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You have the right to submit to the will of a steely eyed lawyer …

April 24, 2013
colonel 1

I have a new favorite Colonel. Sorry Col. Mustard, it was fun while it lasted.


Note: All photos are from yahoo.


Hey Y’all,

I am going to take a short break from story time. I said in the last post that I wanted to talk about some important things like baseball, Memphis Grizzlies basketball, Arkansas State Football and the NFL draft. Maybe next time, before I continue on I must confess that I am irritated. I only hope to contain it. My Grizzles lost last night and the LA Clippers’ with their drama queen antics are driving me insane. I am so upset that I am considering leaving the Billy Crystal fan club. It is that serious.


flop 6

The Clippers Number One fan!


I will do my best not to rant but to provide a logical, sane argument in the following words. However, if you feel that I am more on the edge today, it is Blake Griffin’s fault. Has anyone ever seen a 280 pound power forward fly through the air after being mauled by a 150 pound point guard? He must be as weak as a kitten, or maybe he went to Billy Crystal’s acting school. Either way, I nominate Blake for the Oscar, Emmy and a Grammy. He is either talented or he is a whinny baby. You can decide.


flop 4

Time out for Kobe. You are playing too rough with little Blake.

flop 1

Pardon me while I flop on the ground.

flop 2

Missed me by this much!

flop 3

He did it! Feel the love man.

flop 5

Another pimple that was picked until I made it bleed.



Last week, like everyone else I was glued to the television watching the events unfold in Boston. I am sad, shocked and depressed because of the attack. I wish I had some comforting words to offer those who are hurting because of the actions of two deranged boys. I don’t have anything to offer except heartfelt prayers and best wishes to all.

We all know about Bomber #2. I know what is name is and I will not use it here. He hasn’t earned the right to be called anything but bomber #2 on my site. Call him what you want on your own time. Bomber #2 started out as a model terrorist. He planted a bomb on a crowed sidewalk, walked away and killed a kid while maiming a number of people. He went back to school and even found some time to smoke some weed. I am sure he was a little stressed. Then he killed a cop and hijacked a car. He and his brother got into a massive, Hollywood style shootout with the police and ran over his brother to prevent him from being captured. So far, he is doing his job being public enemy #1. But when he was alone, something happened. He got a conscience, and when it was his time to do the right thing and kill himself. He chickened out like a scared, 19 year old punk.


bombing 1

This a photo of Martin Richard, eight who was killed. Bomber #2 is walking away from the bomb. He is Guilty.


Before I continue, I understand that Bomber #2 is a religious fanatic. He murdered a child, two women and a cop because he thought they worshiped a different god. He never bothered to ask them their religious preference, he just blew them up. He is a murder and he will pay for his crimes. I hate terrorists, no matter who they choose to worship. Contrary to popular belief, Bomber #1 isn’t hanging out with 72 virgins; I believe that he is doing the backstroke with 72 demons in a burning, lake of fire. Bomber #2 will be there soon enough.


bomber 2

Bomber #2 after he chickened out from becoming a martyr.


Now back to this discussion. You and I have a problem because of this coward. Bomber #2 is an American citizen and he was denied access to a lawyer and was not reminded about his rights via the Miranda speech. My friend over at JB’s Sanctuary makes a great argument about why it is important for bomber #2 to have his rights and why should we care. Give him a look and know there is zero difference between his view and mine.

I wonder why so many so called patriots of freedom are so willing to deny bomber #2 his rights. Senator Lindsey Graham has taken the lead in the denying of the rights. Before I say another word, please understand that I have never met this person. All I know of him is what I see on the news. Actually, most of this I am learning today as I research what Mr. Lindsey Graham actually stands for and believes in. But here is what I think. He is a dumb, stupid, phony individual. Please don’t be fooled when he says that he is a military veteran.


graham 3

Mr. Graham getting a MSM for going to drill.


According to what I can find, he is a Colonel in the South Carolina Air Force Reserves. He claimed that he was a veteran of Desert Storm and Desert Shield. He actually briefed the deploying airmen on their legal responsibilities before they deployed but never left the great State of South Carolina to join the effort. From 2001-2009, I expect that he had several opportunities to deploy in support of the fight against the Taliban or against the Insurgents in Iraq. I guess life was getting in the way of serving his country. It is funny that no one ever asked me if I wanted to go to Iraq in 2003 or Afghanistan in 2004, 2005 or 2006. I have friends over there this minute that were not given a choice to deploy. However, in 2009, he finally had the opportunity to leave the United States and get into the fight.


graham 1

Mr. Graham in a photo op. The flag looks good as a background.


