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Dang this stuff works…

January 18, 2013

Hey Y’all,

It is late for me and way past my bedtime but I have GREAT news to pass on. My friend Pastor Jack Miller, was told a couple months ago that he had stage 4 cancer. He was told this by some of the best doctors in the country and at that time he was told that he had six months to live.

He found out tonight that he is now cancer free. His body has no signs of the disease and he is going to live a normal life. I am sure they will keep a close check on him but the GREAT NEWS is that as of this moment he is cancer FREE.

Many thanks to everyone who threw out a prayer or positive thought his way. I am not going to tell you how to classify this because we all have a different belief system. I am going to believe it was a miracle, divine intervention from the God that I worship. You can believe what you want and together we all can celebrate a victory for one of the “Good Guys”.

Visit his blog here:

sweet dreams!


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  1. Randy Tucker permalink

    I thought I was the only idiot on the computer this early!! Great message. Love you guys, Randy.

    • I was on the computer late. I had finished work and was catching up before sleep. When I saw Pastor Jack’s new post, I had to tell the world.

      Thanks for everything Randy.

  2. That’s great news, Rob!

  3. I love a happy ending. And I am warmed by your love, prayers and support of this man through your blog, Rob. You are, as we say here, “Good People”.

    • Thanks Jules. I would love to have a million posts like this over a single post like the previous one. This is what is important but we as people then to get wrapped up over unimportant things. Perspective is the key and you have the best perspective of anyone I have ever met.

      By the way, I am not good people, I am pople who happen to be good sometimes. You, Swifty, Erica, and Joe are good people for letting me hang our with you. You guys are so supporting, I am humbled and honored.

  4. Karlene permalink

    One for the good guys!!! Yay! I am so happy for him, his family and friends. Thank you for sharing the great news!

    • I love his phrase of winning one for the good guys. Thanks for the comments and the prayers.

      Hope your dial-a-death (sim) went well. I usually describe it as fooling them again. ha ha

  5. Erica permalink

    Inspirational stuff. Good for Pastor Jack for his strength to fight back, good for his family, and good for you, Rob, for rallying positive vibes from around the world.

    • Thanks Erica,

      All I can do is roll the ball out. It takes you guys to actually pick it up and do things with it. I thank you for throwung out those positive vibes.

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