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Book Cover…now I just need a book

January 29, 2013

sog cover

Hey Y’all,

My friend Joe over at his site, The Crossover Test, started a discussion about book covers. His first novel, The Crossover Test was completed about a year ago. I guess he has been having second thoughts about the cover he chose. For the record, I don’t have a problem with it. But because he asked for ideas, I sent him a picture of what I envisioned when I read his book. He is a very nice guy and would never tell me that the idea was horrible. But that got me thinking about my book cover.

I am not a flashy kind of guy. I prefer more basic designs and I spent the better part of the Sunday and Monday working on something. My other problem is that I am not very smart about computers so what would take an expert, 30 minutes took me 30 hours. Something complex would take me forever to create. As you can see it is not flashy.

I chose black as the background because in the world of the SOG, they live in the shadows and hunt in the night. They are a secret group and as such their existence is darkness.

At first I wanted red words, because red and black are the colors of the Arkansas State Red Wolves. It looked good but I didnt like what the red represented. So I changed it to white. White represents purity, cleanness, honor, safety, comfort, protection, and peace.

Together the black and white represent how the SOG views the world. There are only two ways to live in the world. Rightly and wrongly.

The target in the SOG represents watchfulness and illustrates a military skill set. They are the shepherds watching over the sheep and targeting the wolves.

The bullet holes in the upper right corner represent ability, cohesion, marksmanship, and ultimately the team. In terms of sheep, they are protected when they are together. The tighter the group the more protected they are.

The lone bullet hole at the bottom left represents Eddie. A lost shot who is alone in the world. A sheep that is lost, and in danger of being attacked by the wolves.

All comments are welcome, Thanks for all the support!


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  1. emma permalink

    Loved what i read of your book and also like all the thought you put in the cover

  2. Thanks Emma. You are the best, I am sure somehow you and Steve get credit for some of it.

  3. This is really interesting. I love the thought you put into this cover. And I love the cover! I am going to drop on by the crossover test.

  4. Thanks Karlene,

    That means a lot coming from a veteran of the publishing world. You will love what Big Joe has cooking over at his place. He has about a years’ worth of great, thought provoking posts about writing. He is a English teacher by trade and football coach by hobby. His first book has been out for about a year and he is finishing up number two.

  5. Howdy!

    You’re right about me. I would never call your ideas “horrible.” Childish…perhaps. Insipid…yeah. Sub-human…totally. But never “horrible.” I’m too nice a guy for that.

    I like the white on black for the contrast. You’re right about dumping the red on black, unless your audience is gothy teenage girls.

    But if you hadn’t written that the images are a target and a series of bullet holes, I would not have known it.

    How goes the rewrite? Also, let me know if you are recruiting beta readers for SOG. I’m in.

  6. Big Joe,

    I totally trust you and if you say that I sub-human, I am sure my wife would agree.

    I never thought about the gothy teenage girl angle. I might throw in a vampire, zombie and a hot werewolf. It would be cool and if it sales, then you can call me a sellout. I won’t mind because I will be on my private island in the south pacific.

    Good to know that the bullet holes did not translate. I will work on that.

    The re-write is going great. Just today, I finished the first edit of the re-write. I have about 30 good (for me) chapters. I really like the story now. I am going to probably cut most of the middle third, maybe up to half because I introduced the characters much earlier. So the middle is repetitive. I am going to introduce two new characters, bringing the number up to 18.

    I have to admit that the editing was really tough. That is not what I do well, and it just isn’t fun for me. I like to be creating the story. Not reliving the story one word at a time.

    How did you find the editing process?

    You have been on the beta list for a while. Dont tell anyone, it is a secret because of course I only choose the best. And anyone who is willing to read trash. I already burned up my mom and dad. ha ha.

  7. Hey Rob,

    Really like what I see here. I would echo what “Big Joe” said about not translating – but would add what I read the other day under “Top 10 mistakes an author can make” (or something like that). The one I’m guilty of — Design Your Own Book Cover! Your thought into what you’re wanting to convey will help a designer get a great cover, your time is well spent.

    • Very well said. I agree with that point too. Sometimes in life, you have to fail before you know that you should let a professional do the job. Case in point, I have the great idea that I would rig a flagpole light in my front yard. So off I go cutting, splicing, running electrical wire and splicing a small fortune one trip at a time to the electrical supply store.

      All was working well until it rained, and no lights. Finally sucking up my pride, I called a friend (Randy, he reads the site) and he saved the day.

      Yes, a professional is a good thing.

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