Our little chicken hawk, hero warrior, Mr. Graham deployed to Afghanistan during the middle of his re-election campaign. How could anyone campaign against a candidate who leaves in the middle of the election in order to serve his country? Hiding behind the uniform is one thing, but using it as a shield against your opponent in a political race is disgusting. He is a full bird, Colonel and according to my records he actually deployed in support of national objectives exactly one time, while involved in an election to the US Senate. Do you remember what I said about Jimmy Two Balls? I think Mr. Graham makes my man Jimmy look like Alvin York.


graham 6

Which one of these uniforms don’t match the others? Hint, one is worn in the states. The others for those who deployed.


Mr. Graham is a dedicated supporter of the Second Amendment, which is fine. But he is on record of being opposed to the Fifth Amendment, at least for some Americans. He said this from the Senate floor in 2011.


graham 8

There he is, War Hero. Nice red jacket that attracts bullets. No wonder the General is wearing his vest.

“When they say, ‘I want my lawyer,’ you tell them: ‘Shut up. You don’t get a lawyer. You are an enemy combatant, and we are going to talk to you about why you joined Al Qaeda.” – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham, 2011[35]- Quoted directly from Wikipedia.

This is very tough talk from someone whose only taste of combat is a chow hall in the most secure location of Bagram. I wonder if they even gave him a gun? The rule at Bagram was that everyone carried their weapon at all times. Maybe that is why he is for gun rights.


graham 4

He actually has a cool daddy holster on his leg. I guess he did get to pack heat.


I digress, his views have not changed since 2011. In fact, they may have become more radical. Here is one of those tweets from last week.




These two links document all of his tweets from the Boston Bombing and in the following days.

I am greatly disturbed that an acting US Senator, and a person who currently is in a command position in the United States Air Force has forsaken his oath to the Constitution. When I took my oath and when I gave it to others, I did not have the opportunity to say that I would protect and defend the part of the Constitution that served me at that moment. No, I pledged to protect and defend the entire constitution, even when it didn’t work for me.


graham 5

Old school green uniform. Nice office.


When Mr. Graham willfully states that his intention is to deny an American citizen of their rights, he is effectively saying that he will deny you and I the rights we used to enjoy as American citizens. The issue is that bomber #2, did what he did in the name of religion. According to Mr. Graham, just because Bomber #2 believes in a different god from whatever Mr. Graham believes in this week. He gets no rights. What happens if my religious beliefs do not align with Mr. Graham? These people committed acts much worse than Bomber #2 but they got their rights. I am very uncomfortable denying an American their rights based solely on religion.


graham 7

Drill Make-up. I wonder if he is doing a double?


What will be the issue of tomorrow? I chose to have a gun? I chose to go to church? I chose to speak out against those in power? I told some Army guys they couldn’t sleep in my house? I refused the police from entering my house without a search warrant? (This also happened in Watertown) Do I have rights or do I have to submit to Mr. Graham and his view of my rights?


graham 9

I could not find a picture of Mr. Graham actually taking the oath of office. But this picture made me laugh.


Several years ago, I took an oath to protect and defend the constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. I was serious when I took it and I don’t believe that oath was severed when I separated from the military. I am just as bound by it today and I was ten years ago in Iraq. I am going to forward this entire post to Senator Jay Rockefeller and Joe Manchin. I will ask them to investigate Mr. Graham because of his comments. I believe that he has failed to follow the oath he took twice and that his actions rate consideration for impeachment.


colonel rank

Watch out for this rank.


If anyone wants to join me by contacting your elected official, I welcome your participation. I will save a spot next to me at Gitmo. When I was in survival school, I was known as criminal #24. The guard would shout. “Criminal Number 24, empty your dung and urine can in the waste collection facility then put your paws on the criminal in front of you.” Those were fun days and I am very fond of the name. I am putting in my request for that number when I am thrown in prison, but like everything else on the Senate floor. Everything is open to negations.



“Welcome home criminal 24!”


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  1. infidelstrong permalink

    Lol… I have never seen an Air Force guy rage so hard on another Air Force guy… “very tough talk from someone whose only taste of combat is a chow hall in the most secure location of Bagram.” Funny and informative post.

    • Sometimes the truth just has to be said. You have been there, do you disagree with my analysis?

