initiates a rip in the time/space continuum. I am not feeling good about that. Until it all goes bad, make yourself at home.

      It is good to know where my issues some from. That will save some time when I enter rehab. At least I will stop sleeping the couch and eating all the food for a while.

  3. Rob, this was so funny. Do you feel purged of all the hidden demons now? I have a wine and chocolate fetish, throw in a good Billy Crystal movie and I’m good to go. 😉

    • Julie,

      I hope that I will sleep well tonight. My emotional backpack is finally empty and it is light as a feather, thanks for asking.

      When you see Billy, tell him that his Clippers are losing to my Grizzlies. He is going to need lots of chocolate and wine to get over his heartache.

      Thanks for saying hi.

  4. Erica permalink

    I was a mean splicer in my day, so I ‘get it’ (unfortunately). And, wow, I’m so impressed both your parents visit your site and leave comments. What’s your secret for making that happen?

    • Erica,

      My secret for making this happen is I guess that I have been living in the basement for too long and they are embarrassing me in front of my friends. Ha ha. By the way I am slightly uncomfortable when old people use technology. I am not sure they understand the power they hold at the tips of their fingertips.

      What a surprise that my folks decided to finally join the conversation. They are very loyal and supportive about my writing. We usually talk offline about all of the posts. I am glad that they are finally commenting publically. I am very fortunate.

      How is the year of rejections going?

  5. Now that you uncovered your soul of fetishes, I will reveal mine. Ever since I was a kid, I had a fetish for bowling, the sound, the motion of the ball down the aisle and up the ball console. My favorite attire are the button-down shirts that do not go tucked into the pants. Comfortable and oh-so classy.

    As for Collins, it’s about time that a major league player came out of the closet. Pro-athletes need to catch up with the rest of us. However, the very last community to accept gays is the motion picture industry. Hollywood claims to be so open-minded, so hip, so cool. What a load of crap.

  6. All this bowling talk makes me want to put on some bowling shoes and head down to the local lane. I had forgotten how bad I was until a few weeks ago the family went out. My wife is pretty good for someone who never bowls. My kids had a great time. Even with the bumpers up, I didn’t break one hundred. It was sad.

    Out here in flyover country, we are under the impression that the alternative lifestyle in Hollywood is defined as a man/woman in a committed, loving marriage, raising two kids, living a quiet lifestyle well within their means, and faithfully worshiping a Higher Power.

  7. He’s gay, whats the big deal here. If he want a NBA star he’d be just another gay dude. I don’t personally believe in homosexuality but I believe even stronger in individual rights. I would hate for the state to infringe of my weightlifting fetish and looking my muscle magazines with half naked guys. I do have to say, rope porn should be banned.

    • Nothing like shaving your body, rubbing hot oil all over yourself, and lifting weights while looking at yourself in a mirror. The only thing better is when your doing it with 30 other hot, oily, sweaty men.

      Maybe that is why I never got into weightlifting. Ha ha.

      I do agree that this country was founded on individual rights and he isn’t breaking a law, so why should I care? Well said, sir.

  8. Love the rope porn! And thank you for following Newbie Writers Guide – we hope you enjoy the writing journey with us!

    • I can’t wait to see where you lead us. Thanks for the comment and for having a site that is accepting of someone like me who is addicted to rope porn.

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