      • infidelstrong permalink

        Ha! No… Don’t get me wrong every war/army needs it’s support personel, and doing your time overseas counts. But the timing is more then suspicious. And I love the MSM for going to drill. I earned an ARCOM with Valor (one below a MSM) for pulling a casualty out of an ditch in line with fire, to cover, and treating him. I think I earned that level of award, especially when I know of guys in my unit who have gotten MSM’s and Bronze Stars for much more worthy actions; like for holding pressure on another soldiers bullet wound to the chest, while repelling Taliban with grenades and an M-4, and killing them and saving the guys life. So I have to laugh when that quality of award is given for going to drill, road conditions must have been harsh I guess 😀

      • Ohh…this has nothing to do with a person’s role in the military. In all respects, everyone in the military supports those who pull the trigger. That would include me. I was a pilot and my job was to haul the troops, beans and bullets to the front lines so they could kill the enemy. My job was as much as a support role as any of the JAG officers, or anyone in any other MOS. It isn’t the job that the Senator does that I have an issue with.

        One more thing, I don’t blame him for not deploying either. My goal prior to 2003 was to never set foot in the Middle East. After I was activated in 2003, my new goal was to never do it again. I failed on both counts after eighteen months over there in a twenty four month activation in the Middle East. I don’t care if he went or if he didn’t, I care about his attitude.

        Don’t exaggerate the truth and say that you went, when in reality you gave an hour long class to those who were going. And don’t be mightier than thou when you deploy in the middle of your election campaign. We all know he could have gotten out of that one too, but I bet it felt good to wrap himself in the flag and get his “combat tour”.

        I am tough on him because as a Colonel and a Senator he is a leader. He should be held to a higher standard because he put himself in that position. If he was just a guy, no one would care. There was another guy that I served with who squirmed out of ever deployment possible, but I would never highlight him. by using this forum. Because he is not a public figure and his actions do not deserve this level of scrutiny. This individual that I am talking about was promoted to Colonel, just like the Senator. It was my job to write a MSM for him to justify his promotion. It essentially read, he came to drill, he is not a hero, he is not a leader of men, and he did nothing to deserve this award.

        I should have kept a copy of it because it was some of the best fiction that I ever wrote. At the time, I was disgusted with myself because I was ordered to do the award and at the time I thought I should have refused. But I don’t blame the man who got the award, I blame those who decided to promote him to his highest level of incompetence.

        However, you sir are an American hero and I salute you and the men that you mentioned. It troubles me that we have so many honest to God heroes in this country and the best we can find is people like Senator Lindsey Graham. Maybe we are a failed nation.

  2. Hundred percent agree with you. While sometimes my Marine instincts cry out “screw that guy!”, the sane part of me remembers we live in America, where we have rights, no matter how big of a -jerk- someone is. (Gotta keep it PG-13 so the kids can read it!).

    I think I was war criminal 36, and I was told “Put hands on knee balls!”, so I will be right there with you!

    P.S. Lindsey Graham is a moron.

    • Criminal 36, I can dig it. I don’t like it but right is right. If a person lives their life by doing what is right, then everything will be fine. The problem is when we change the definition of what right is.

      Either way, bomber #2 will die. Either from a lethal injection or from old age in a 6X6 cell. I could care less about him because he will get justice. I am very concerned about my rights and the rights of my kids. That is what I fight for, not this piece of garbage.

  3. The issue might be the asylum / citizenship process we have, along with welfare. These two bombers and their families lived off of us. Try being a European and get into the country. It’s expensive and takes a long time (unless you’re a celebrity). However, if you resemble those that hate America and our laws well then your okey doke.

    • You make a great point JB. I admire your view points and how well you articulate a position. You are welcome here anytime, please make yourself at home.

      I agree that the asylum/citizenship process is messed up like a left handed football bat. Welfare is a separate issue that vexes this nation. I wish we would solve both of these issues. My expectations are that my grandkids will have this issue hanging over them. (My children are 8 and 5)

      I believe that we will always be faced with the issue of accepting people from countries that don’t care for our country because the entire world does not like us. There are times when I don’t think anyone in Canada like us. We are slightly unpopular in the eyes of the world.

  4. Wow, you definitely educated me on senator graham.I have a hard time respecting some of the War Hawks in congress that advocate so strongly for war and military intervention but wouldn’t put their own lives at risk.I still wear the uniforms so ill keep my comments to myself. Back to the original topic, BG is a pansy and should be relieved of his duties. I’ve never seen such a strong player act so weak. He couldn’t play for a worse team though, did i mention I hate the Clippers.

    • I have found that tough guys like you do, weak people like me whine, ha ha. Chicken hawks start wars.I am glad that you are withholding your comments. No sense in joining me on a dumb crusade.

      I am sure that Blake is a nice guy in person, but I have never seen anyone so big play so weak. I think soccer players would be embarrassed to play like Blake.

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